Quiet Bed Frames: 10 Bed Frames That Don’t Squeak 2020

If you like quietness, peace and a good night rest, then you appreciate the fact that choosing the perfect quiet bed frame that will not make squeaky noises is essential. What’s the secret to achieving a noise-free bed? There are many factors such as sturdiness and structural composition of the bedframe that guarantee stability and maximum support.

There is a wide variety of bedframes on the market that differ when it comes to design and quality of materials. It can be a challenge choosing one, and although its appeal matters, you surely would like the one which is sturdy, supportive, and affordable. That said, here is a compiled a list of ten best quiet bed frames to give you a head start when shopping.

Comparison Chart:

Simple Houseware 14-Inch Full Size Mattress Foundation Platform Bed FrameSee Price on Amazon
Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel SlatSee Price on Amazon
Zinus Arnav Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform 2000 Metal Bed FrameSee Price on Amazon
Amazon Basics 9-Leg Support Metal Bed FrameSee Price on Amazon
ZIYOO 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame/3500lbs Heavy DutySee Price on Amazon
Sleeplace 18 Inch High Profile Heavy Duty Steel SlatSee Price on Amazon
HOMUS 7 Inch High Heavy Duty Steel Platform Bed FrameSee Price on Amazon
Homdock 14 Inches Metal Platform Bed FrameSee Price on Amazon
zizin Heavy Duty Bed FrameSee Price on Amazon
45MinST 14 Inch Reinforced Platform Bed FrameSee Price on Amazon

Best Silent Bed Frames Reviews

1. Simple Houseware

noise free bed frame

This frame is just what you need. It stands at 14 inches and is one of the most popular choices available on the market. If you live in a small space such as an apartment or a limited area, a sturdy bed frame is an ideal choice. This one here has a simple design that can work for any bedroom. It is high quality and features a unique design that ensures your mattress is adequately enclosed and does not slide or slip.

Although it does not come with a headboard, it has a thirteen-inch storage space underneath the frame. It is pretty easy to assemble, and you don’t have to engage the services of a professional to fix everything together. It does not require the use of extra box spring, and you can use your spring, latex, or memory foam on top. It is quite strong and stable and can support up to a weight capacity of 500 pounds. It is a good buy, and you couldn’t be happier having it as an additional piece of furniture in your bedroom.

2. Olee Sleep

silent bed frame

If you are looking for something to hold on when you turn in bed at night, then, look no further. The Olee Sleep is a sturdy and supportive quiet bed frame that will ensure you get a relaxed and peaceful night. It has an overall dimension of 76.5 “X55.5″ X53.5,” and this makes it suitable to accommodate different mattresses sizes. It is made of heavy steel construction and can support even the most cumbersome deluxe mattresses.

It is an excellent addition to your bedroom, which is quite easy to assemble. The legs edges have round shapes, and this protects you and your family members from bumping and bruising your selves. It does not require the use of box spring since it can fit a standard size mattress. It has an elegant look, and it’s so convenient since there is no noise at all.

For the price, it costs more when you compare to the Simple Houseware bedframe; however, the sturdiness is a great plus that will ensure durability. You will have years of usage, and this makes the Olee Sleep a cost effective option. It is easy to assemble and comes with a set of instructions which are easy to follow. You will through in a few minutes without the need of an extra hand or even tools and hardware.

3. Zinus Arnav

 low volume bedding frame

Up next is the Zinus Arnav, which is a modern type supportive bed frame. It has a stylish frame that will certainly light up your bedroom due to the simplicity in design. It is a large size and features ten wood slats that help prevent the mattress from sagging. It, therefore, protects your mattress and extends its life. It comes in an attractive package and is quite easy to assemble. Just by reading the user’s instructions, it will take you only a few minutes to fix everything together.

You don’t have to worry about marks on your tiles since the legs have plastic fittings to protect your floors from scratching when moving it. The steel frame bolsters with foam padded frame, and this ensures there is no noise or even squeaking. There is a non-slip tape on the slats to prevent your mattress from moving. The frame is sturdy steel construction and has a weight capacity that can support most people. It is a premium product and all though it costs more than the Olee Sleep and Simple Houseware; it’s a sure bet and will give you value for your money.

