Soundproof Dog Crate: 5 Simple DIY Hacks That Work Like Charm

There are five different ways to a soundproof dog crate, including using soundproof dog crate cover, soundproof blankets, sound baffles, Kong toys and snuggling the puppy.

If the whining and barking of your dog, especially at night gets a little bit on your nerves, you got find a way to deal with the noise problem – if the dog doesn’t seem to keep quiet.

It’s important to note that soundproofing your dog cage won’t magically kill 100% of the noise. However, you’ll see some significant noise reduction up to 30-40% noise reduction.

Let’s see in detail how you can sound deaden your dog’s cage.

Soundproof Dog Crate Cover

Dog crate covers are simply covers that are designed to be put over the dog’s cage to absorb some of the sounds that pass through.

While regular kennel covers are pretty cheap, soundproof covers are a bit expensive and sometimes worth the price since they are efficient in reducing unwanted noise.

When investing in a crate cover, it’s important to make sure that you choose those that snuggly fit the dog crate. Below are some recommended sound-absorbing dog crate covers.

Sometimes your dog gets all whiny simply because of the outside excitement. While this crate cover does absorb some noise, it does something else that you least expected.

You see, some time outside excitement can make it hard for your dog to sleep. As you know dogs are pretty excited by the tiniest movements- even an insect flying around can get him barking in no time.

Covering the crate is like switching off the lights when you go to bed. It signifies to your puppy that it’s quiet time.

Let’s have a look at three great covers worth your time and money.

· Midwest’s Quiet Time Defender Crate Covers

As its name suggests, the Midwest QuietTime cage cover provides your adorable pet with private and quiet sanctuary of their own.

It’s designed to allow for proper ventilation, and the cover can be used with most 1,2 or 3 door crates, hence allowing access from multiple sides.

It’s made from a breathable fabric that fends off unpredictable splashes, spills, and accidents. Additionally, its machine washable and also dryer-friendly, and it’s equipped with hook & loop tabs to keep your cage cover securely in place.

· Yotache Crate Cover

The Yotache crate cover is great as it helps significantly decrease the bombardment of sights & sounds hence promoting rest to your adorable dog.

It’s made of breathable fabric to provide a dark and comfortable environment for your dog to get him to sleep faster.

This kennel cover is windproof and waterproof; hence it protects the safety of your puppy in the dog cage. It’s available in different sizes. Therefore, there’s something for you regardless of the dog cage size.

· X-Zone Pet Indoor/Outdoor Dog Cage Cover

Your cute puppy requires a space to feel secure and relax.  The X-Zone cage cover converts the dog cage into cozy space hence reducing anxious behaviors such as chewing and barking.

It’s made of Oxford material that is durable and water-resistant and effectively protects your pet from insects, wind, and dust. Unfortunately, it’s not waterproof because of the zipper slot on the top handle window.

· AmazonBasics Dog Crate Kennel Cover

Not only does this cover help in noise absorption, but it also offers your dog added sense of privacy, security, and comfort- hence it’s a vital tool for reducing anxiety and stress.

This crate cover only fits the match-size AmazonBasics dog crate (sold separately). It made with long lasting black polyester that wipes clean making it easy to maintain.

Soundproof Blanket for Dog Crate

To further enhance the dog’s crate sound absorption capabilities, you can get some soundproof blankets.

Soundproofing blankets are made from sound-absorbing materials that dampen the barking noise from your dog.

These absorption sheets come with a grommet to make it easier for you to hang them in the dog crate hence covering the walls.

Like dog crate covers, absorption sheets helps create a comfortable dark environment that’s perfect for your pet to relax and sleep.

While sound blankets are effective, their effectiveness can’t be compared to dog crate covers- as they’re not designed for crates.

Below is a list of three sound blankets that you can consider:

·  Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet

Audimute sound dampening blanket is specially designed for effective sound absorption- they have 0.85 NRC rating. (*)

Not only can you use Audimute sound sheets for a dog crate, they’re also ideal for use in drum rooms, rehearsal spaces, vocal booths and more.

However, you should note that these blankets are not machine washable and instead can only be cleaned by dusting or vacuuming.

·  Deluxe Moving Blankets

While these are designed for preventing nicks and scratches to furniture and other large items like mirrors or artwork when moving out, they can also serve a great purpose in creating a dark environment for the dog crate.

As we’ve seen above, creating a dark environment for your puppy establishes a sense of security and privacy and hence making him relax.

Other Ways to Soundproof Dog Kennel

Below are some alternative ways that will help you significantly reduce the amount of noise you hear when your dog becomes whiny.

  • Soundproof the wall
  • Soundproofing the kennel
  • Acoustic panels

·  Soundproofing dog room

If you get noise complaints from your neighbors, the best way is to soundproof your dog room.  It’s a costlier venture than any of the methods mentioned above.

If the neighbors downstairs are complaining, it’s best to soundproof the floors or soundproof the ceiling if the neighbors upstairs complain.

Alternatively, you can soundproof the entire room- from walls, ceilings, floor, doors, and windows.

Soundproofing the kennel

A dog kennel is generally made of hard surfaces that bounce off noise easily hence causing a lot of echoes and reverberation to occur. To deal with this problem, you can soundproof your dog crate using the following soundproofing materials.

Acoustic panels

These panels are a great choice when you’d like to soundproof a kennel for your dog. They are available in different designs to choose from.

They are effective in sound absorption, particularly with sound waves of medium to high frequencies. These panels are common in spaces such as night clubs, music rooms, recording studios, and theatres.

Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic tiles adhere to the surfaces and are specially designed to absorb noise.  These tiles are made from recycled cotton and will dramatically reduce noise echoes from the kennel.

Although you’ll be able to hear some barking, the noise levels will be significantly reduced. Acoustic tiles are available in different colors and designed to choose from.

5 Benefits of Kennel Soundproofing For your Dog

Sound dampening a kennel can be beneficial not only to you but also to your dog as well. The noise deadened crate will be able to minimize the sounds that your pet can hear from the inside.

Sounds such as fireworks or thunderstorms can scare the sh**t of your dog. Muffling those sounds helps reduce anxiety for your dog. (*)

Your puppy is less likely to bark when they feel relaxed in their crates- and soundproofing the cage can help achieve this.

A quiet dog crate can:

  • Reduce barking and whining
  • Create a peaceful, relaxed environment for your dog
  • Reduce dog bark noise from you and your neighbors
  • Create a sense of security and privacy for your puppy
  • Help your dog sleep well
  • Protect the dog from loud noises such as thunders and fireworks

Final Thoughts on Quiet Dog Crate

When it comes to the welfare of your dog pet, you want the best for them; after all these loyal pets are just like our kids.

Neighbors’ constant complains about your barking dog can eventually get you kicked out of the apartment for violating rental agreement. Fortunately a soundproof dog crate can help you avoid quarrels with your neighbors and also be beneficial to your dog as well.