7 Quietest Diffusers For Your Aromatherapy

Everyone wants relaxation in life by avoiding stress. Stress can be released by getting effective aromatherapy in daily routine. If aromatherapy is not possible daily, then it can be taken off and on. For your aromatherapy process, diffusers are the best companion for you. You just have to use some drops of any essential oil in your essential oil diffuser to begin the process of aromatherapy. Eventually, it will not only improve your mental health but it also improves your physical health with healing your emotional health.

The usage of diffusers is popular for the aromatherapy. It can also be used to spread a nice fragrance in the room or whole house.  To spread the nice smell across your house, again you have to use essential oil in your diffuser.

But hold on there is some problem in using the diffusers that is the noise generated by the diffusers when they operated. Noisy diffusers will not help you out to improve your emotional health and also wouldn’t make you relaxed. The solution to the noisy diffuser is that you have to pick the quiet and noiseless diffusers. Hence, you can enjoy nice silence with a nice aroma around you.

For your ease, we have picked the 7 quietest diffusers that will help you out in choosing the right diffuser. Also, we prepare a buying guide that makes your diffuser purchasing process easy. Have a look at these diffusers and buying guide.

1. VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser 3rd Version

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The most super quiet Essential Oil Diffuser is the VicTsing 3rd version. It controls the noise of the diffuser with the noise-reducing cover. Due to its ultra-quiet quality, its most favorite diffusers among certain people as its noise control is up to 21 decibels.

The motor used in it is of high power therefore it offers high performance. It’s suitable for your house, office, room, or aromatherapy due to its high performance. Its high-performance atomizer plate can oscillate up to 3,000, 000 times. Henceforth, it can easily dissolve the essential oil to spread the cool aroma around the room. Also, its compact size makes it attractive, efficient working in the small body.

Moreover, it has the ability to cover the water capacity of more than 150 ml. It can work continuously for 3 to 6 hours in the mist mode by consuming the water 25 to 40 ml per hour. Plus, you can set it in sleep mode to keep it work for 5 to 10 hours. In sleep mode, on average it consumes 15 to 30 ml per hour.

You do not need to worry about being damaged because it automatically shut off when the water level in the diffuser becomes very low or reaches a certain level.

2. InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, Upgraded Diffusers for Essential Oils Aromatherapy Diffuser Cool Mist Humidifier with 7 Colors LED Lights 2 Mist Mode Waterless Auto Off for Home Office Room, White

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Boost your aromatherapy experience by using the InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser as it has the potential to preserve the original scent of the essential oil. Henceforth, you can enjoy the aromatherapy in the most original form.

You can turn on the light while taking your aromatherapy because it offers LED light with several colors, you can select any color of the LED light to add light in your room. Moreover, you can turn on this diffuser for the whole night without worrying about being overheated because it has the option of the auto shut off. This auto shut off turns off the diffuser automatically when the water level reaches to an end. Hence, it prevents the overheating of the diffuser and protects the diffuser from being damaged.

Its smart and compact size will enable you to place it in any small place as it occupies a small area. Also, you can adjust it mist settings as per your requirement, one option is 3 to 4 hours continuous working and the other option is 6 to 8 hours continuous working.

3. SpaRoom Aromafier Portable Fragrance Essential Oil Diffuser

SpaRoom Aromafier Portable Fragrance Essential Oil Diffuser, Battery And USB Computer Powered Aromatherapy, White

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Pass soothing fragrance across your room by using the SpaRoom Aromafier Diffuser. You like its performance because it works silently due to its silent fan. It continues to spread a nice aroma around the room without disturbing you.

Moreover, it’s decent LED soft blue lightning make it more attractive. You may easily use this portable diffuser by the plugin to the USB port. If you have not accessed to the USB port, then you can use 2 AA batteries to run it smoothly.

This diffuser comes with micro-absorbing fragrance pads. These fragrance pads are 3 in total and also these pads are replaceable. Hence, you can easily replace the fragrance pad for effective aromatherapy and to make your room full of fragrance.

It’s small in size. Therefore, you can place it anywhere in your room. But be aware, keep it away a few feet away from your bed as it is highly recommended for all types of diffusers.

4. Stadler Form Julia Diffuser

Stadler Form Julia Diffuser, Black - J-202

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A diffuser that is the best companion for your larger room is the Stadler Form Julia as it easily spread the fragrance in the area of 540 square feet. It’s also the quietest diffuser that allows you to continue your sleep without any disturbance, you will hear no sound when you operate this diffuser.

The most important thing about this diffuser is the ultrasonic technology that makes it unique as compared to the other diffusers. This technology smoothly blends the water and essential oil to spread the fragrance around you.

Further, it can run continuously for a long period that is 53 hours, yes you can run it up to 53 hours, this period is offered in interval mode. In interval mode, it runs for 10 minutes and stops for 20 minutes. But if you don’t want to stop your diffuser for a single time, then you can use continuous mode, the total run time of the continuous mode is 18 hours.

This diffuser also has the ability to shut off automatically depending on the water level (when water level reaches to certain limit), you don’t need to shut it off manually. Also, it allows you to choose the color as per your mood as it offers 4 different colors.

