8 Top Quiet Drum Set for Silent Drum Practice 2020

A quiet drum set is the best option you can have for quiet practice in apartments, non-plugged performances, and music lessons. Acoustic drums can be quite loud, and not many city dwellers or neighbors’ will appreciate the news that a drummer has just moved next door with excitement.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t practice in your apartment. Fortunately, there are quiet electronic drum sets that allow for quiet drumming. In this article, I’m going to discuss in detail some electronic quiet drum sets, reviews, and the buying guide. Let’s start, shall we?

Quiet electronic drum set vs. acoustic: comparison

Electronic drums and acoustic drums are no different from digital and acoustic pianos. E-drums are designed to keep the noise down more possible than the acoustic counterparts. The sound in e-drums is pre-recorded and story into the drum kit brain and controlled by a series of sensors pre-installed under the drum heads and the cymbals.

The sensors are capable of detecting the stick velocity and in response, assign an exact volume and pitch according to the stick velocity. Typically, electronic drums use mesh heads or quieter rubber pads instead of drum heads and cymbals found in acoustic drums. These are the major differences, and besides these, everything else is equally the same. You can read my article on the best quiet cymbals for quiet practice.

Quiet drum set reviews: for apartment practice

1. Quietest drum set: DW Drum Workshop Go Anywhere

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The DW Go Anywhere e-drum set offers practicality and functionality for noiseless drumming experience. They are ultra-lightweight making portability less an issue; the kit is also easy to set up making it a perfect fit for beginners. Most of the drum set on the market today feature several stands, countless screws that can make the setup process a complex task for student practice.

If you’ll be practicing at home, my advice is to pick something simple. You won’t have all the time in the world to fix screw and set up the kit. In this case, everything in the DW drum set is mounted in a single stand. The entire kit consists of 5 pieces so setup will be a breeze. The drum kit is very quiet, allowing you to practice at any time of the day. The drum pad is wide enough such that it allows for double kick pedal such as Mapex P1000TW Double Bass Drum Pedal.

2. Roland TD-11K

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The Ronald TD-11K V-Drum set is an all-inclusive piece of equipment with all the accessories to get you started. If you are an astute drummer looking for a multi-purpose electronic kit, this set will not disappoint since you can use it for several applications. You can use it for teaching, live performance, recording, practice, and much more.

Despite its sleek size, it is an advanced sound engine that offers a natural and impressive drumming experience. It has a dynamic sound library that covers a wide range of musical genres for a spectacular performance and general practice. The package includes recorded songs useful for backing and which allows you to sing along during rehearsal and on stage.

When it comes to functionality, it is an advanced piece of equipment with a quick record and quick play feature that promises exceptional performance. It also features a COACH functionality that allows the players to build a perfect drumming experience depending on skill level. One notable feature is the elegant LCD and the user interphase that lets to you to operate by use of icons.

It is a modern kit with USB functionality that ensures there is connectivity to your computer, including playback of MP3 and WAV. Another outstanding feature is the MDS-4V Drum stand that ensures there is a quick set up and allows you to position all the accessories without much hassle. The V-Pad (PDX) is a useful accessory for the snare.

3. Alesis Nitro Kit

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The Alesis Nitro Kit is a premium set that has a sophisticated feel and natural appeal. I would recommend this kit for live performances since it is standalone and features an eight-piece electronic set which will set you on a path to stardom. It is versatile equipment which you can play when plugged into a headphone or stereo. You can also use a USB to connect to your computer for songwriting abilities.

It has three different tom pads with each measuring eight inches. It also has an eight-inch dual-zone snare drum that allows you to have a natural feel when performing. These work in conjunction with the pedaled kick drum pad.

The cymbals and the crash are made from high quality materials and give you a limitless playing extension range. It is quite sturdy, and the aluminum mounting support ensures all accessories are secure and stable. It is quite expansive and comes loaded with forty, ready to play contemporary and classic tunes. It also allows you to add a wide variety of custom sounds up to 385, which are necessary for skill building.

4. Pyle Pro Electronic Drum kit

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If you are looking for something that will give you a complete drum set sound, I would recommend the Pyle Pro Electronic Drum Kit. It comes equipped with seven drum pads to provide you with a full drumming performance. It comes loaded with accessories which include; tom-toms, snare, ride cymbal, hi-hat, and crash that makes a good start-up kit for beginners and shrewd drummers as well.

If you are looking for something portable that you can play anywhere, look no further, this drum set features a compact design, an AC adapter and allows you to play it anywhere anytime. It mounts easily on a table top and comes equipped with 55 pre-set and ten custom drum kits. It also features 300 cymbal sound, and it’s a perfect kit for training for beginners.

It has a wide range of advanced features which includes an LCD and digital controls that allow you to produce, record, and modify unique musical melodies.

It is simple to use a piece of musical equipment that allows you to connect to your computer by use of a USB cable and acts as a link to your software. The AUX in jack is useful for connecting to your mobile gadgets such as mobile phone or headphones.

