Soundproof Bed, Do They Exist or Is It a Myth?

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Is it possible to get a soundproof bed? This is one of the popular questions active couples or people living in a noisy neighborhood ask in popular online communities. So I decided to dig deeper and find out whether throughout the history of bed making noise free bed has ever been manufactured. The type of bed you will need in this case should have the following characteristics- it shouldn’t squeak and at the same time it shouldn’t allow outside noise to enter inside.

Does a soundproof bed really exist?

The simple answer is NO. You won’t ever find a truly noise free bed. However there are several tactics you can implement to reduce noise coming through your living space to desirable levels. Additionally, there are some non-squeakless bed frames that can help you deal with the noise problem.

What you can get instead-

Because you can’t get a bed that is fully sound free, below are some options that can help you minimize noise problem.

1. Sleeping pod

low noise bedding

Yes, you guessed it right. A few years ago, sleeping pods were only movie concepts. The advancement of technology has made it possible for humankind to make that movie technology a reality. The best part is that you can order one from Amazon. Relaxaman Relaxation Capsule will give you the desired privacy without compromising your sleep. It’ll also help you deal with stress and relax better. The capsule is heatproof, light and soundproof. Inside this pod are pre-programmed lights, heated mattress to keep you warm through the night and some soothing music to send you straight into the dream world.

2. Canopy beds

You’ve probably heard of noise reducing curtains right? They are made of heavy materials that help block out unwanted noise. The same case applies for canopy beds with heavy curtains that will help minimize the amount of noise coming through in your soundproof bed.

What you should do:

If you have canopy bed your next step would be to install thick noise reducing curtains or hang some moving blankets around the bed. Cover all round to make sure that you block out as much sound as possible. Below are some of my most recommended canopy beds available on Amazon.

a) Bakersfield European Canopy Bed

low noise canopy bed

It is made of strong metal frame and side rails for enhanced stability and durability.  The gun metal gray finish makes this bed perfect for any setting. It’s equipped with 22 metal slats for increase support and comfort. The bed doesn’t require additional foundation or box spring. The canopy is strong and durable making it perfect for hanging heavy curtains or blankets to block out outside noise to manageable levels.

b) Mainstays Four Post Canopy Bed

squeakless bed

The Mainstays is designed using strong metal frame to withstand people of different weights thus guarantying you years of squeakless usage. The four posts canopies are strong enough to withstand the heaviest fabric you’d want to use to block out unwanted noise.

3. Sleeping ear muffs

noisefree bed

A good night sleep is important for your health same as eating healthy and exercising. If you live in a noisy environment where getting a peaceful night sleep is next to impossible a sleeping earmuff is the most efficient and affordable quick fix. When you think about earmuffs, the first thing that comes in your mind is noise reduction. These earmuffs are designed using soft material that not only protects you from unwanted noise but also is comfortable and soft to your skin. Some of the recommended ones include Hibernate Sleep Mask with Ear Muff.

Quieting the bedroom instead- a perfect alternative

Another effective method to help deal with unwanted noise in your bed is through bedroom soundproofing. This means that you will have to undertake some simple DIY soundproofing project to quiet the bedroom.

You will have to deal with weak points in the room that allow outside noise inside. This means you’ve got to seal the gaps beneath the door using a door sweep and gaps on the window using weather stripping tape. You can also add mass to the door to deal prevent noise coming through the door.

Deal with the ceiling and floor as well

Probably footfalls from the people living upstairs are making your nights unbearable. If that’s the case, there are options on the table to deal with this type of noise. First you can soundproof the ceiling. Secondly you can request those living upstairs to install thick carpets to reduce the amount of noise generated by footfalls.

You can install thick carpets in your bedroom as well to deal with noise coming from downstairs. Remember these hacks won’t completely get rid of noise problem but instead reduce noise to manageable levels.

Moving blankets and noise reducing curtains

sound proof bed

Noise reducing blankets work similarly as soundproofing curtains. They are made of heavy materials and the rule of thumb in soundproofing is that, the thicker the material the better. There are moving blankets specifically designed for noise proofing purposes and for this reason, they have grommets to make it easier to hook them on walls.

One of the recommended blankets is the Audimute noise insulating blanket. Some of the most popular curtains that help block out noise include Nicetown Blackout curtains.

Final thoughts on soundproof bed

While you won’t get a fully soundproofed bed anywhere, there are some hacks you can implement to reduce noise. Whether you will want to deal with noise inside t the bedroom or would want to deal with noise problem precisely where you sleep, the above DIY hack will help you achieve a peaceful and quiet sleep. Also read about quiet drum sets.