Quiet Paper Shredder: 10 Noiseless Shredders Reviews 2020

Quiet paper shredder: In the office world today, tossing paper in the trashcan has become somewhat outdated. It will fill up your bin pretty fast and expose sensitive information to an unlikely audience. Electric shredders have been there for quite some time now and are prevalent in the corporate world. Unlike the old types, modern shredders are sleek, quieter, energy efficient and come loaded with advanced features.

If you are searching for one, there is a likelihood you may be wondering which to pick from dozens of them. Nevertheless, you don’t have to overthink your options since, in this guide, I’m going to give you suggestions to get you started.  Don’t go yet; your best shredder is just around the corner.

Quiet paper shredder: what you should consider when shopping

Shredder noise level

The most crucial factor you should consider is the level of noise a shredder gives out. However, because nothing operates on a motor doesn’t give noise, the shredders in this list are equipped with features that allow them to run more smoothly. They have anti-vibration mats that offer sound insulation hence minimizing the amount of noise the motor makes.

Quiet paper shredder in this list give less than 75 decibels of noise, which is something quite manageable. They are equipped with frictionless blades even though some will need regular oiling. For shredders that need regular oiling, I would suggest you keep oil close because it will likely start making noise when you haven’t oiled it for a while.


Size matters when buying the right quiet paper shredder for your home office. The bigger the shredder is, the more the storage space. So you won’t have to empty it frequently hence saving you some space where you’d have a place trash can.

Cutting styles

The cutting style influences how much noise a shredder makes. For example:

  • Cross shredders have sophisticated blades that might cause more noise. However, they are effective in shredding paper documents in finer pieces that would be impossible for anyone to piece back.
  • Strip-cut shredders cut documents into ribbons. This type of shredder is the quietest because the blades used are fairly straightforward.
  • Particle-cut shredders or micro shredders are the most secure option. They cut documents into fine particles.

Shredder standards- shredders are often differentiated by the security levels of the final product.

They are classified from P1-P7 shredders. The US government requires all classified information to be cut into pieces using the P7 shredders.

Sheet capacity

Until a couple of years ago, most of the home shredders were only capable of taking one sheet at a time. But that has changed in recent years, and the current models are capable of handling bigger volumes. Most of the units in this review are capable of handling an average of 15 sheets at a go and shred within seconds.

Safety features

Your safety is much important than anything else. It’s because of this that many manufacturers design their shredders with narrow insertion slots that are too narrow for hands to go through but not too narrow to hinder its efficiency.

Additionally, some shredders are equipped with sensors that stop the blades from spinning once hands are detected. Some have a jam-proof blade that can reverse the spinning direction to “vomit” anything that gets stuck.

Best quiet paper shredder reviews

1. Sentinel FM101P

noiseless shredder

To kick start our list is the Sentinel FM101P which will help you get rid of all unwanted paper in your home or office. It is efficient, and I would recommend this device for fast and reliable operation. You will be impressed by the results since it grinds the paper into tiny little balls.

This shredder is a workhorse that will shred pretty fast and can support up to ten sheets of paper with a single pass. It shreds 72 pages of paper each minute. Without a doubt, it also destroys one credit card at a single pass.

It measures 5mmx10mm and has a security level rating of 4. It has an automatic function that allows you to start and stop and reverse. It has a convenient, sleek design and features casters, which allow for easier movement. It comes with a waste bin which has a capacity of 3.5 gallons. This bin has a small window, and therefore you can see the contents inside.

There is no denying the fact that it’s a sturdy machine made from durable materials. It is ultra-quiet and maintains noise levels at below 65decibles. It will get the job done and ensures a clean operation since it does not leave a mess of small pieces of paper.

2. Bonsaii EverShred C149-C

silent shredder

The Bonsai is synonymous with tiny shreds and sturdiness. It one of the quiet paper shredder that can shred up to eighteen sheets of paper at a single pass. Additionally, it is multifunctional and can shred credit cards, DVDs, staples, and CDs. It is environmentally friendly, quiet, and delivers smooth operation. It maintains noise levels below 65 decibels and therefore will not disturb your workmates.

It has a sleek design, extremely lightweight and quite convenient therefore you take it along to office and back. It has a medium duty engine that shreds content at 5.3 feet every minute if you have those oversized documents such as letters, no need to worry since it has a large opening measuring 8.7 inches that can accommodate big sizes.

No more rushing outside to empty trash since it features a waste bin that can hold up to six gallons of shredded bits of paper. Besides, it has a transparent window, and thus, you can easily see the contents inside.  The automatic start/stop and reverse functions ensure the device does not overload or overheat and therefore gives you a prolonged shredding experience.