5. Roland TD-25KV-S Electronic Drum Set

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The Ronald TD-25KV-S is a must have a drum set, sleek in design and a super space saver. It has enhanced cymbals and hi-hat, which make it have a tactical feel. The kick pad is a fantastic bonus that you can use with the drum pedal. You will be impressed with the high quality sound engine, which is based on the fundamentals of TD-30. The sound quality is out if this world and can only come close to the classy V-Drums. It is easy to use and has virtual interphase that allows you to swap and customize the drums and cymbal in a set.

It is user friendly and comes loaded with a composite of accessories, therefore, ensuring you have an impressive drumming experience. These include the mesh head snare pad for support, rim shot and cross stick for playing, tom pads and two PD-85BK pads for rack toms.

6. Ammoon Electronic Drum Set

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If you are techno-savvy, then you will love the ammoon Drum set. It is an innovative piece of equipment that is 100% automated. It replaces the standard drum set and fits in a small space. It allows you to play, record, and learn anywhere since it is portable and easy to carry. If you are a starting out, then this is the perfect deal.  Experts will also find it convenient.

It comes packed with a multitude of features that makes it a sophisticated drum set that gives a high quality performance. These include; nine silicon drum pads, three toms, one snare, a kick drum, and crash. Other accessories are an open Hi-Hat, closed Hi-Hat cymbal and two food pedals that coordinates superior sounds.

It is extremely easy to play, and you will enjoy the rhythms, and it’s a perfect learning tool for beginners. If you have small kids, they will have a fun filled experience playing the drum kit.  This remarkable set also has a 3.5mm jack for connecting to a speaker so that you can enjoy some booming bass and original loud sounds. You can also connect to an earphone when you want some quietness and peace; The MP3 jack allows you to connect to your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets for an excellent solo play.

7. PylePro Portable Drums

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If you are looking for a drum set that sounds realistic and produces original tunes, I would highly recommend the PylePro. It is a versatile, portable, and a digital drum set that sounds and plays like an original drum kit. It is customizable, and you can play the drum or play along with pre-recorded package and tunes.

It has a USB cable that lets you connect to an external computer of a Mac. It is quite practical and functions as a MIDI controller for your preferred software.

It has a sleek design, and therefore you can play your drums anywhere. It features an AC adaptor and allows has rechargeable batteries that make it easier for you to carry it for an outdoor adventure.

It has a jack that lets you connect to an external speaker, and this you can increase the volume in case you are performing for a crowd. You can also connect to a headphone for a private drumming experience.

It is quite flexible to use since you can play, modify, and record. The digital panel features an LCD screen and several automatic controls that let you produce unique and tailor-made melodies.

8. Roland V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Kit

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If you are a drumming enthusiast, then you need a reliable drum kit that will match with your expectation. Ronald V-Compact Series Drum kit will undoubtedly sharpen your drumming skills. It combines some deep, rich, superior, and natural sounds inherited from TD-50.

When it comes to functionality, none can match the Ronald V-Compact, it has a wide variety if in-built functions that help you learn, track your progress, and gain some motivation. If you are a beginner, you will quickly catch up since it’s the ideal start-up kit necessary for skill building thanks to the array of accessories. Besides, there are plenty of drum lessons online; thus, you can learn at your own pace. These include the twelve-inch snare and the Hi-Hat which has a classic and natural feel. Other accessories are the tom, crash, ride, kick, and drum stand. It is flexible equipment which you can quickly expand to include a second snare or a crash cymbal.

It is much fun playing solo; however, this drum kit allows you to play along with favorite bands and rehearse sounds before a stage performance. It is equipped with a TD-17KL that allows for recording and quick playback. The SD card acts as perfect storage, and you can capture sounds for YouTube and other online platforms.

What to consider before buying a quiet drum set

Before investing in anything, the first thing you should consider is how much you are willing to spend on a quiet drum. As with all musical instruments, what you are willing to pay determines the quality of the product you get.

For this case, a high quality e-drum set will also be the quietest. Below are the qualities that you should consider when shopping for a quiet electronic drum set.

How quiet is the drum set?

For most drummers, an electronic drum kit needs to pass the noise levels test before anything else. There are different techniques that manufacturers use to address the noise problem. One of them is the use of mesh heads and rubber pads on the drum and cymbals heads.

Unfortunately, the sound vibration caused by the kick pedal is more than you can deal with. The sound absorbs into the walls traveling to your neighbor’s house and placing you on a collision course with your neighbor.

Kick pedal effect is more evident in cheaper quiet drum models than high-end models. To mitigate this, some drummers often build DIY tennis ball raisers that create a cushion between the drums and the floor beneath. Roland claims to have a product that addresses this problem.

What are the benefits of a quiet drum set?

Quiet drum sets have their own set of benefits, especially for beginners trying to make it in the musical world. Below are some of the benefits of owning the best quiet drum set.

Quiet practice

If your neighbors could read this article, they would buy you a drum kit. Every drummer has encountered resistance and complaints from neighbors when they try to practice at home. Because electronic drums give you practice quiet volume, they are best to price at home.


Because quiet drum sets are mainly electronic drums, you get the portability that allows you to practice anywhere on the road or in your apartment thanks to their compactness and portability. They also weigh less compared to acoustic drums making them easier to stash them in a soft case when traveling. Also read this guide on quiet cymbals for home practice.