Top 7 Quiet Airbrush Compressors for Painting and Cake Decoration

A quiet airbrush compressor will get the job done quietly without causing unwanted attention in your neighborhood. If you live in a community where everyone appreciates silence, you know how tough it can be being the only noisy neighbor. Whether you work from your kitchen, garage or shop, a quiet airbrush compressor should get the job done.

Most people often ask What PSI does an airbrush need? To be specific, any compressor that produces at least 30 PSI is ideal for airbrushing.

Quiet Airbrush Compressor with Tank Reviews

Finding an airbrush compressor with the ideal decibel rating (dB) is very important. In most cases, people tend to choose compressors that have a high rating and the unit becomes too loud to tolerate, especially when used at home.

Modern-day compressors have sound decibel ratings ranging between 40 and 90 decibels. Higher rated units are noisier than lowly rated units.

  • 40 dB– its low noise and an important feature to look for when purchasing a compressor for domestic use or airbrushing.
  • 60 dB– is the safest noise level for compressors. This is also a noise level for traditional air conditioners. Check out this article for quiet wall air conditioners.
  • 85 dB plus- overexposures to sound at this decibel is harmful to your health. Ear protection needed at this level. (Source)

Now that you’re aware of the safest decibel levels for airbrush compressors, let have a look at some of the quietest units on the market. Most of the units in this review are in the range of 40-50 decibels.

1. Master Airbrush Cool Runner II-Quietest Pick

This unit is for professionals who want the job done correctly and the fastest possible. The unit features an air pressure range of 0 to 57 psi and automatic On/Off shutoff. Therefore you can preset to auto turn off when the air pressure reaches 57 psi and preset for auto turn on when the pressure reaches 43 psi.

The unit has noise level ratings of 47 decibels, which is pretty quiet and will allow you to work quietly even with a child sleeping the floor above you. It’ll allow you to work in the backyard without causing unwanted attention to your neighbors.

The best part is that the unit comes with three airbrushes. They include Master Airbrush Model G22 Airbrush Set, Master Airbrush Model G25 Airbrush Set, and Master Airbrush Model E91 Airbrush Set.

Before purchasing this unit, there is some important note/complaint I should make you aware of.  Users have reported items missing from the package after delivery.

2. VIVOHOME 1/5 HP Professional Airbrushing Paint Compressor

This is an all in one airbrushing paint compressor kit. It’s an oil-free airbrush compressor that features a gravity feed airbrush. Its quiet operation at 47 decibels makes it perfect for both domestic and Jobsite operations.

The unit works perfectly for most airbrushing applications and on several surfaces, including wood, fabric, plastics, metals, leather, and more. Its design makes it perfect for both professionals and hobby airbrushing. The unit also includes three spray guns that deliver varying degrees of spray for various applications.

It comes with three airbrushes to meet your spray needs. The first two 0.2mm and 0.3mm standard nozzle have a working pressure of 15-50psi with gravity feed type. The third 0.8mm airbrush has a suction feed type.

The anti-slip base features rubber suckers that keep the unit in place hence reducing noise and vibrations while in operation.

Key features

  • Power: 1/5HP
  • Speed: 1450 speed/min for 50Hz, 1700 speed/min for 60Hz
  • Suitable Airbrush Nozzle: 0.2-1.0mm
  • Auto Start Pressure: 3Bar/43Psi
  • Air Flow: 23-25L/min
  • Auto Stop Pressure: 4Bar/57Psi
  • Adapter: 1/8BSP

3. ZENY Pro 1/5 Airbrushing Kit- Cheapest Pick

The ZENY Pro is a quiet and yet powerful airbrushing kit that delivers more air pressure (PSI) and more Air Volume (CFM) at only 1/5 horsepower.

The unit is lightweight, compact, and comes with a built-in handle that makes portable. It’s perfect for painting, art, cake and tattoo.

The Air on Demand features allows the unit to work only when you do. Additionally, the unit is thermally protected- it’ll automatically shut down if it becomes overheated.

The oil-less piston motor makes this unit maintenance free. It operates quietly at only 59 decibels. It’s not the quietest unit in this list, but its noise levels range in the safest noise levels. With a one year warranty, you’re assured of quality and durability.

The auto On/Off feature will turn on the unit when tank pressure is below 43 PSI and turn off when the pressure reaches 57 PSI.

Key features

  • Power:1/5 HP
  • Auto Turnon:3 bar / 43 psi
  • Max Pressure:5 bar / 95 psi
  • Speed:1450/1750 rpm
  • Auto Shutoff:4 bar / 57 psi
  • Air outlet:1/8 BSP
  • Air Tank Capacity:0L
  • Pressure-regulating Range:0-4 bar
  • Displacement:23-25 L / min
  • Hose: 6 ft. / 1.8 m
  • Net Weight:0 kg / 11 lb.