4. Amazon Basics

 mute bed frame

If you are looking for a quiet bed frame for your master bedroom or even the spare bedroom, you can consider the Amazon Basics. Apart from the affordable price, sturdiness is what describes this masterpiece. It is quite strong and does not squeak a bit; hence, it allows you to have a peaceful night rest. It is a queen sized bed from that will offer support just like a mattress set and box spring. It features nine legs of three rows or three and sidebars for maximum support and stability. The center bar supports the mattress and prevents it from sagging. It is made of heavy duty steel construction and has a sleek black coating that brings out an elegant appeal.

It has a simple lock design that makes it easy for you to assemble. Therefore, it does not require any tools or hardware to set up. Everything you need for a quick set up comes with the package. It has a dimension of 79.5 “X 60 “X7” and has weight 19.8 lbs. It can, thus, support a weight capacity of 250 pounds, which is average weight. It is a deal worth the money since apart from high quality.

5. ZIYOO Bed Frame

 If you have been frantically searching for a sturdy bed frame that will guarantee quietness and peace, we highly recommend the ZIYOO. It is a premium product made from durable steel construction and much stronger than the regular bed frame. It is a perfect size and supports the maximum weight.

It features a unique structure and design that will make you have a comfortable, and non-shake rest. With the ZIYOO, you don’t need a box spring since the mattress will fit perfectly without sagging. It is compatible with bulky foam mattresses and the standard mattresses. The headboard and the footboard will fit well. Moreover, it also features storage space underneath the mattress.

The ZIYOO is extremely easy to install, and the assembly will only take thirty minutes. The package includes four components for easy installation and a manual guide with easy to follow instructions. However, with this bedframe, you may need an extra hand when setting up.

6. SLEEPLACE Bed Frame

Do not waste your money on flimsy bed frames. The SLEEPPLACE is a sturdy quiet bed frame, pretty solid, and promises a quiet night rest. It is made of heavy-duty metallic slats and has an incredible black finish. The structure stands at 18 inches in height and leaves some space underneath for storage.

It does not sag, and the slats can support heavy-duty mattresses; therefore, you don’t have to worry that the bed will shake when sleeping. It offers the ultimate strength, stability, and durability. In addition, it features a reinforced foot structure that ensures maximum support.

For the price, it is a deal worth every penny since it is high quality and therefore you will not rush to the stores to replace your bedframe. It comes with a five-year warranty and thus gives you confidence when shopping.

The instructions of setting up are easy to follow and straightforward, which makes it easy to assemble and fix everything together.

7. HOMUS Bed Frame

Are you fed up putting up with a noisy bed? Here is the perfect solution to a noiseless evening rest. The Homus is a sturdy bed frame built like a rock, made from a solid steel structure and features a stylish appearance. It can support heavy-duty mattresses, including the super foam mattresses. It has nine legs and supported by sidebars and a center rod for maximum support.

It is a stable structure that can support up to 300 pounds. It features a unique design and side brackets that ensure the mattress and box spring are well placed. You will have a comfortable night, and the mattress will not slide one bit.

There is the headboard bracket that allows for more natural attachment of the headboard. It has a center bar that features nine stable legs for maximum support and stability. It is your perfect quiet partner with multiple reinforcements for extra durability and to ensure you turn freely without the bed squeaking.

8. Homdock Bedframe

non squeaking bed frame

The Homdock is a heavy duty bed frame made from high quality steel construction. It is built to last and has a unique support system that ensures stability and longevity. It is absolutely noise free, and thus you will achieve a quiet sleep. It features an elegant recessed designed that ensures your mattress is kept in place and does not slide.

Furthermore, it does not make all the mattress to sag, and therefore, it offers a cozy relaxation. It is a contemporary piece of bedroom furniture and has plenty of space underneath; thus, you can utilize the space below for invisible storage. It features an integrated design that makes it easier to set up. You don’t need to use any tools since it comes with necessary hardware for a quick set up.

