Noiseless Pedestal Fans

Pedestal fans make your summer days cool. Add cool breeze in your life and make your home ventilated by using the pedestal fans. Pedestal fans provide you the convenience to use it in any area of your house as these fans are not mounted to one spot like the ceiling fans. These pedestal fans are easy to move as you can move it in any area of your house and get cooling air by just plug-in the switch into the socket. Also, pedestal fans consume very low power. So, the use of pedestal fans is the most economical option for you.

Over time and with evolving technology, the technology used in pedestal fans is also evolving. You can choose the pedestal fan depending on the technology used in the pedestal fan. Select the one that best meets your needs.

In hot summer, you may bear the irritating noise of the pedestal fans. But thanks to ever-growing technology as the latest technology solves the problem of noisy pedestal fans. The pedestal fans available these days have no noise or have lesser noise as compared to older pedestal fans. So, the quiet fans enable you to enjoy the cool breeze in summer without noise.

Why noiseless pedestal fans preferred?

In the hot area, you cannot perform your daily tasks delicately. So, you need to cool down your area to live happily and to perform your tasks effectively. Therefore, pedestal fans are used to supply cool air in your house or office and cool down the high temperature to make you relaxed.

But the noise of the pedestal fans makes you irritating and divide your concentration from the work. Henceforth, you can’t perform your tasks with a concentration in a noisy environment. Even, you cannot sleep well due to the noisy pedestal fans.

You need silence and at the same time you need cool air, quiet and noiseless pedestal fans are preferred. Noiseless pedestal fans will not disturb you and enable you to do the tasks with concentration.

Under the importance of the noiseless pedestal fans, we picked the most effective noiseless pedestal fans from the various variety available in the market. These noiseless pedestal fans are compiled here with detailed features.

Lasko 1827

Lasko Oscillating Pedestal Fan, Adjustable Height, 3 Speeds, for Bedroom, Living Room, Home Office and College Dorm Room, 18', Black, 1827

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This noiseless pedestal fan is composed of two types of material, that is metal and plastic. Its main parts are of metal, the main part is motor. Its other parts are made up of plastic. Also, you can assemble this fan easily by joining the extension pipe, grill, and fan blades.

You will like Lasko 1827 as it gives you a chance to adjust the height of the fan as per your requirement, you can increase its height up to 54.5 inches and can fix the minimum height up to 38 inches through its stand. By adjusting the height of the fan, you can get the cool air exactly in front of your exact position. Other than adjusting the height, you can also adjust the direction of the fan, the direction can be upward towards the ceiling or down towards the floor by using its tilt-back head.

This model of the fan allows you to adjust the speed of the fan, you can adjust the speed as high, medium or low depending on your area. Thus, with these three speeds, you can makes your office or house environment completely cool, a perfect choice for your hot area.

Moreover, it incorporates the ventilation in your area through the to and fro motion of the fan. This oscillation movement is suitable for your larger area.

Most importantly, safety fuse technology is used in it that protect your fan from power problems. This technology cuts down the electric supply to the fan immediately on the occurrence of electrical fault.


COSTWAY Pedestal Fan, 18-Inch Adjustable Height Fan, 3-Speed Digital Control, Timer, LCD Display, Double Blades, Remote Control, Quiet Oscillating Stand Fan for Home, Office, Bedroom

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COSTWAY is a unique model of pedestal fans as compared to regular pedestal fans. Regular pedestal fans come with the only motor, blades, grill, and floor stand. This model contains more than regular fan equipment. The more is its remote control functionality. You can control the speed of the fan by using the remote. The range of remote is almost 3.3 feet, that is you can change the condition of your fan from the maximum distance of 3.3 feet from the fan. Remote catch up the fan condition through the integrated LCD. Other than the remote control, it also offers manual control to adjust the speed of the fan. Manual control contains buttons.

Moreover, regular pedestal fans have three blades normally but this model has six blades to give you cool air. Therefore, it’s an effective fan to make your environment relaxing by spreading the cool breeze with its 90 degrees oscillating head.

You can place it in any area of your house and can adjust its height as per your requirement. Its varying height can be adjusted between the 44.8 inches and 53 inches. Also, with its tilt-back feature, you can fix it in any direction.

Safety of the users is the priority of its manufacturers therefore double metal rings are used over the blades. So, your fingers can not be touched to the sharp blades of the fan unintentionally.

One more unique feature of this model is its timer. You can turn it on and off automatically by setting its timer up to a maximum of 7.5 hours and minimum .5 hours. Last but not least, its most durable model of quiet pedestal fan due to its heavy weighted base and stand.


Honeywell Double Blade 16 Pedestal Fan Black With Remote Control, Oscillation, Auto-Off & 3 Power Settings

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Make your room cool and add breezing effects in your home or office by using the Honeywell. It provides you convenience as its user friendly due to its LED control. With its LED control, you can control the functions of the fan. Hence, it boosts your customized experience by offering breezing effects. These breezing effects can be constant and variable, choose the effect as per your need.

Its remote control allows you to control the speed of the fan from any area of your room without leaving your place. The speed you can control at 3 different settings and can add the oscillation in your wide area.

