SoundSkins Review:  Sound Skins Vs. Dynamat- Do They Work?

SoundSkins are premium products with sound dampening capabilities and essential for a vehicle’s audio insulation.

There is no doubt that sound deadening dramatically improves the performance of your stereo system while giving you a luxurious and superior feeling.

Here is a detailed review of SoundSkins; depending on the type of plan you choose, you may want to read more and decide on what’s best suits your needs.

SoundSkins Review

About SoundSkin Company

SoundSkin is an Australian company that has been at the forefront of providing sound deadening products to clients in Australia and beyond.

It is a leading supplier and has some of the best products that not only reduce throbbing vibrations but also are a 100% quality guarantee.

SoundSkins Rings Review

When you upgrade your car stereo speakers, SoundSkins rings will give you that edge and make your speakers perform precisely how they were designed to work.

Airtight seals, loss-less sound, waterproof, and designed for the most versatile application you can ever think of. Below is a video to show you how these rings are installed.

SoundSkins Products

SoundSkins products are two types; these are; SoundSkin Lite and SoundSkin Pro.   I will give a detailed review of each product shorty. Keep reading.

1.  SoundSkin Lite

These are meant for lining the interior skins of panels, floors, and doors. They are meant to reduce vibrations, block road-noise, and boost sound.

Also, they feature a lite or straightforward design and have no foil for holding together Butyl rubber. They are easy to install when you are laying over on top of any surface.

They are sound muffling, not so advanced, but get the job done.

2.  SoundSkins Pro Review

These are more advanced than the lite option since they feature an added layer of foil. They are useful for:

  • Lining the interior skins of panels, floors, and doors.
  • They reduce vibrations, prevent road-noise, and enhance sound of your stereo system.
  • Feature foam and rubber butyl, which blend perfectly to deafen the sound and minimize vibrations.

The foils boost the blocking capacity of the product and ensure you have a quieter ride. The added layer of foam acts as a thermal insulator, which is perfect for sound absorption.

3.  SoundSkins Pro Door Kit

The pro door kit is one of the premium products from SoundSkins and is a large sheet measuring 79″ x 19″ inches. It is large enough to cover eleven sq. Ft.

It is a high quality product that features three layers of foam, foil, and rubber butyl.

It’s  sxa foam which has waterproof characteristics.

It considerably minimizes the road noise and enhances stereo sound. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will find it easy to use since it comes in a roll packed set.  Besides, it holds pretty well, and you can use a roller for quick application.

SoundSkins and Sound Dampening

Certainly, soundproofing products act as either sound blockers or sound absorbers.

By blocking, they prevent any noise from getting in or coming out from a particular space. By absorbing, they soften the sound in a specific area.

SoundSkins are good sound absorbers and noise blockers. They block out road noise or from metal parts rattling inside your car.

They also moderate the speaker by absorbing the sound, thus bringing a pleasant-sounding effect.

SoundSkin Buying Guide: What to look for


You can opt for thick material or one with additional layers, and when it comes to SoundSkins, the thicker, the better. A multilayered option will work correctly in your sound insulation. As I detailed earlier, Pro SoundSkins Lite has extra layers of foil, which include acoustic foam and butyl rubber.

These are effective in improving sound and reducing vibrations. They also block out road noise giving you a smooth ride.


The size of the SoundSkins product you choose will depend on your specific needs and the surface area of your space.

These materials are often rolled up, and therefore you can cut them in your preferred shape. If you have a small space to cover, some are available in sheets or patches, and consequently, you can select one which suits your needs.


SoundSkins products are unique and made to last. They are versatile, and the foam holds water, thus protecting your speaker. The unique mixture of butyl rubber makes it waterproof.

Ease of application

You do not need a professional to help in installing a SoundSkin product. It’s a simple process that you can easily DIY.

The installation process should be easy and straightforward. In addition, soundskins products are easy to install using high-level adhesives on any surface.

SoundSkin vs. Dynamat

It is a hot debate that has puzzled car enthusiasts for a long time now. If you have been looking for the ideal sound deadening material for your car, chances are, you may be at a crossroad and not able to decide between the two.

Of course, you need a product that will block out noise, whether it is coming from inside the vehicle or the road. Or better still, something that will moderate the speaker’s sound and improve the sound quality.

There is no denying the fact that both are soundproofing materials. However, the best is one who scores highly in terms of thickness, ease of application, size, effectiveness, and definitely, one which will give you value for money.

SoundSkins vs. Dynamat Which Is Better

Dynamat has been in the market for close to three decades and has a wide range of products. However, you may not be able to install on your own since it requires a professional to fix it.

SoundSkin is a new entrant in the market and has been offering soundproofing materials for cars since 2015.

However, it has made a name in the provision of high quality products with extra layers of foil for noise absorption and perfect sound experience. The products are few, but SoundSkin is a winner when it comes to ease of installation.

Whichever way you look at both products, it boils down to personal preference and one which will give you value for your money.

Final thoughts on SoundSkins

SoundSkins are excellent products for car sound deadening. Not only will they reduce road noise in the car but will also improve your car’s acoustics.

Lastly, you can install them by yourself or alternatively hire a professional to install them for you. Other great Noico alternative is Lizard Skin.