Quietest Sump Pumps: 7 Ultra Quiet Portable Pumps for Basement

The quietest sump pumps will keep your basement dry while at the same time operating quietly. If you live in areas where the weather can get quite extreme, a sump pump is a vital tool, especially during the rainy season.

Trust me, a flooded or damp basement is just but the start of your problems. If water flooding in your basement isn’t removed, it can damage the floors escalating the costs of repairs.

In this guide, I will be sharing some of the best and quietest sump pumps for your basement.

A-List of 7 Quietest Sump Pumps on the Market

All the sump pumps in this review guide feature steel construction, which makes the pumps much quieter compared to PVC/plastic designs. Let’s get started.

1.  Wayne WSS30VN -overall quietest sump pump

The Wayne WSS30VN is one of the quietest sump pumps on the market today with sound decibel ratings of about 45-50 dB.

It’s an upgraded version that features a steel body and a cast iron base. While the metallic components contribute to the weight of this unit, they also make it more durable and stronger than the previous version.

The unit comes assembled, so you want spent hours trying to figure out which part goes where or reading the assembly manual. You only need to place the pump strategically and set up all the connections, and the pump will be running in no time.

The pump requires a 15-inch basin, and the entire installation method will only take up to 10-15 minutes of your time or less if you’re a trained plumber.

It has a float switch for convenience. The unit will turn on automatically when the water levels rise.

According to the manufacturer, the pump can last up to 1 million cycles, and the motor unit can pump up to 5100 gallons per hour when installed 0 feet from the ground.

The pump can also pump 4380 gallons per hour at a depth of 5 feet and 3480 gallons at a depth of 10 feet and 900 gallons per hour at depth of 20 feet.

It’s battery-powered operating on a 12 Volts DC. The battery can pump up to 10,000 gallons per single charge. Unfortunately, you’ll have to purchase the battery separately.

2. Flotec FPPM3600D-01/09 1/3 HP Pedestal Sump Pump

If you live in a small apartment and want a quiet sump pump to help you clear a few gallons of water now and then consider the Flotec Pedestal pump.

It’s a portable water removal pump that runs ultra-quietly without sacrificing your electricity bills. The unit is activated by a vertical float switch and can fit even in the smallest sump pit.

It features thermoplastic construction for durability and features a powerful 1/3 horsepower motor.

3. Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump

Quietest Sump Pumps

The Zoeller M53 boasts a cast iron construction for durability and quiet operations. It’s a huge submersible sump pump that guarantees to keep your basement free from flooding.

It’s a powerful unit boasting 3/10 HP, making it powerful enough for residential septic tanks and sump pits.

According to the manufacturer, this unit discharges up to 45 gallons per minute, making it one of the quietest and powerful pumps on the market. However, the amount of water this unit pumps out depends on the depth where the unit is installed.

It will flush out 2680 gallons per hour when installed onto the surface or 5 feet deep. The unit flushes out 2040 and 1140 gallons per hour when installed at 10 and 15 feet deep, respectively.

It weighs only 21 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight sumps pumps you can get today. The base is constructed from thermoplastic for temperature regulation purposes- therefore, your pump won’t overheat.

It comes with a 9 feet powder coated and waterproof cable to prevents risks of electric shocks. The pump is powerful enough to last for about 2-4 years without any technical problems. The pump also features afloat that automatically shuts the unit off when the sump pit is near empty.

4. WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Cast Iron and Stainless-Steel Sump Pump

Quietest Sump Pumps

If you’re looking for a quiet and compact sump pump for your basement or septic tank, then WAYNE CDU980E is the perfect pick for you.

It features stainless steel that covers a cast iron design at the bottom. The cast iron base gives the pump stability and also protects the unit from corrosion. The unit also an abrasion-resistant glass that protects it from abrasion.

This unit is considered as one of the best sump pumps on the market because it disperses and filters debris. And for this reason, you want to have to clean or maintain it regularly, like other traditional pumps. It won’t clog at all.

The unit is fitted with a powerful ¾ horsepower motor that discharges up to 4600 gallons of water per hour. Like most other pumps in this review, this pump features a waterproof cord. The unit is assembled in the USA and made of high quality and durable materials.

It’s recommended to use this unit with 11 inches or wider sump basins for the best results.

5. Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump

Quietest Sump Pumps

Want the quietest sump pump at an affordable price? If yes, then the Superior Pump 91250 utility pump is the perfect unit for you.

