Ps4 Fan Loud: How to Make Ps4 Quieter In 5 Easy Steps

PS4 fan loud how to make a ps4 quieter
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Is your Ps4 fan loud? Does it transform your gaming room into a mini rocket launchpad?

If that’s the case, as it was mine, I will show you how to make your Ps4 quieter in very simple steps.

The noise may be slightly noticeable during the day but unbearable during the night when everyone is asleep, and you’re all alone playing your favorite game.

Without wasting more time, let’s get started right away and fix that noise PlayStation machine.

Why Is My Ps4 Fan So Loud?

In most cases, the fan is the biggest culprit in a noisy PS4. Dust is everywhere around us, and regardless of how hard you try to get rid of, it’s impossible to clean it.

Dust is in the air, on our clothes, on our furniture and every home appliance. That’s the reason we invest in vacuum cleaners to get rid of dust now and then.

The same case applies to your gaming consoles, whether PS3 or PS4 slim or pro. Dust accumulation doesn’t happen overnight, but with time, dust covers both inner and outer parts of your PS4.

PlayStation gadgets are equipped with fans to cool them down and prevent overheating. When dust penetrates to the inner parts of your PS4, it may accumulate on the fan.

Accumulation of dust on the fan means that the fan won’t be efficient enough to cool your system.

In response, the fan is forced to spin more frequently than normal to get temperatures back to normal. The more the fan spins, the louder your machine gets.

How to Make Ps4 Quieter Without Taking It Apart

If the fan is the only thing making your PS4 machine noisy, consider yourself a lucky person.

This is because fixing a loud PS4 fan is as simple as Thanos snapping his fingers.

A simple fix for getting rid of the dust in your Ps4 fan is using a hairdryer (in cold air mode) or using a vacuum cleaner.

I’ve previously dusted my laptop fan and was amazed by the results- you could try it too with your PlayStation console.

While it’s not something I would recommend, it’s suitable for anyone looking for a quick fix. However, if this hack doesn’t reduce the PS4 noise, it’s time to try other hacks that involves taking your PS4 apart.

How to Make Ps4 Quieter -Taking It Apart

If you’ve tried the recommended hack above and don’t see significant change, it’s time to try other hacks.

But before taking your PS4 apart, there are simply fixed you can try today. Disassembling your gaming console may result in more complications especially if you lack basic “electrical skills.”

white ps4 on table ps4 fan loud
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· Move Your PS4 to Well-Ventilated Area

As your PlayStation 4 gets hotter, the fan is forced to spin faster and quicker and hence becoming louder.

Therefore, place it in a well-ventilated area where there is good airflow. Never lock your machine in a cabinet.

Additionally, do not block the back or the sides of your gaming console. If there are other stuffs such as books, bags, move them elsewhere. Your console should never be covered at all.

· Place your PS4 vertically

Consider placing your PS4 vertically. Even though it’s recommended you place it horizontally, placing it vertically may eliminate both heat and noise hence making it silent.

However, if you note that your PS4 is still loud after these quick fixes, it’s time to try more complex approach.

Fixing Loud Ps4 Fan by Disassembling Method

If you’ve tried fixing the Ps4 and still sounds like a mini pad, it’s time to open it up and fix it once and for all.

The disassembling method is only recommended if your console has no warranty. Otherwise, you can send it for a free service, if it’s still on warrant.

You’ll need a T8 or T9 screwdriver to unscrew the three lower screws in a counterclockwise direction.

You’ll notice that there are some vents on the inside. Dust the vents to remove the dust clogging them.

PS4 Fan Loud- How to Clean the Fan

Once you’ve opened your PS4, use canned air or air compressor or hairdryer to remove dust from the fan. Remember, if you’re going to use hair dryer, do not blow hot air.

They are effective and will dramatically improve your console performance. ‘

If you plan on using canned air, make sure you keep the can in an upright position when cleaning. Otherwise the canned air can expel liquid on your PS4 resulting in more damage.

After you’ve finished cleaning, you need to close the console.

However, if you don’t want to get too technical, you can take your console to your nearest licensed service provider.

Keeping PS4 Safe from Dust: PS4 Noise Reduction

As earlier mentioned, dust is everywhere, and there’s nothing we can do to make it vanish.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to ensure that it doesn’t damage our appliances.

Here’s what you can do:

·  Use Anti-Vibration Pads and dustproof cover to Absorb Noise

Anti-vibrations used on dishwashers can also be used on your PS4 machine. You can grab some rubber pads on amazon and place your gaming console on top.

They’ll help absorb vibrations, which are a result of fans spinning too fast causing the whole thing to vibrate.

A dustproof cover will prevent dust from settling on your PS4 console. Because of overheating issues, I would only recommend you to use dust cover when not using your console.

Final Thoughts on Ps4 Loud Fan

The main culprit in a noisy PS4 is the dusty fan. As dust clogs your console, it gets louder and louder interfering with your gaming experience.

Now that you have an understanding of how this happens, it’s time to get to serious business and fix your noisy PS4 fan.

You may be surprised that the problem will be fixed in the first few steps, especially when the console hasn’t been exposed to dust for long.