Top 10 Quiet Close Toilet Seat (Anti- Slam Toilet Seat Covers)


Okay, let me paint you the picture, imagine just hanging out with your buddies and one visits your toilet? And after doing their business, some annoying sound from the closed toilet seat follows, very appalling.

To deal with such embarrassments, we’ve narrowed down some of the quiet close toilet seat. They possess different styles and materials to ensure the durability of your washroom.

Have a look!

10 Quiet Close Toilet Seats Reviews

1. Hibbent Premium One-Click toilet seat

The 100% polypropylene toilet seat is a chemical and stain resistant, which is non-absorbent. The seat fits every other toilet brand, the likes of the crane, Toto, Caroma, American Standard, Kohler, name it!

The Hibbent quiet-close does not make any slamming or cracking sound, but instead closes slowly and silently in automation.

And in case you require extra sanitary, you click the button beside and have your toilet cover seats for cleaning.

This one-click seat does not slide or slip but instead, stays tight thus ensures that there is no shifting because of its stability.


  • The Close Seat is straightforward to install.
  • The result is excellent after cleaning.
  • Hibbent has a great long term solution for span bolts.


  • Does not have dirt trapper

2. WSSROGY Elongated quiet- Close Seat with lid

The Elongated close seat closes quietly and slowly, thus eliminating any form of sound, and this is achieved by simply tapping the cover down.

It’s comfortable ergonomic design enhances the experience of your toilet. The purpose of the small gap in front of the lid is to ease the opening of the toilet lid.

In addition, the seat has perfect accessories with two kinds of screws for the greater length of the toilet seat.

The mounting hole distance is 5.5 inches, while the mounting hole to the front is 18.5 inches.

Therefore, such measurements make it fit most of the standard elongated toilets in America.

The advantages of having WSSROGY as your whole time quiet close seat are;

  • It is a near- slow seat and very comfortable to sit on.
  • It fits the toilet perfectly plus an added advantage of mould and modern looking.


  • The underside may be a bit challenging to clean.

3. KOHLER K-4636-0 Quiet Close Toilet Seat

Do you want a toilet seat that is known to close quietly and slowly without any slamming sound? Well then, you’d better try the KOHLER Close Toilet Seat.

This plastic seat fits most of the elongated toilets and is prompt to attach hardware for secure and fast installation.

The 4636-0 Toilet Seat comes home with a grip bumper that prevents shifting and adds stability to the toilet.

With color-matched plastic hinges, the seat enables you to have a fast release of the hooks to be unlatched from the toilet, which in turn eases the cleaning of the bathroom.


  • The toilet seat quickly closes and has ease when installing.
  • The ability to slide makes it easier, especially when cleaning.


  • Few users don’t find the design appealing.

4. KOHLER K-2599-0 Quiet-Close with Nightlight

The Nightlight is one of the close toilets of its kind; the seat has an illumination cycle that runs automatically for 7 hours nonstop.

You choose between two brightness levels, which are either; brighter illumination or the soft glow.

The lid has to grip tight bumpers that ensure stability and prevent any shiftless movement off the cover.

On its light intensity to provide just enough view at night, there’s an integrated child size, which hence offers safety to your child during the business.


  • The ease of installation and quality are excellent.
  • The added advantage of the nightlights ensures visibility at night when using.
  • Provide a soft-closing mechanism.


  • Sometimes it may take close to 40 seconds before it open.

5. Bath Royale BR606-00 Elongated Seat

The Bath Royale is very comfortable when in use apart from the fact that it is sturdy and robust. It is likewise warmer and softer to touch on the sensitive body parts.

The seat is easy to clean as you are only required to have a single click at the button, which instantly removes the place for cleaning.

Its slow close seat and lid prevent any annoying sound as it does not slam. And in the same manner, it doesn’t stress you out when closing since less effort is required to close after use.

Bath Royale comes from a top-quality polypropylene, which is 100% non-adsorbent and is resistant to any stain and chemical.

