Quiet Blender: 10 Noiseless Blender Machines 2020

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The best quiet blender operates at 68-70 decibels. And because it’s almost impossible to silence any kitchen appliance that runs on the motor, manufacturers have improved their blender designs by incorporating sound enclosures in their new blender models.

These more modern designs are said to run 50-40% quieter than traditional blenders.

A quiet smoothie maker will allow you to blend your favorite smoothies or make soups even in the dead of night without worrying about waking the baby sleeping next door.

This means you can sneak in the kitchen and prepare your favorite smoothie punch. In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the quietest blender models you can get on the market today, both high end and affordable models.

What Is the Quietest Blender

silent blender

The quietest smoothie maker machine dubbed the World’s Quietest Blender is the Blendtec Professional 800. According to the manufacturer, this blender is up to 80% quieter compared to regular blenders.

The primary features of this blender include a sealed sound enclosure that cover the blender jar and the unique noise dampening design of the motor base. (Read the full review here)

What to Look For In a Quiet Blender

Before you decide on which quiet blender is best for you, there important features that you should consider first.

Because quiet blenders are typically expensive compared to regular blenders, it’s important to make a wise decision before you hit add to cart button.

Let’s have a look at some of the features you should pay attention to when choosing a quiet blender.


Because you aim to get a quiet blender, the first important factor is quietness. Like aforementioned, anything that runs on motor is always loud.

The only way to solve the noise problem in any appliance that uses the motor is by adding sound isolative material.

Manufacturers have designed blender sound enclosures/covers that silence the blender. The enclosure can be made of plastic or glass and a rubber pad beneath the motor unit to minimize vibrations.

Most of the blenders in my guide have sound enclosures that reduce noise levels to the minimum.

Motor and Blade Quality

Motor can be considered as the engine of the blender. The more the powerful the motor is, the more it’ll be able to handle hard to crush ingredients like frozen fruits and nuts.

Additionally, the quality of blades determines the type of ingredients your blender can handle. Blades made of stainless steel or hardened stainless steel are the best.

Also, when getting replacement blades for your blender, ensure you get genuine parts from the manufacturer.

A List of 7 Best Quiet Blenders

1. Blendtec Professional 800- Overall Quietest Blender

quietest blender

Blendtec Prof 800 is dubbed as the World’s Quietest Blender. It’s 80% quieter than traditional blenders, and it’s designed for domestic usage, although it boasts many features found in professional commercial blenders.

Blendtec Pro 800 is designed similarly to the Stealth 875 commercial blender by the same company and uses similar sound dampening functionality to deliver performance quietly.

This blender boasts 3.8HP 1800Watts motor, which is more powerful than typical blenders. It also features a digital touchscreen slide with 6 pre-programmed functions and 11 different speeds.

The key soundproofing features include a sound dampened motor base and a sealed enclosure around the blender jar that help reduce noise to the lowest levels.

While Pro 800 is the best quiet smoothie blender on the market today, it’s relatively highly-priced for some consumers. Note- you get what you pay for with a blender. It’s worth the price if you’re seeking good performance and ultimate quiet in a blender.

2. Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

Jamba Juice Company has established itself as one of the best healthy lifestyle brands in the world today.

And because people in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle have always complained about how traditional blenders turn their kitchen into a mini rocket launch pad, Jamba went ahead and designed one of the quietest blenders in the world.

Jamba Quiet Shield Blender is specially designed to crush the toughest nuts and leafy veggies without waking the baby from their slumber or turning your small kitchen into a rocket launch pad.

You’d expect a blender with such great features to cost you a fortune-right? Well, you’re mistaken because Jamba’s quiet shield is far less expensive than blenders you have at coffee shops and restaurants.

Its price tags and unique features make it a favorite for anyone looking for a heavy-duty blender for home use.

Key features:

  • 1200 Watts motor
  • Noise-proofing enclosure
  • Compact design
  • Controls for speed and pulse
  • Self-cleaning
  • BPA free plastic

Other features worth noting with the quiet shield blender include a 32oz shatterproof and dishwasher safe jar. There’s also a travel size 20-ounce jar available to allow you to make smoothies on the go.

The 1200 Watts motor giving 1.6 horsepower is not the most powerful but can handle most domestic blending recipes. A tamper is also included to help you break down tough and frozen ingredients.

3. Hamilton Beach Quiet Blender

The disruptive level of noise in traditional blenders is the real problem that we consumers with noise sensitivity or want to prepare midnight or morning smoothie when everyone is asleep.

For this reason, Hamilton has designed a quiet shield sound enclosure for their blenders, just like Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender, that’s capable of dampening noise during blending sessions. Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield blender runs on a powerful 1500w, 2.0 horsepower motor.

At the lowest speeds, the stainless steel blades give 3000 rotations per minute and 18,000 RPM at the highest speeds. At such speeds, the motor is bound to overheat and could breakdown.

Therefore, to avoid this, the blender comes with a built-in cooling system to keep the temperatures down during those long blending sessions.

Key features:

  • Timer feature
  • Noise-proof enclosure
  • Built-in self-cooling system
  • BPA free plastic
  • Controls for speed & pulse
  • Timer feature
  • Soundproof enclosure- noise dampening

4. Cuisinart Hurricane Quiet Blender

Cuisinart has been popularly known for its line of hand blenders. However it appears that the brand is willing to dive deeper into the blender market with its range of countertop blenders.

