Lizard Skin Vs. Dynamat: Which Is The Best Deadener Mat For Cars?

lizard skin vs dynamat
Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Lizard skin vs dynamat: Sound deadening sprays and mats have become popular options for reducing road noise in vehicles.

Some popular car noise reduction mats include hushmat, dynamat, and Noico. But did you know that you instead use sprays to reduce road noise in the car?

In this guide, we shall compare lizard skin vs. dynamat and see the best sound deadening mat for an automobile.

Between lizard skin sound controls vs. dynamat there are pros and cons. It’s essential to get to know more about these two products.

Let’s get started.

LizardSkin Sound Control vs. Dynamat

Below is a detailed table outline showing the comparison between lizard skin sound deadening vs. dynamat.

Lizard Skin Dynamat
Preparation You need to strip the entire interior before applying lizard skin spray. Partial installation is possible. Not need to strip off everything from your car’s interior
Ease of Application Only need to spray to the surface that you need to sound deaden- no cutting required You’ll need scissors to cut to different shaping. Hard to install
Coverage Can soundproof every surface of your car Not possible to cover all parts of your car
Finish No seams or gaps. You should expect some seams and gaps
Cost Around $300. $450 or more.
Thickness Thicker at 0.40” to 0.60”. Less thick at 0.067”.


Lizard skin and dynamat are both water-based, unlike most other products out there that are asphalt based.

Asphalt based noise reduction mats release odors, especially when subjected to very high temperatures.

Additionally, when subjected to high temperatures, asphalt-based mats often melt creating a mess hard to deal with.

Lizard Skin Spray

According to the manufacturer, LizardSkin Sound Control spray should be used in conjunction with Top Coat and Ceramic Insulation.

The ceramic insulation spray is specially designed for thermal insulation while the topcoat spray is designed to enhance the spray’s durability and achieve a glossy finish.

The cost of these three sprays is much more than the cost of Dynamat.

Fortunately, both “Top Coat” and Ceramic Insulation” lack sound deadening properties, and hence we won’t discuss them in this article.

LizardSkin Sound Control spray is sold in 2 gallons bucket. According to the manufacturer, you should spray two coats at a thickness of 0.40” to 0.60”.

There’s a marker included to help you measure the thickness of the spray. An average car will require about 4 gallons.

Lizard Skin Liquid Sound Deadener Preparation

There are no partial installations possible with sound deadening spray. Once you’ve decided to use this product, you’ll have to spray the entire car.

Professionals often strip the entire car and dismantle the doors for proper application. The liquid is mixed before use- so you will need a mixing kit.

Additionally, you’ll need a spray gun. We recommend using one sold by the company. You can get these two on Amazon. Check the kit here.

Start with a small area and then confirm the thickness using the marker that comes with the product.

After applying the first coat, wait for about an hour before applying the second coat.

Pros and Cons of Lizard Skin Sound Deadening Spray


  • No cutting required
  • It’s cheaper than dynamat
  • Doesn’t trap moisture unlike mats
  • It’s easy to install


  • Can get messy if not careful
  • Requires advanced DIY skills- if not hire a professional
  • It’s not as popular as Dynamat

Dynamat Review

There are different dynamat noise reduction materials. The only downside with Dynamat is that it’s a bit expensive. But as earlier stated, it’s worth the price.

  • Dynamat Xtreme is a thin and super sticky butyl rubber that’s bonded to an aluminum alloy skin. This makes it an excellent sound deadener and thermal insulator. It’s simple to cut and install. It’s designed to stop vibrations and road noise in the car.
  • Dynamat Superlite is a sound damping material that’s designed to stop vibrations and noise in your automobile. It’s 30% thinner than Dynamat Xtreme and highly recommended when you need to quiet your vehicle without adding much weight.
  • Hoodliner provides 97% heat insulation thanks to the aluminized skin. It’s made from 3/4 “acoustic soundproofing foam.
  • DynaPad weighs 1 lb per square ft. It’s quite heavy and often used in situations that require extreme heat and noise control like heavy diesel trucks with loud engines and exhausts.

Unfortunately, DynaPad has no self-adhesive backing. It’s used as an under carpet pad and can be easily moved and reused.

Dynamat Application

Dynamat application varies on the type of product you’re using. Some like DynaPad lack self-adhesive backing, and installation is as simple as placing under the carpet.

Probably the toughest job in installing dynamat is the cutting bit.

Installing dynamat on small surfaces is easy and straightforward. The toughest job comes in when investing in larger areas such as the floor and the roof of your car. You will need someone to help you install on large surfaces.

Dynamat Sound Deadening Capabilities

Dynamat has for years and is still the best sound deadener. It’s very effective in reducing road noise and vibrations.

Dynamat Pros and Cons


  • Effective in reducing road noise and vibrations
  • Efficiently and durable
  • Great thermal insulation
  • Can be installed DIY saving you labor cost
  • Available in a variety of products


Costlier than other sound-deadening materials

Can’t cover every surface of the vehicle

Hard to install, it may require professional installation

On Lizard Skin vs. Dynamat

Once again, Dynamat stands out as the best deadening product. It’s available in different varieties hence allowing you to pick the right one for your car.

If you don’t want to add more weight to your car, you should pick Dynamat Superlite. On the other hand, for robust sound deadening in diesel-powered trucks engines and exhausts, DynaPad is your best bet.

Alternatively, there are other great products such as Kilmat, Noico, and HushMat which are cheaper than dynamat but also highly effective. Also read: