Top 5 Quietest Breast Pump on the Market (Express Discreetly)

Quietest Breast Pump
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You need the quietest breast pump if you need to express discreetly at home or work. Electric breast pumps in recent years have become a top priority item in any busy nursing mom. They are a “lifesaver” for any mother wishing to express at work or on the go.

Unfortunately, some electric breast pumps are never quiet and won’t allow you to pump discreetly.

Manufacturers have adapted ways to make their pumps whisper quiet as well as portable. This allows mothers to pump quietly and discreetly anywhere and anytime.

This article discusses some of the quietest breast pumps you can get on the market today.

A-List of Top 5 Quietest Breast Pumps

In the last two or three years ago, several breast pumps hit the market, all promising a safe experience. Silent, portable options you can stash in your bag as you get on with the rest of your life.

1.   Medela Sonata- most silent breast pump

The Sonata has a sound decibel rating of 43.8dB. It is a smart breast pump designed with a nursing mother and her child in mind. In terms of design, the Sonata is much small and appealing in shape than Medela Pump in Style Advanced.

Because it’s smaller, it’s also lightweight, making it easier for you to relax and pump milk without a threatening motor box glowering at you.

It comes with a battery that allows you to express milk even in the event of a blackout. The battery can last up to 3-4 pumping sessions.

Additionally, the pump is Bluetooth enabled. You can connect it to the MyMedela app, which saves all the pumping sessions.

The Sonata has two-phase expression technology- the expression and stimulation mode. This technology helps increase the amount of milk pumped.

Like any other breast pump, the sonata has it’s downsides as well. It has four separate pieces you’ll need to assemble each time you want to breast pump: the shield connector, the membrane, the breast shield, and the valve.

That totals to 14 pieces including bottles and caps you will need to wash and pack every time you need to double pump.

2.   Medela Symphony

If you’re struggling to express or want to express regularly, you’ll be surprised by what Medela Symphony has to offer in your life.

According to the manufacturer, the breast pump has a sound decibel rating of 49.2dB. It’s a hospital-grade breast pump designed to help moms throughout their breastfeeding journey- helps initiate and maintain steady breast milk supply.

Like most electric breast pumps, it has two-phase expression technology to help stimulate and maintain a steady milk supply.

Like most hospital-grade breast pumps, the size of this breast pump makes it impossible to travel with. It weighs 7.9lbs and it’s also bulky. However, if you want a silent breast pump to express at home, you can use this breast pump.

3.   Ardo- Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump

The Ardo Calypso breast pump is a super quiet breast pump that uses Hospital Grade technology for all mothers who want to express their milk faster and discreetly. (*)

The breast pump features three different sizes of breast shields, 64 independent vacuum and cycle settings, Optiflow, massage insert, active massage insert, gentle and comfortable pumping experience.

It boasts a vacuum seal technology so that no milk can enter the tubes or the pump hence complete protection from pathogens and contamination. No cleaning or the pump or tubes necessary.

It’s easy to use a breast pump with simple controls for gentle and powerful suction. In addition the pump is very lightweight; it weighs 1 lb. Making it highly portable.

4.     Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands-Free

What you’ll love about the Freemie Liberty Mobile Hands-free breast pump is the fact that it’s silent when it’s on.

It’s also lightweight making it portable and also one of the easiest to clean an electric breast pump in this review.

While it’s quiet, it’s also one of the least expensive pumps. It’s also handsfree, unlike most breast pumps. You can move around and perform other simple household chores.

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It ecofriendly, you pour milk directly from the pump into a bottle or bag which comes in handy, especially if you’re going to use the breast pump immediately.

And this may be a minor pro; you can charge the breast pump with a micro-USB charger.

Unfortunately most moms have complained how hard it was to set up this pump and how the tube that connects the pump is long, which means it’s not discreet under clothing as most handsfree pumps.

5.    Medela Freestyle

Medela freestyle isn’t such a quiet breast pump, but it’s something that offers the efficiency any mom would want in a breast pump.

It has a sound decibel rating of 56.2 decibels.

As its name suggests, the Freestyle is a pump that won’t make you feel like a prisoner in your own life. You don’t want to spend hours of the day holding a pump while pumping.

This is a pump that will set free and allow you to go on with your life even when you’re pumping.

The Medela freestyle is a double breast pump designed to be used several times a day. It’s a lightweight motor that makes it highly portable such you can carry it along with you as you run errands. The kit weighs just over 5 pounds.

It boasts an illuminated digital display, a memory button with a timer to help you organize your pumping sessions.

It’s a great pump for working moms, or those living on the go lifestyle and want to fit breastfeeding in their busy schedules.

The rechargeable battery will allow for more pumping sessions before the next recharge. A full charge can last up to 48 hours with multiple charges per day.

In addition, the included cooler will make it easy for you to pump and keep your milk fresh even away from home.

Quietest Breast Pump Buying Guide

There are factors to consider before investing in a quiet breast pump to make sure that it meets all your requirements. Below are the factors that you should consider.

Noise Levels

The first important factor, in this case, is the noise decibel levels. You don’t want a pump only to find out that it converts your house into a mini launch pad.

The quietest breast pump, in this case, is the Medela Sonata rated only 43 decibels, which can be compared to a babbling brook.

Other models in the review are also quiet but not as quiet as the Sonata. If you don’t like the features of the Sonata, you can pick from the other four.

Single or double?

A single electric pump is great when you won’t regularly be expressing. A double breast pump draws milk from both breasts and is ideal if you’ll regularly be expressing.

In addition a double pump delivers 18% more milk than other single or manual pumps that pump each breast, in turn, making it an excellent pick for busy moms.

Portability and maintenance

A quiet breast pump should also be portable- small, lightweight, and compact. Any breastfeeding mother will tell you it’s like packing for camping.

In simple terms, you don’t want a breast pump that takes much space, and it’s weighty.

All breast pumps require maintenance and so cleaning to function well. We all know that moms don’t have all day to spend cleaning a pump. For this reason, a pump should be easy to clean.

Final Thoughts On Quietest Breast Pump

According to federal law, you have a right to privacy and breaks if you need to pump at work.

If you plan to go to work after a few months when your baby is born, you will need to notify your employer. You will also need the quietest breast pump.

Any under understanding employer should understand and accommodate your needs.