Top 7 Quiet Performance Muffler (Boost Speed & Horsepower)

Quiet Mufflers

What could be more critical if your car’s exhaust produces an irritating noise consistently? Indeed, you will be in a never-ending battle with the local environmental authorities if you do not meet the standard. Therefore, consider acquiring quiet performance muffler.

You may wonder why you need mufflers, right? Firstly, mufflers play a crucial role in the exhaust system of your car. They will lower the noise that emanates from the exhaust pipe as a control to meet the environmental requirements.

Interestingly, many states have strict rules to make it mandatory for all automobiles to have mufflers. As a result, there is a reduction in excessive noise and smoke. The process of selecting a suitable muffler is not a walk in the park.

Multiple brands of mufflers do exist in the market. Each type has a different influence on how your vehicle will sound. Some will cause your vehicle to stay quiet. Another category may produce a deep growl.

Which is the Quietest Muffler?

This publication focuses on three types of mufflers to determine the quietest. They are:

  • Straight-Through
  • Chambered
  • Turbo

1. Straight-Through/Glasspack

What distinguishes this product from the rest is that they have good sound-deadening materials — for example, fiberglass or steel wool. The entire packing remains wrapped around the perforated pipe.

The straightened pipe will enable a continuous flow of gases to give a required horsepower. You can use the glass pack design for racing. Unfortunately, they are usually loud.

2. Chambered

You can consider chambered mufflers to be quieter than its glass pack counterparts. They have a proper mechanism in the interior to cause sound waves to bounce around. In the event, some sound waves will begin canceling one another.

The cool thing about this type of muffler is that you can manipulate the sound. How? By altering the size and the shape of the interior chambers. The product is ideal for streetcars and muscle.

3.    Turbo

The turbo muffler is a hybrid of the earlier mentioned muffler, the chambers, and the glass pack. Here, the principle is straight forward. They operate by directing the gases via S-shaped tubes. These tubes have sound-deadening material construction.

Notably, the turbo muffler in more involving than the two counterparts, as listed above. It applies exceeding pressure to the car system; however, they achieve a quieter output.

quiet performance muffler

How Performance Mufflers Work

The purpose of a muffler is to reduce the level of noise which your exhaust pipe produces and deliver a quieter ride. Different designs, such as glass packed or chambered, have their unique way of delivering their overall output. Let’s take a closer look at them in full detail.


Chambered mufflers rely on internal interference to perform. Look at it this way; the sound moves via a component. Within the pipe, some chambers will cause the sound to bounce on them. Consequently, some sounds will cancel one another.

In the long run, the chances are that the exhaust pipe will emit a less noise, making a quieter sound. Admittedly, you can alter the sound produced by changing the position of chambers and tubes.

Glass packed

The glass packed design is the simplest of all. The materials used to construct the muffler have sound dampening properties like fiberglass. Some types may use wool material as an alternative.

How does the muffler work? The answer is simple. Since the muffler has sound-deadening materials, the material will absorb sound as it travels via it.

Best Quiet Performance Muffler Reviews

1. MBRP M2220A 31″ Aluminized Quiet Tone Muffler


Are you striving to look for a better auto perfection? If your answer is a definite ‘yes,’ then put this muffler in mind. The entire process of improving performance is always a challenging task. The good news is that you can begin by refining the engine’s efficiency and sound.

While using the MBRP Quite tone product, your vehicle you’ll notice significant noise reduction. The muffler measures a considerable in and out length of 5 inches. The overall length is 31 inches, with a diameter of 8 inches.

You can depend on this product to reduce the noise levels  from your car by a great deal. Then again, it will boost the performance of your engine since there is a reduction of the underlying pressure.

The muffler comes with reasonable prices. The materials used to construct the silencer are durable aluminized steel.

2. Vibrant 1141 2.5″ Ultra Quiet Resonator

Many car owners will choose to work with a quiet muffler. If you are in that category, you can take advantage of Vibrant 2.5″ Ultra Quiet Resonator. The product will offer an excellent service to restore quietness and the overall performance.

The excellent design of this muffler will absorb the noise in the car’s exhaust and ensure a smooth and quiet flow. In addition to that, the muffler has an aesthetic appeal that will improve the appearance of your vehicle.

The manufacturer constructed this product with T304 Stainless steels, which will offer you a long-lasting service. Furthermore, the same material can withstand high temperatures that exist in the exhaust fumes.

Typically, the muffler has a coating of sound-absorbing materials to reduce the sound and enhance comfort. Still, the buyer will enjoy a five-year warranty to protect the product against any defects.

3. Vibrant 1142 3″ Ultra Quiet Resonator

Vibrant 1142 3″ has coveted characteristics that everyone is looking in a preferred muffler. It gets better when it remains cost-effective, of high quality, and super quiet.

Its material construction originates from T304 stainless steel to prevent rusting when exposed to rainwater. Moreover, the material will absorb the sound that travels in the pipe. Seriously, it will improve the performance of your engine. (See user reviews)

The muffler will ensure a smooth flow of the exhaust. The setting will not pressurize the engine to increase in noise for it to perform better.