4. PointZero Portable Quiet Airbrush Compressor

Like most of the units in this review, this PointZero compressor is a 1/5 horsepower unit. It’s powerful yet quiet, making it great for domestic use. It delivers 1.0 CFM and features a precision-forged piston that makes the unit run quietly at 55 decibels.

The oil-less design makes this portable compressor ideal for body/nail art, and food decorating along with other standard airbrushing activities.

The on-demand operation lets you save on energy. The unit will automatically shut off when pressure exceeds 58 psi and turn on when the pressure drops below 40psi.

This feature significantly boosts the motor lifespan by reducing wear while maintaining steady air pressure to undertake basic applications.

For portability, this unit features an easy to carry handle and rubber feet that reduces vibrations and protects the floor surface. As a bonus, the unit comes with seven exclusive e-Book airbrushing guide and other guides.

5. F2C TC-20T – Popular Pick

This oil-less piston motor compressor guarantees a quiet operation at 59 decibels. It features a true diaphragm pressure regulator with a water trap filter and pressure regulator that provides precise adjustment of airflow. It’ll also ensure the air is clean and dry.

The thermal protection features will automatically shut down the unit when the temperatures exceed the recommended levels. This will help prevent damage to the unit and ensure it runs optimally.

Key features

  • Power:1/5 HP
  • Speed:1450/1750 rpm
  • Max Pressure:5 bar / 95 psi
  • Net Weight:0 kg / 11 lbs
  • Air Tank Capacity:0L
  • Shutoff:4 bar / 57 psi
  • Auto Turnon:3 bar / 43 psi

6. Master Airbrush Cake Decorating Airbrushing System

This unit features a powerful 1/5 horsepower single-piston compressor with two cooling fans. The two fans cool the unit faster allowing the unit to run longer without overheating. This unit is designed for serious airbrushing.

The diaphragm pressure regulator and water trap filter allows for precise air adjustment and also ensures that the air is dry and clean.

It’s lightweight, and the built-in carrying handle allows for portability. The air on-demand system automatically shuts down the unit when not in use. This is one of the quietest airbrush compressors in this guide with noise levels below 47 decibels. The package includes an Airbrush Resource Center Access Card and Airbrush quick start guide.

Additionally, the unit includes 6 of the popular airbrush food colors, including canary yellow, midnight black, super red, metallic gold, Hawaiian blue and metallic silver. The unit measures 12″ long, 6″ wide and 8″ high.

Whether you’re a baker or looking for a gift for your baker friend, then this is the perfect gift for them.

Quiet Airbrush Compressor Buying Guide

There are factors that you should consider before choosing an airbrush compressor for your painting or cake decorating.

Noise Levels

The most crucial factor to consider in this case is the noise levels. As we’ve seen above, a more powerful compressor will be louder than less powerful.

But since an airbrush compressor doesn’t have to be as powerful as garage air compressors, they aren’t loud.

Most units in this guide are quieter than conversational noise. They have a sound decibel rating ranging between 40-59 decibels.

Pressure gauge and regulator

For starters, a pressure gauge and regulator are vital elements. While professionals can easily judge the pressure by simply looking at the variations of the colors, beginners won’t.

If you’re starting, it’s important to go for a compressor that has a pressure gauge.

Additionally, the unit should have a regulator to help regulate the amount of pressure the compressor tank sends to the airbrush.

Moisture trap

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, a moisture trap isn’t a must, but it’s still helpful.

Moisture trap helps reduce moisture hence resulting in fewer paint layer defects. It collects all water into a receptacle to ensure that the air is clean and dry.

Keep in mind you will have to drain the moisture trap regularly. If the airbrush compressor you’ve selected doesn’t have a moisture trap, you can purchase one separately.

The Auto-On/Off Function

This function not only helps you save on energy bills but also helps reduce noise from the compressor.

Even with the tiniest compressor, noise is always going to be an issue. While it’s impossible to get rid of the noise problem forever, you can always mitigate the noise by investing in a unit with an auto-off feature.

When the unit is not in use, for example, when you are not spraying, the auto-off feature will automatically shut the unit off.

The auto-off function significantly helps reduce noise by up to 75%, creating a more relaxed environment.

Tank or without a tank

The decision of whether to purchase a compressor with or without a tank highly depends on the budget and the job you have in mind.

A compressor without a tank is the cheapest option and works continuously while the airbrush is in use. Unfortunately, these units are susceptible to pulsation and this can ruin your project. You can decrease pulsation by using a coiled air hose.

A compressor with a tank eliminates most of the pulsation. Unfortunately, they are heavier than units without a tank.

On Quiet Airbrush Compressor

A quiet airbrush compressor is an essential tool whether you’ll use it for professional painting or decorating cakes.

While most units are noisy, the above-reviewed units are quiet and will allow you to work in a quiet environment, without causing unwanted attention to your neighbor or those living in the next room.

Use our buyer guide to get the best device that will not only let you work in a quiet environment but also help you get your work done effectively.