The unit comes in five different versions- the 0.5HP, 1/3HP, 1/4HP, 1/5- and 12-volt style. Unlike most of the units in this review, this unit features a thermoplastic construction that’s resistant to rust. The material also guarantees years of reliability and performance.

It also features multiple discharge hookup options for easy hookup to a discharge hose or garden hose. You must purchase the hoses separately. The unit also features an intake screen to help filter out debris and reduce clogging, which in turn prolongs the lifespan of the pump.

The unit can pump 540, 1200, and 1800 gallons per hour at 20, 10, and 0 feet, respectively.

6. Wayne VIP50 1/2 HP Thermoplastic Portable Electric Water Removal Pump

Quietest Sump Pumps

The Wayne VIP50 is a quiet multipurpose pump. It is great for lawn, sewage, sump, well, and pool cover. The pump is assembled in the USA, and this guarantees performance for years to come.

It boasts a thermoplastic construction and 1/2 horsepower motor that’s powerful enough to drain all the flood water in the basement. The unit pumps 300, 1080, 1680, 2160, 2600 gallons per hour at a discharge height of 20, 15, 10, 5, and 0 feet, respectively.

Quietest Sump Pumps Buying Guide

Not quite sure which is the quietest basement pump to pick. Below are major factors that you should consider before making the final purchase.

Latest Technology

The pump you purchase should be compatible with the latest advancement in technology. For example it should be able to connect to PumpSpy PSO1000 Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart Outlet

Quietest Sump Pumps

You can connect this unit to Wi-Fi through a smart pump app for a 24/7 monitoring service. The PumpSpy app will send you emails, text messages, and alerts to your tablet, smartphone, or computer if your pump has a problem.

The app is available for android and apple phones. Additionally, this sump pump also includes water sensors and alerts.

The reason you should trust this pump is that it’s made and assembled here in the USA. Everything about this pump, including mobile applications and software, are made in the US.

Noise Levels

Every sump pump is going to produce a considerable amount of noise. Therefore, the most important factor is are the acceptable levels of noise you can tolerate.

One major factor that determines how loud or quiet a pump is the size of the motor. Bigger and more powerful motors are louder than small and less powerful motors.

If you live in a home with a deep basement, you will need a pump with a powerful motor.  If you find noises too loud for such a power, it’s recommended you use a soundproof cover to reduce motor noise.

For this reason, it’s recommended you go for a pump that can tolerate little ventilation because you’ll need to cover it with a soundproof cover.

Pump Construction

How the unit is built will determine how long it will last. Additionally, the material design will also determine how quiet or loud a sump pump is.

Cast iron pumps run quieter than PVC or plastic constructed pumps. They are also durable and resistant to abrasion, unlike their counterparts.

In addition, strong materials also save the unit from accidental damages. Pumps made from thermoplastic material are heat resistant and won’t rust. They are also lightweight, making them highly portable.

Stainless steel is heavier than thermoplastic and prone to rust. However, they are resistant to rust than cast iron.

For best results, I would recommend cast iron housing over stainless and thermoplastic. It’s durable and a lightweight than stainless steel. Unfortunately, it’s prone to rust, but you can fix the rusting part by applying an epoxy coating.

Sump Pump Type

There are a variety of sump pumps on the market. For example, submersible pumps can operate beneath the water. They are easy to operate.

Pedestal sump pumps are highly portable and don’t require regular maintenance.

Backup sump pumps are great in the event of a power blackout. They operate on battery and can run for hours on a single charge.

Then there are water-powered sump pumps. They operate like straws. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend them because they are prone to clogging and require regular maintenance. Consider them like small basement babies.

Sump Pump Switch

There are three types of switches to choose from. Pumps with tethered switch last longer than the other two switches. But there’s a catch; you will have to dig wider sump pits for pumps with tethered switch.

There are vertical switch pumps. These fit narrow pits, but their lifespan is less than the pumps with tethered switches.

Lastly, there are pumps with electric switches.

Unfortunately, they are easily affected by additional material in the water. Therefore, they require regular cleaning from time to time.

Final Thoughts on The Quietest Sump Pumps

The quietest sump pumps will pump out all water in your basement quietly without causing unwanted noises to those living upstairs.

These units are also compact and lightweight and designed from high-quality materials. I hope you’re ready to give your favorite machine a try today.

If you’re still stuck, I would recommend PumpSpy PSO1000 Wi-Fi Sump Pump Smart Outlet. It boasts features that any modern homeowner would want in a sump pump.