The muffler can offer the user a long and commendable service since its materials are durable. Frankly, the muffler can resist the fume temperatures without compromising its performance.

4.  Walker 21357 Quiet-Flow Stainless Steel Muffler

Walker 21357 is a unique product that will offer you a quiet ride for an extended period. Honestly, the producer made it with 100% stainless steel. These materials will dampen the sound to give excellent output.

In comparison to other aluminum versions, the Walker Stainless Steel Muffler is three times better. In other words, its lifeline is the longest. It has modern technology, which is an OE-style tube to reduce the noise by far.

The muffler will resist the rust, owing to the type of the materials used. Therefore, you can freely ride on wet roads on a rainy season without any worry. There is an internal system that enhances drainage to prevent corrosion.

Both internal and external inlets carry a diameter of 2.25 inches. As you purchase this product, you will enjoy a limited lifetime warranty.

5. MBRP M1004A Universal Quiet Tone Muffler

The MBRP M1004A Muffler proves to be a quiet muffler to match your essential needs. Firstly, the product is affordable. Its total materials come from aluminized steel. The muffler’s length is 30 inches with a 4 inch expanded outlet and inlet.

The muffler uses a dual-core technology, which suppresses the sound to minimal levels. Similarly, it also allows for a smooth flow. You can use this muffler to operate cabs since the road noise will be on a lowered level.

6. Walker 17886 Economy Pro-Fit Universal Muffler

Walker 17886 Economy Muffler has a great catch due to its low pricing. The simple truth is that its entire materials originate from aluminized steel. You will experience minimal noise due to the presence of a chambered interior.

As you use this product, your engine will be free from back pressure hence saving on fuel. Furthermore, the muffler enhances the car’s horsepower. The muffler is suitable to use in urban driving since it is ever quiet.

Its aluminum design will withstand any form of corrosion even if you expose it to high humidity. Still, the product is durable, and therefore it will serve you for years.


  • Long-lasting with pocket-friendly prices
  • Enhances engine performance
  • Suitable for double exhaust pipes
  • Chambered design

7. Borla 40842S S-Type Muffler

If you are looking for the quietest high-end models, then put Borla 40842S Muffler in mind. The product boasts of a multi-core technology to enhance the car’s performance. This versatile muffler will reduce the sound of your exhaust fumes.

Indeed, the muffler will also reduce the costs of fuel, as it will not exert pressure on your engine to perform. Its overall material comes from stainless steel; the product will last long. Next, the muffler will resist rust and corrosion.


  • Easy installation procedure
  • Utilizes multi-core technology
  • Reduced fuel consumption and enhanced engine performance


  • It may prompt some modifications when installing in some vehicles.

Benefits Quiet Performance Mufflers

Two compelling reasons that can prompt one to replace a car muffler. These are:

  1. To enhance performance.
  2. To reduce the noise level.

When you fit your car with a properly functioning muffler, you will encounter the following benefits:

  • Any functional muffler will effectively eliminate waste gases.
  • It is a requirement it many states in the U.S to fit your vehicle with a car muffler. The product will reduce exhaust noise.
  • You can improve the fuel economy when you use the right quiet performance mufflers as the engine will efficiently burn the fuel.
  • The best performance mufflers will boost horsepower by 10%.

 Quiet Performance Mufflers Buyer Guider

Your preferred quiet performance muffler should have excellent features for you to record gain. Before you purchase one, you may look for some crucial elements. They will guide you into selecting the right product as listed below:

1. Noise Levels

The purpose of the muffler is to reduce the level of noise that comes from your exhaust pipe. Before acquiring one, it is critical to know how the product will serve you.

It is better to understand your needs before buying a suitable muffler. For instance, some mufflers are louder than others. Examples being Glasspack and Straight-Through mufflers.

Suppose you want the quietest muffler, then Turbo muffler can serve you better.

2. Aluminized Steel vs. Stainless Steel

A right muffler should be durable with sturdy materials to offer a long service. The commonly used materials are either stainless or aluminized steel.

Aluminized steel does not resist corrosion, although it is pocket-friendly. On the other hand, stainless steel will withstand both corrosion and rust. It will work well in both humid and rainy regions.

3. Fitting

A right muffler should fit your vehicle. It is a good practice to check properly if the ideal product fits well into your vehicle system.

When you are purchasing the product online, give the proper details of your vehicle. The information will help the seller determine if the available mufflers are compatible with the car.

4.  Price

You should understand the price range for you to settle for the quiet performance muffler of your choice. Usually, high pricing does not guarantee performance or better quality. Notably, you should get a better product that represents the value of your money.

On Quiet Performance Muffler

We cannot overemphasize the significance of mufflers in the car’s performance. Our top pick from the list is the Walker 21357 Quiet-Flow. The product will offer a quiet ride; it is long-lasting and resists corrosion.

Still, when you are looking for the best quiet muffler than restores value, then the Walker 17886 takes the lead. It’s content if full of aluminized steel.

At last, you have your desired product to meet your needs. However, you need to know how you can install the muffler. The only requirement to complete the task is to possess the necessary DIY skills.

You can save the cost when you understand the simple installation of a quiet performance muffler. The time to acquire a new muffler is now. Enjoy your shopping.