Quiet Toys for Church Service: 10 Interactive Toys For Toddlers

Most parents will agree with me that keeping kids silent in church is a daunting task. Quiet toys for church are brilliant inventions that help in ensuring your child stays silent during a church service. They come in different sizes, designs, and shapes. Some churches have bags where they keep toys for kids.

However, these toys may not be enough for everybody, and it’s essential to carry one for your little bundle. They can be anything entertaining, and if you are wondering what type to buy, we have compiled a couple of ideas to get you started.

Best quiet toys for church

1. BETTERLINE Finger Puppets

noise free toys for church

Most kids find finger puppets funny and will giggle every time you move your fingers. They are quiet, and they are fun to play with. These options from BETTERLINE come in a set of twenty, and you can wear each for each finger. They are adorable, cute, and featherweights. They feature different animals such as pig, monkey, panda, and much more. They also feature people such as daddy, mommy, grandma, and grandpa. It will spark your kids’ imagination while you enjoy some peace throughout the church service.

2. Tresbro Speed Cube Set

non squeaky toys for toddlers in church

Puzzles are an excellent choice for quiet toys and necessary for keeping kids busy. They are useful learning tools and helps boost a kid’s problem solving ability. Tresbro speed cubes are unique and come in different shapes such as pyramid and cub. They have vibrant colors that attract kid’s attention. They are safe to use, and your kid will fall in love with speedcubing while you concentrate on the service.

3. Fun Express – Bible Activity Pads

noiseless toys for toddlers

For a long time, books have been the most convenient and easily accessible quiet toys your child can play with while in church. They make the perfect quiet toys for church. Pick those with many pictures and vibrant colors to keep your child occupied. We have recommended the Fun Express Bible Activity Pads as a perfect example of books you can pick for your little one. Your child will not only have to learn to buy also learn a lot about bible stories. They have specific themes, and you can be carrying one for each Sunday.

4. Fun Express – Religious Novelty Assortment

noisefree toy assortment

You can throw in some pencil and a blank page to allow your little prince or princess to keep scribbling and sketching. You can consider the Fun Express, which are an assortment of toys with religious themes. They are popular during church events and carnivals. They are inspirational with striking colors to keep your kid occupied. They are quiet toys you can carry to church to ensure your little one is engaged during the service.

5. Hallmark Mary and Baby Jesus Toy

jesus toy for church

By the time your baby can interpret visuals and images, it’s essential to be real and provide them with toys that relate to life events. Probably they have seen the picture of Mary holding baby Jesus quite so often. They are likely to associate it with the church since it’s available in their toy bibles or books and also images on the walls. Why not surprise them with this Hallmark doll. They are going to have fun playing with the toy, while you catch some church proceeding since its quiet. It is adorable and soft, and your little one is going to have lots of fun.

6. Yisscen Infant Teething Toys

noisefree toys for babies

These are ideal for small babies who are teething. A teething baby can be fussy and can disrupt a church session. With these options, they will calm down and let you concentrate on the church service. They are also useful in relieving from pain. They are safe, and BPA certified. They are fully compliant with FDA regulations and are free of chemicals or toxins. They are quiet toys, attractive colors, and available in different shapes that your baby will love.

7. Mudpuppy Magnetic Toy

low noise toys for kids

It acts as a play space with a carrying case and a storage container. It has various colors printed on the inside and magnets. The mudpuppy and his friends go to play, and your child will have fun seeing the animals. Some of the animal characters include the mudpuppy, caterpillar, brown bear, and the spider. It is full of adventure every time they open the tin. It is a quiet toy you can carry to the church, and there is a lot of creativity which will keep your child busy.

8. Homder Fun Toys

low volume toddler toys for church

If your child seems unsettled in the church, you can consider the fidget toys to prevent disruption. These toys offer some stimulation every time they are bent or stretched. They then bounce back quickly to their standard shape. These can come in handy when you want to calm your child in church and maybe catch up with what the preacher is saying. They are sensory and quiet toys that help in calming a child’s nerves and keeping them alert.

9. EEDAN Magnetic Drawing Board

toys without speakers for church

This toy features a unique design since it has four color zones, green, blue, yellow, and red. It represents a board and has a pen for drawing. It is a quiet toy you can carry to church, and your child will love drawing, sketching, scribbling, and erasing. It’s simply incredible, and while it will inspire enthusiasm in your child, it will, for sure, give you some peace of mind.

10. O’Hill 48 Pack Emoji Wristband

noiseless church toys

Bring a smile to your child’s face by giving them these silicone wristbands. These adorable toy bracelets are ideal for kids and come in a different smiley or emoji faces. They are fun, and your baby will love putting them on their wrist. We choose them since they are quiet and you will be able to follow the church service while your baby gets busy. They are twelve of them available in fancy and attractive colors.

How to keep minimum distraction with kids in church

While quiet toys can help keep your little one busy during church sessions, sometimes the child can be troublesome. Below are some tips to keep your child busy during the service

Pack some food

Some kids will go through some tantrums when they are hungry. Packing snacks will help keep your child full throughout the service, and he/she won’t cause drama. You should also bring some juice or water as well to keep the child hydrated.

Make them nap through

Making your kid nap through the entire church service is a great way to prevent the drama. If your child is young, it shouldn’t be a problem, feed them well, and they will sleep in no time. For toddlers, making them sleep can be tough, and they may resist any attempt to make them sleep. In this case, a quiet toy can work best.

Develop a routine

Discipline begins at home. Developing a routine is the only and the best way to keep your child quiet through the church service. Let your children know that it’s time for church and they should be well behaved throughout the service. This way, your child will know that they aren’t supposed to make noise during church service. I bet this will work the best. The routine might not work instantly but give it a couple of weeks, and your older child will have adjusted.

Church bag

You can introduce a church bag for your child. It doesn’t have to be something fancy you could buy a tote bag like this one this Z-joyee. You can stash some book, crayons and some toys that your child will be using during the service.

Conclusion on quiet toys for church

Quiet toys for church will keep your child busy throughout the service so that you and other members of congregation can listen to the sermon. You don’t have to miss a church service since they are several quiet toys to help calm a fussy baby in church. When choosing such a toy, ensure it is safe to use, BPA free and FDA approved. It’s important to refrain from very tiny toys which can choke your baby. Are soundproof bed real or myth? Debunk the myth now.