This elongated seat finally is a tested 400 pounds and has four non-slip bumpers that distribute the weight evenly.


  • It’s very sleek and incredibly comfortable
  • The installation instructions are simple and clear


  • The seats are thin and light which some customers doesn’t find appropriate

6. Mayfair 48SLOWA

The Mayfair is among the few toilet seats that fit all the round toilets, such as the TOTO American Standard, Kohler, and many more.

The seat can resist any scratching and chipping, thus making it durable besides providing a superior high-gloss finish.

No more wiggle thanks to the STA-TITE system, which is easy to install with only a wrench.

With 48SLOWA Whisper, you do not have to slam the lid, since the seat closes quietly and slowly with a tap that eliminates pitches fingers.


  • It does not flop down but instead gently and quietly lowers down.
  • It is very sturdy and not flimsy at all.


  • The screws may loosen but after some time, which is not a big deal

7. Delta Faucet 801903-WH Round Front Slow Close

With natural installation ability, Delta has a fast, secure installation system which helps prevent loosening. And in the same manner, the seat closes slowly and quietly, which prevents slamming.

The Faucet white toilet seat is capable of fitting most round- front toilet bowls. It also has a durable finish and resistant to staining, peeling off, and fading.

Owing to its non-slip bumpers, the WH Round slow close seat keeps the seat from shifting and movements.


  • The installation process is straightforward.
  • The contour styling is very comfortable.


  • The mounting bolts may break if not carefully handle and especially during installation.

8. TOP SEAT TinyHiney Potty Round Toilet Seat

The TinyHiney can convert to a toddler seat from an adult by merely flipping the toilet ring and the embedded magnets.

TOP SEAT fits round toilet bowls and has bumpers which ensure the safety as the fingers and prevents them from pinching.

The close seat is hand-sanded, sturdy enough, and has a gloss paint finish.

This Potty Round Toilet seat has a toddler ring that does not pull off, which is hence absolutely safe and secure.

The child ring usually flips straight into the lid compartment, where a magnetic catch firmly holds it when not in use


  • The potty seat provides a good magnet which does not fall when you put the adult seat down.
  • The build-up quality of the seat in overall appears decent.
  • It has a perfect finish and proper contour on the places.


  • It does not have instructions, so you have to DIY.

9. MAYFAIR NextStep Toilet Seat

The seat assures you of no wiggling because it has the STA-TITE fastening system that ensures the place will never come loose.

It’s easy to install since the STA-TITE fastening system is only done with a simple wrench.

In the like manner, the seat eases replacement and cleaning because it is quick and easy to remove. You also don’t have to slam the place since it closes slowly with a single tap hence eliminating pinched fingers.

The Toilet seat can resist scratching and chipping as it comes from the durable enameled wood seat, which in turn results in a superior high-gloss finish.


  • The installation of the seat is no big deal
  • It fits well, looks great, closes nicely and easy to clean


  • The lid may start to swing after some time in use

10.  Toto SS11 01 Soft Close Seat

The imported SoftClose seat has a reducing action that eliminates toilet seat slam and prevents thus prevents injuries.

It has molded bumpers and offers an extraordinarily comfortable ergonomic design made out of solid high-impact, high-gloss polypropylene.

With a measurement of 18-1/2 inch length, 1-1/2 inch high, and 14-inch wide, Toto close seat is non-fabric and constructed of a stable place to reduce injury and eliminate any toilet seat slam.

It has top tightening mounting bolts which ensure easy installation, and an attachment of clear and straightforward instruction for guidelines, not only in English but also in Spanish and French.


  • It has a color that matches perfectly.
  • It fits perfectly, just like the original seat.
  • The process of installation is straightforward.


  • Cracks may appear, however, when forced during installation.

On Quiet Close Toilet Seat

In conclusion, toilet seats are naturally numerous in the market, but above are just some of the best quiet close seat and especially when it comes to quietness, less slamming, and safety.

Now it’s time to play your part. Select that which perfectly suits you.