The Homdock defines what simplicity is all about. It is a beautiful addition and will complement your home decor. It has an adorable black coating that will blend with your style and bring out some classiness. The bed slates ensure your mattress stays in place and does not slip. The nine legs are supported by sidebars, while the center bar is reinforced for maximum support and stability. Each of the legs has a gasket; thus, you don’t have to worry about your floor and carpet getting damaged. You can also fix a headboard quite easily since four legs have holes for easier attachment.

9. Zizin Queen Bed Frame

squeakless bed frame

If you prefer a low bed due to various reasons, the Zizin is just what you need. It is a quiet bed frame with a low frame structure, which makes it amazingly stable and sturdy. It is made of premium solid steel construction and has perfectly finished nine legs that distribute the weight uniformly. The legs are supported by sidebars and a center bar that ensures maximum stability. You will have an easy time moving it since it is a small size that does not take up much space.

The horizontal bar features an adjustable width that offers a perfect fit for the box spring and the mattress foundation. It is easy to assemble, and you will be done in ten minutes. All you need to do is place the parts in place, ensure the holes are perfectly aligned, and finally, secure the legs. You will not need any tools or hardware for assembly. It comes fitted with headboard brackets, and therefore, you can easily connect depending on your need.

10. 45MinST Bed Frame

noiseless bed frame

At the bottom of our list is the 45MinST bed frame. It is a heavy-duty structure weighing 3500 pounds. It features a 2.4 inches sturdy steel frame which makes it more stable and more cumbersome than other bedframes. It has reinforced a set of nine legs, and an integrated structure makes it’s quiet and noise free. It will not shake when you turn and does not twist.

The frame has a non-slip design that prevents your mattress from slipping as you sleep. The slats ensure there is an excellent support to the mattress and prevents sagging. It is quite easy to set up and comes with the necessary tools and hardware to assemble. It is pretty high at fourteen inches and thus leaves ample space underneath the bed for storage.

Noise-free bed frame ultimate buying guide

Below are some of the factors that you should consider when shopping for the best quiet bed frame.

Noise Level:

As a sexually active couple, it can be tough, especially when you live with your friends and family. Imagine your bed squeaking to an extent the noise wakes up those next door?  It can be frustrating. This is why you should consider a bed frame that gives you complete discretion.

If you’re a new mom and sleeping with your baby in the same room, a noisy bed can be disastrous. You would have to choose a frame that is noise free that gives you total freedom.

Size and dimensions:

The best bed frame should not only be noise free, but it should also be of considerable size. It should be big enough to accommodate a mattress big and comfortable for two people. It should also have enough space to spare.  The size is quite important because sleeping with a partner requires some extra space. It should allow enough movement for you and your partner.

If you already own a mattress and would want to buy only a quiet bed frame, its recommended to go for one that is the perfect fit.

Bed frame durability

Durability is an important factor to consider when shopping for the best quiet bed frame. Durability is much determined by the material used. Metal bed frames are durable and highly resistant to scratches. Wooden bed frames are not durable as metal frames but can give the styling and desired finishes and don’t rust, unlike metal.


If you’re looking for a truly quiet bed frame, you shouldn’t ignore sturdiness. Nothing is irritating as a bed frame that keeps sliding away from the wall. You want the bed of your choice to remain in place even when there’s movement on the bed. For this reason, it’s important to go for a bed frame that offers extra support. The sturdier ones have 6 or more leg supports. Bed slats also add sturdiness. Without slats, the mattress will always move out of place, which can be frustrating.

Budget and price

How much are you willing to spend?  Quiet bed frames are available in different prices. While it’s important to stick to the budget you have, remember that you get what you pay for with bed frames. The price affects things like a number of leg support, quality, and material used.

Final thoughts on quiet bed frames

There is no doubt that a quiet bed frame is a gateway to a peaceful sleep. For a bed to be quiet and noise free, it must have an integrated structure that will ensure there is maximum support. From the products analyzed in this guide, sturdiness and durability are the strong factors that will provide the maximum bed stability and will not squeak when you turn. Many legs with sides and center bars ensure the bed is durable and offers maximum support. You can also read more about quiet hair dryers reviews.