Honeywell allows you to save energy and add more comfort in your room by improving the airflow in your room. Improved airflow gives you cooling just like the air conditioner. It provides you a way to get quality air in your room, office, or workspace. Also, its noiseless feature will not disturb you and give you a chance to live in a way you want.

You can maintain the cleaning of this noiseless pedestal fan by removing the grill and clean the blades with ease. It’s not only easy to clean but it’s also easy to move due to its lightweight.

A variety of Honeywell fans are available that fulfill your air requirements. Pedestal fans are not only a variety of Honeywell but the other fans like tower fans, oscillating fans, and floor fans are its common and popular variety.


PELONIS FS45-18UR pedestal fan, 18 Inch Compact Black

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In summer, cool air is the basic necessity of everyone. Therefore, everyone wants to incorporate the cool breeze to make the room cool by using the cooling equipment like the air conditioner, room coolers, ceiling fans, and pedestal fans. In choosing the cooling equipment, PELONIS FS45-18 UR is the right choice for you because it provides you cooling effects without producing the irritating noise like other pedestal fan and room cooler produce. It’s also preferable over the air conditioner because it does not consume the power as the air conditioner does.

You have the freedom to adjust 3 different speed settings to get breezing effects as per your need. The speed settings you can control through its remote control. This remote control can also be used to control the cooling option. For sure, it’s completely user friendly as you can easily control all functions of the fan just through the single click of the remote. Further, you can automatically turn off the fan as it offers auto timer. The maximum period for the timer is of 7.5 hours.

Its durable pedestal fan due to its powerful motor, high-quality blades, and heavy base. Its heavy base keeps this fan in a straight position. Thus, ensure durability and stability. Plus, ensure security by automatically turning off the fan on the overheating of the motor as built-in overheat protection is integrated into it.

Place it in any area of your house and get direct cooling air in front of you by adjusting its height, doesn’t matter you sit on the bed or the floor. Its height is adjustable between the 3.5 feet to 4 feet. Also, with its tilt angle head, you can set the direction of the fan in a downward position or upward position, depending on your requirement.

Buying Guide

Pedestal fans circulate the cool breezing air in your room by just getting the power supply as pedestal fans are electrical equipment. Usage of pedestal fans is the easiest way to make your room ventilated in the time of the humid and hot season. The selection of pedestal fan from the list of other cool breezing equipment is the most suitable choice as these pedestal fans provide portability. You can easily place it in any area of your home.

Whenever you buy the pedestal fan for your home or office, consider the number of factors on which the performance of the pedestal fan is dependent.

At top priority, select the pedestal fan that makes no noise or less noise because the noiseless fan will not disturb your working routine and let you sleep well with a cooling breeze.

Moreover, choose the one that is most lightweight because pedestal fans are portable and you have to move to any area of your house. You should not have to fix these in one place. Make sure pedestal fan must be durable enough so it can be placed straight without any danger.

Meet your all cooling requirements, therefore, check all available modes offered by the pedestal fans. Normally, the modes of pedestal fans are high, medium, and low. Make sure, the pedestal fan you select possesses these modes. Also, select the pedestal fan that offers higher rotation per minute that is, RPM should be between 1300 to 1400.

The pedestal fan you choose should offer the adjustable height. Never get the pedestal fan with fixed height because with the fixed height you cannot meet your all needs and can’t get the cool air in the exact direction. Only adjustable height will allow you to change the height of the fan. Plus, ensure that the pedestal fan must have a tilt angle as it with a tilt angle you can adjust the direction of fan air.

In this technological era, never ignore the automatic functionality of the pedestal fan. So, look for the timer option as you will be able to shut off the fan automatically by setting the shut off time.

Most importantly, consider the remote control functionality as it gives you ease to control the speed and settings of your pedestal fan across the room.

Lots of pedestal fans are available in the market with various features. Each brand of these pedestal fans demands different costs. So, whenever you buy the pedestal fan, consider your budget range and select the brand accordingly but always pick the quality pedestal fan.


How can I make my pedestal fan quieter?

Keep the fan on a level surface, set your fan on rug or carpet, clean it regularly and thoroughly, tighten loose screws, align fan blades, oil the fan motor, replace damaged cushioning, hack the fan cage.

Why is my pedestal fan so loud?

A problem common to both types of fans is excessive noise. Accumulated dirt can cause noise because it can unbalance fan blades and wear out bearings. Check to see that the fan guards are firmly attached to the fan housing. If the blade guards still rattle, try wedging the piece of cardboard between their edges.

Are pedestal fans expensive to run?

A residential pedestal fan will cost anywhere between 1 to 2 cents per hour to run, or around $14.60 to $29.20 per year. The cost of using a pedestal fan will depend on the speed setting of your fan as well as its wattage.

How do I get rid of fan noise?

An intermittent noise or scraping noise may be caused by the fan’s blade brackets dragging on the fan shroud or motor housing cover. Often you can remedy this by loosening the cover’s screws, slightly adjusting the position of the cover, and retightening the screws.

Does reducing fan speed save electricity?

Capacitors regulate the fan speed by regulating the waveform of power supply. These do not get heated up and thus save electricity when the fan is running at lower speeds, at higher speeds electricity consumption of fan is the same with both regulators.