5. Dularf Wood Grain Aromatherapy Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffuser, Dularf Wood Grain Aromatherapy Diffuser Cool Mist Nebulizer Diffuser Humidifier 400ml for Office Home Compatible 15 Color Lighting & Timer Settings (brown)

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The latest technology is integrated into the Dularf Wood Grain Aromatherapy Diffuser. Its embedded technology will allow you to operate diffuser with your smartphone. By using your smartphone, you can directly change the settings of the diffusers without leaving your place. You just have to install Oittm app on your smartphone. Other than the smartphone, you can use your tablet or any other smart device.

One thing you like the most about this diffuser is its voice control. Voice control will let you turn on or off the diffuser by using your voice. You can also use your voice to select the color of the light for your diffuser. Different colors are available as it offers a variety of 7 colors for the light, you can select any as per your environment. It also allows you to adjust each color as bright or dim, may you prefer bright color in the day time and dim color in the night time.

It saves energy and offers high performance in working due to its ultrasonic technology. This diffuser also shuts off automatically when the water level reaches to end.

6. Exqline 1500 ml diffuser

1500ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Large - Exqline Diffuser for Large Room, Large Aromatherapy Diffuser/Humidifier, Unique Diffusers for Essential Oils(White)

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If you feel annoyed to refill your diffuser again and again, then Exqline 1500 ml diffuser is the right choice for you as you do not need to refill it with water due to its extra-large tank. The capacity of its tank is up to 1500 ml. So, you can easily use it continuously for 10 to 20 hours. Enjoy continuous sleep. Even, you can use it in the day time without filling the water frequently. Due to its larger capacity of water, it’s size is not compact so it occupies large space.

It’s a perfect diffuser for your larger room as it can cover the area of 450 square feet. Also, it’s a popular diffuser due to its quiet operation as it creates noise of fewer than 35 decibels, which is too much low noise. You can also adjust the level of humidity in your room as it offers a 270-degree rotation knob.

Furthermore, you can turn on the LED light to brighten your room with easy adjustment to set it dim and bright.

7. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

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Vitruvi Stone Diffuser comes with ultrasonic technology and small in size with emitting the 2.3 fluid ounces of water per hour for the humidification. Due to its compact size, you can place it in any small area of your room. This small diffuser can continuously work up to 3 hours and if you use it at an interval setting then it can work for 7 hours. Overall, its total capacity of water is 100 ml only.

To enable this diffuser to run, you have to plugin through its five feet long power cord. Also, the cleaning of the diffuser is important, so this diffuser allows you to clean it with ease.

This diffuser is also made up of handcrafted ceramic to offer the highest quality porcelain. Due to its porcelain, it’s different and unique from other diffusers available in the market.

Buying Guide

Diffusers help you out to make you relax when you use essential oils in your diffusing process. Therefore, you should be careful when you select your diffuser, you should be aware of the number of factors on which quality of diffuser is dependent. These factors are discussed here to help you out in selecting your diffuser.

Different diffusers come with different water capacity, you have to select the one that meets your time needs. For example, if you have to use a diffuser for a long time, then you should have to select a diffuser that has large water capacity, commonly known as reservoir capacity. Commonly, the range of reservoir capacity of diffusers varies from 100 milliliters to 1 liter.

You can run your diffuser for a fixed amount of time if it has the option of automatic timer. Automatic timer will allow you to set the number of hours for which you want to run the diffuser continuously. The diffuser will automatically turn off after reach to end time set by you. So, select the diffuser that provides a timer facility.

Other than the timer option, the automatic shutoff option in the diffuser will help you out to shut off the diffuser on time without your involvement depending on the level of the water in the diffuser. This option protects your diffuser from any damage by shutting off the diffuser when little water left. Always look for an automatic shutoff option in the diffuser.

Select the diffuser according to the room size on which you want to use the diffuser. If you want to use the diffuser in a larger area, then select the diffuser that can cover the large area. Suitable coverage by the diffuser for your room will make your aromatherapy effective.

If you want to brighten your room during your diffusing process, then select the diffuser that comes with LED lights. Also, you may don’t want to spread light in your room so look for the option to turn off the LED light. These two options should be considered when you purchase a diffuser.

Further, if you are a resident of a dry climate then look for a diffuser that can be used as a cool-mist humidifier.


What is the best diffuser on the market?

VicTsing Mist Essential Oil Diffuser, InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser, URPOWER Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser.

Where should diffuser be placed in a bedroom?

You can place the diffuser on the floor or you can place it 2 feet above the floor. Also, its recommended to place it a few feet away from your bed.

Are diffusers healthy?

Leaving your essential oil diffuser on too long could be bad for your health, Sure, too much of a good thing and all, but it turns out that when essential oils aren’t handled properly, they could potentially pose a health risk.

Can you run diffusers all day?

You shouldn’t be blasting it for hours straight at all. His recommendation is to turn your diffuser on between one and three times a day for up to 30 minutes at the maximum. According to him, overexposure and the act of inhaling essential oils can lead to headaches.

How many drops do I put in my diffuser?

Diffusers do come in different sizes, but these are usually in 100ml increments, and therefore calculating the number of drops of essential oil to add is relatively easy. The smallest, 100ml diffusers will take 3 to 5 drops on average, while the largest, 500 ml diffuser will require 15 to 20 drops.