3. GoECOlife GMW101B

low volume shredder

The GoECOlife is an elegance shredding device that features a sophisticated and modern design. It will accentuate your office desk and home decor. It is quite an improvement from the old large bulky black shredders of the yesteryears. It gives you a piece of mind that your documents are destroyed in a clean, reliable, and efficient way.

Small, powerful, and efficient, those are the three words that describe this adorable shredder. It is ideal for occasional use at home and office. If you have old credit cards, bills, letters and papers, this shredder is versatile and will reduce them into unreadable bits.

It comes loaded with a micro cut that grinds up to ten sheets of paper in a single pass. If you are looking for something practical, this device destroys your confidential documents into tiny little bits. It will turn a large paper size into 1500 small particles.

It is a compact size and has a waste bin the capacity of 3.6 gallons; therefore, you don’t have to keep emptying it. It is quiet with a noise level of below of 65 decibels and will not disturb your workmates or loved ones at home.

It is made from energy saving technology and therefore, helps minimize energy loss. Additionally, it is carbon neutral and has a carbon-free certification. Thus by using it, you will be helping the environment go green. For the price we would highly recommend it since its high quality, works like a charm and pretty affordable.

4. AmazonBasics

noise free shredder

Next is the AmazonBasics shredder. This amazing device will shred your confidential documents quickly, thanks to its P-4 security level. It is a good option for discarding sensitive data and personal documents.

It is a multi-purpose device that will also reduce cards, CDs, and DVDs into small strips. It can grind up to 15 sheets at a go and has a running time of twenty minutes.

It has a compact design and will fit even in small spaces; therefore, you don’t have to worry about it cluttering your space at home or office. It is made of high quality material, quite sturdy and durable. It is elegant and will complement any space while matching with your current décor.

It is incredibly portable, and you can move it quickly or carry it home and back. It features a dedicated slot where you can easily insert unwanted credit cards, DVDs or CDs. Unlike other options that allow you only to switch on and off, this grinder features an automatic switch for on/off, reverse and forward.

It thus gives you the flexibility of moving around when your papers are shredding since it will automatically switch off when done.

It is user-friendly with a safety cover and LED indicators at the window. You can know when it’s overheating, overloaded, when the door is open and when it’s time to open. The six-gallon waste bin is quite large and therefore eliminates the need for constant emptying.

No need to worry about disturbing other people when shredding, the Amazonbasics has a noise level of between 66 and 68 decibels; therefore, allows a quiet operation. It is reasonably priced and comes with a one year warranty. It gives you the confidence that you are buying a product you can trust.

5. HSM shredstar

soundproof shredder

We considered the HSM shredstar due to its high-security level that allows you to discard confidential documents and sensitive information. It costs slightly higher than the AmazonBasics; however, you can never go wrong by choosing this fantastic shredder. It is ideal for home and office use and is an elegant device that will turn heads in the office. It has a sleek design and a pure white color that will look stylish at home. Also, it will not overcrowd your space and will fit in small corners.

That said, this shredder is multi-functional and will shred even CDs, credit cards, staples, and paper clips. The main difference with most devices is that it has two cutting units with separate bins for collecting waste. It is swift and can shred up to twelve sheets of paper at the same time. It has a continuous run time of fifteen minutes and allows for thirty minutes for cooling down.

The HSM shredder is one of its kind; it is the quietest when you compare to other options discussed in this guide. It is so silent and operates at 57 decibels, therefore, will not disturb other people around you. It features a LED indicator showing power on, overheat, open door, overload and a bin full. Consequently, it is user-friendly, easy to use, and the automatic function gives you the freedom to do other things as shredding is taking place. The window is transparent, and therefore, you can easily monitor the contents inside. It has a lifetime warranty, and this makes it a good value for your money.

6. Fellowes Powershred

noiseless shredder

The Fellowes is a ground-breaking device that powers through sixteen sheets of paper every single pass. It quickly reduces your confidential documents to small particles since it has a security level P-4 mechanism. It can grind up to 200 sheets of paper every single minute. Similarly, it can destroy other items, such as credit cards, CDs, paper clips, DVDs, and junk mail.

You don’t have to worry about a paper jam occurring since this machine has a powerful motor that shreds through tough papers by just pressing the touch button. It is a premium device that costs more than the HSM shredstar; this is due to is a superior quality that combines with speed and runtime. It also does cross-cut shredding that produces up to 400 small particles per sheet of paper.

If you are working in a shared office place and would like to get rid of some paper, no need to worry about disturbing your workmate, the Fellowes has a noise level of below 65 decibels that keeps sound levels minimized.

