Noico vs. Dynamat: Which is the Best Sound Deadening Material?

noico vs dynamat

Noico vs dynamat: sound deadening materials such as acoustic mats are a great way of thermal insulation and noise reduction.

But with different sound deadening products on the market today, how do you find the best one for your car?

We are going to compare Noico vs. Dynamat to see which one is better in terms of efficiency and pricing, as well.

Overall, Dynamat is considered the best car soundproofing mat because of its effectiveness making it worth the price. However, in terms of installation, Noico and Hushmat are easier to install.

Dynamat vs. Noico Review

Dynamat is a butyl based sound deadener mat and the best deadening mat on the market today.

It’s thicker than Noico and can also be applied in a broader range of situations. Below are the critical features of Dynamat.


Like Noico and hushmat, dynamat has a self-adhesive backing that makes the installation process much simpler.

With Dynamat, you get an installation kit that includes a roller that you’ll use to press the mat against the installation surface.

The biggest problem with Dynamat, however, comes in when installing over small gaps. Compared to Noico, dynamat has stickier adhesive, meaning it’ll last longer, and while the installation is more complicated, it’s worth it.

However, installing Dynamat is much harder than installing Noico, the reason being that it’s thicker.


Dynamat is a thicker sound deadening mat compared to Noico. Thus it’ll do a much better job in noise reduction and thermal insulation.

The manufacturer claims that Dynamat can reduce up to 10 decibels of noise, which is much better than most noise-reducing mats.

Additionally, Dynamat is also an excellent thermal insulator and works effectively for a temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can purchase different packs for your vehicle, including ceiling, floor, body and hood.

is noico better than dynamat


Dynamat can be used in different situations, although it’s best for car noise reduction.

It can also be used in dealing with vibrations for household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines.

When installed in the car, it will improve your car acoustics by reducing road noise.

Noico Review

Unlike Dynamat, Noico is an asphalt-based sound deadener. Unfortunately, this product gives an awful smell in hot weather because of the asphalt material. Below are the key features of Noico.


Like Dynamat, Noico has self-adhesive backing but made from asphalt. Therefore very high temperatures could make this product unstick.

However, installing it is quite simple. You only need to peel off the backing and stick it to the surface of your interest using a roller.

It’s important to note that you’ll need to buy the roller separately as it’s not included with the product.

You will pay $2 per sq.ft, and therefore you should have some change left to purchase roller for the installation.


Noico is an effective sound deadener for automobiles. It’s thicker than Dynamat, even though its performance isn’t directly proportional to the thickness because its made of a different material.

It’s a close competitor to Dynamat in terms of effectiveness.

Unfortunately, Noico doesn’t offer thermal insulation, a thing that puts off those living in hot places. High temperatures can result in a meltdown of this product.

noico vs dynamat comparison


Just like Dynamat, Noico can as well be used in a wide range of situations besides sound deadening vehicles.

It can be used to reduce vibrations in home appliances such as washing machines and home theatres.

Noico Sound Deadener vs. Dynamat Comparison

To make things easier, here is a detailed but straightforward comparison. We hope that this table will help you make an informed decision on which material to choose.

Dynamat Noico
Material Butyl rubber Butyl rubber with asphalt adhesive
Thickness 1.7mm 80mm
Heat insulation Up to 400 deg F No
Price per square foot (estimate) $5 $1-2
Weight per square foot (lbs) 0.5 0.7
Installation Moderate Moderate
Usage Audio, automotive, vibration cancelling Audio, automotive, vibration cancelling
Effectiveness High Moderate/
Worth it? Yes No


From the above guide and table, it’s evident that Dynamat is the winner. While it’s not the thickest mat, it’s most versatile and quite effective.

Additionally, it’s not only used in automobiles and can be used to reduce vibrations in home appliances.


In terms of pricing, Noico is the winner because it’s affordable. Even though Dynamat is expensive, it’s worth every single penny because of its effectiveness.

Dynamat is thin enough and offers excellent thermal insulation.

If you’re on a budget and would like to reduce road noise in the car, Noico could work just fine for you.


In terms of sound deadening properties, Noico is better than dynamat. On the other hand, it has poor thermal insulation than Dynamat.

Because Noico is thicker than Dynamat, it will deaden noise more- the problem is the asphalt material that makes affects its effectiveness in hot places.

Dynamat is order free and a winner in terms of thermal insulation properties. A great thermal insulated car will be more comfortable than one that’s not.


Noico is easier to install compared with Dynamat. However, compared to Hushmat- Noico and Dynamat come second and third respectively.

Hushmat is the easiest to install. It comes with an installation kit that makes the process much easier.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to purchase installation kits for Noico and Dynamat separately.

What About Kilmat vs. Noico vs. Dynamat

Kilmat is a great sound deadening mat and a close competitor to Noico and Dynamat. The best part is that Kilmat is cheaper than the other two products.

So you would ask- which is the best product for you?

Well, if you’re on a budget, we’d recommend you to go for Noico. However, if you can stretch a bit deeper in your pocket and sacrifice some few coins, we’d recommend you go for Dynamat.

Because it’s much harder to install, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. Alternatively, you can watch some tutorial videos on YouTube to see a detailed installation process.

On Dynamat vs. Noico

Dynamat is the clear winner. It’s effective and efficient. However, it’s a bit expensive and harder to install.

Hushmat and Kilmat are great alternatives, especially for those on a budget because they are excellent sound deadeners at a lower price.