Cuisinart hurricane CBT-1500 doesn’t fit in the line of commercial blenders, but it’s sturdy enough for domestic use. It features a 1500w 2.25 horsepower motor that provides more power to crush tough ingredients than most blenders on the market.

Additionally, it boasts a double housing a feature that makes it run quietly- unfortunately, this unit can get fairly noisier at higher speeds hence it’s not recommended if you want total silence.

5. Optimum Vacuum Blender

The Optimum Vacuum Blender is powered by a powerful 2200W motor to slice harsh ingredients. It’s termed as a vacuum blender because air is removed from the blender jar before blending to prevent oxidation, which can cause significant loss of important nutrients. (*)

Its 6-prong stainless steel blades will cut tough ingredients such as frozen fruits, ice, nuts, seeds, and leafy vegetables.

The blender comes with a tamper to help you mix and crush whatever you’re blending. It comes with a 68Oz jar making it possible to prepare smoothies and soups for a small family.

The built-in timer and five presets (for a smoothie, veggie/fruit/ nuts, and soup) which is more than you will find in typical blenders.

The Optimum Vacuum Blender is quiet thanks to its vacuuming system that removes air from the jar- as you know, sound travels fast through air.

One downside of this blender is that- after years of use, the plastic jar becomes discolored similarly to frosted glass. However, this discoloration only affects aesthetics and doesn’t affect its performance.

Quiet Commercial Blender

6. Blendtec S885C2901 Stealth Countertop Blender

Because Blendtec Pro 800 is a quiet blender designed for home use, the manufacturer went ahead and designed a quiet model for commercial use.

The Blendtec Stealth 885 joins the league of other quiet commercial blenders on the market, including Vitamix Quiet One.

It comes with a sound enclosure to dampen both blender motor noise and the noise made by the spinning blades.

It’s equipped with a 2800 Watts 3.8 horsepower motor to crush the toughest nuts and frozen ingredients within seconds. It’s powerful enough to crush coffee beans instantly.

Additionally, this model also features fully manual and customizable control and programmable recipe presets. It’s made of durable and BPA free jar.

7. Vitamix Blender The Quiet One

This blender is one of the few quiet and yet powerful blenders this brand. It has established itself as number one leading manufacturer of blenders in the US. This model is not cheap either, but given its unique features, it’s worth every penny.

Unlike Jamba Quiet Shield Blender above, Vitamix blender the quiet one boasts a 2200 Watts powerful motor that give three horsepower to crush nuts, ice cubes, and tough leafy greens within seconds.

To ensure that it blends quietly, Vitamix quiet one features a series of magnets that help create a soundproof enclosure.

Key features:

  • Programmable controls
  • BPA free plastic
  • 2200W (3 horsepower) motor
  • Ultra-quiet

You can program the controls such that you won’t ever have to set the settings again when blender. Weighing 27 pounds, the Quiet One is indeed a heavy blender that shouldn’t be moved around. You can set it up on a countertop if you have ample space in the kitchen.

Silence Blender: 4 Tricks to Quiet A Loud Blender

If you’ve had a regular blender at home and find it almost impossible to replace it with a quiet model, there are few DIY hacks you can implement now to reduce blending noise.

It’s important to mention that these hacks won’t completely sound deaden your blender, but you’ll see significant noise reduction.

Move blender away from the wall

When blending in an enclosed space, the chances are that noise will bounce off the wall and make the blender louder than normal.

To remedy this, place your blender in the middle of your kitchen counter at least some few inches from the wall. This should reduce blending noise.

Wrap it with a thick towel

It might sound crazy, but this trick works like a charm. It’s something I’ve tried and noticed up to 30% noise reduction.

Grab some old clean thick towels. Place one on top of your counter and place your blender on top. You can alternatively use these anti-vibration pads.

After adding all your ingredients inside the blender jar and everything else is set, take a second towel and wrap the jar tightly.

Remember not to wrap the blender control, for it would make it impossible to blend your ingredients.

The towel on the motor base will absorb vibrations created by the motor hence preventing transmission of impact noise.

Invest in a sound enclosure

As we’ve seen above, adding mass using a thick towel significantly silences a blender. Therefore you can always invest in a sound enclosure if you have blenders from these brands:

Alternative you can grab a blender sound enclosure for your blender sold by whispherblend.com

Blend the night before

This might not sound like the best idea, but yes, it does help. If you’re worried that you’ll wake up everyone when you blend early in the morning, why not blend ahead of time.

Make your favorite smoothies the night before and pour it in air sealed jar like Mason jar and give it a shake the following day because it might have separated a bit.

Serious measures

Try this option if you are desperate. You can invest in a quiet blender and make your favorite smoothies any time of the day.

You can pick a favorite from any of the blenders reviewed above- they are truly silent, durable, and highly efficient.

Your last hope would be investing in sound-reducing earmuffs or pay a try your local smoothie shop.

Final Thoughts on Quiet Blenders

All the blenders in this guide are some of the finest blenders, but if performance, sound, price, and other features are the deciding factors, I would recommend Jamba Quiet Shield blender or Blendtec Professional 800.

These two models are the best choices if you want a quiet blender for smoothies.