It is compact size, lightweight and portable; therefore, you can quickly move it between places. Additionally, it comes equipped with a 6.5-gallon waste bin that ensures your place is clean and free of clutter. The trashcan is also quite large, and this means less emptying.

7. Swingline Paper Shredder

quietest shredder

Discover the Swingline Paper Shredder available at a reasonable price. If you are looking to spend just a few bucks, we would recommend this fantastic shredder which will do an excellent job. It looks sharp and features a P-4 security level that ensures your documents are thoroughly destroyed. It is quite fast and can shred up to seven sheets of paper at a single pass.

It prides in versatility since you can also use it to shred credit cards, pins, CDs, DVDs, and staples. It is relatively quieter and maintains noise levels at below 65 decibels. It is equipped with a large waste bin measuring 3.3 gallons that take time to fill up. Furthermore, it has a window, and this makes it possible for you to monitor the shredding. Overall, it is a fantastic device, quite powerful, and with a sleek body.

The Swingline will look good in your office space and can fit in tiny spaces. Additionally, you can use it at home, and it will complement your décor. It is made of high quality material that makes it sturdy and durable. You can be sure it’s a 100% money back guarantee. Overall, it is an efficient device, quite powerful and one which will offer maximum performance.

8. Portable Mini USB Paper Shredders

quiet small shredder

If you have been using the old shredders in the office, probably you have heard about portable options and would love to give it a try. This shredder is the best you can ever get since it does not require you to install to other devices such as the PC or the Mac. The best thing about is that its portable and you can use it in the office or even outdoors. It has rechargeable batteries, and therefore you can use it anywhere. For instance, you can carry it home to shred some documents at home.

It features a long cable and therefore if the power outlet is far, you don’t have to worry about placing it on your desk and shredding. This remarkable device features an automatic switch on/off and reverse and give you the freedom to attend to other tasks as your papers shred. It is also quiet and maintains noise levels at 65 decibels hence will not disturb your colleagues in the office. If you need an extra hand in slicing or dicing your confidential information, pick this USB shredder and get the job done.

9. Aurora AU1410MA

quiet tall paper shredder

The Aurora is a high quality shredding device, reasonably priced when you compare to its peers on the market. It features a high-security level micro cut that can destroy fourteen sheets of paper simultaneously. It is multifunctional and can similarly destroy CDs, credit cards, DVDs, small paper clips, and staples.  It gives you the confidence that your sensitive information does not get into wrong hands. It is pretty fast and can run for 30 minutes nonstop. It comes loaded with an anti-jam and does not hold any papers or objects when in operation.

The automatic system allows for stoppage when done. It offers a quiet operation with noise levels minimized at below 65 decibels. It has a sizeable 5.0-gallon waste bin; thus, it doesn’t fill fast and reduces the emptying. The basket capacity can accommodate up to 300 sheets of paper. It is a high quality device that also features an LED indicator that makes it user-friendly. You can observe when it’s on standby mode, overheating, the bin is full, overloaded and when the door is open.

The Aurora has a sleek design, lightweight and portable. It allows for more effortless movements, and you can use it at home or the office.

10. Kobra Hybrid-S

affordable quietest paper shredder

If you are looking for something that runs smoothly, the Kobra is the best pick. It is quiet and with noise levels at below 65 decibels. It is a cross cut shredder that has a two-sheet shredding capacity. It features high quality steel blades and comes with a one year warranty.

The cutting edges have a five-year warranty, and therefore, this product is a 100 % money back guarantee.  It is a multi-purpose device that also accepts credit cards, paper clips, staples, DVDs, and CDs.

The unique thing about the Kobra is that unlike most options that require a cool down after shredding, this one runs continuously for 24 hours without overheating. It has an automatic system that switches on/ off and therefore; you can put your sheets to shred while you attend to other duties.

It is energy efficient, and this means, it uses stored energy to destroy 15 % of the load. Besides, it does not consume power when on standby mode and is eco-friendly; thus, there is no need for using plastic bags.

It has a transparent front window, and therefore you can view the shred level. It is the compact size and elegant and will accentuate your home and office decor.

Final thoughts on quiet paper shredder

The most quiet paper shredder are advanced products that are a significant improvement from the old noisy electric shredder. One important feature is the ability to keep the noise levels at an acceptable minimum of below 65 decibels. Most often, you will want to use these devices in an office set up.

Modern office designs allow for a shared workplace, and therefore, it’s essential to pick a shredder that will not disturb your workmates. When shopping for a quiet paper shredder, you should not overlook the quality since you need something that will give you value for money. You can also read: 10 quiet toys for church service.