How to Soundproof A Floor In a Apartment?

In this guide, you will learn different ways on how to soundproof a floor in a apartment. Noisy neighbors, where from the floor above you or below you be a nuisance.

In other cases, if your kids play in the room above the living room, the stomping noise can be unbearable.

Alternatively, your neighbor living the floor beneath you frequently complains about stomping noise from your apartment.

If any of the above scenarios describe your situation, you may want to soundproof the floor. Impact noise is transmitted through solid materials such as walls and floors. It’s hard to soundproof against this type of noise using common soundproofing methods.

Luckily there are few hacks that will help you reduce impact noise. Below is a guide on how to soundproof a floor in a apartment. Also check out this guide on how to soundproof a bathroom.

How to Soundproof A Floor In a Apartment?

The main concept in this case would be eliminating impact noise from different floor types. Before undertaking this project, its important to note that these methods won’t 100% eliminate noise. However, they should eliminate it to manageable levels.

How to Soundproof A Floor In a Apartment?

1. Use a Dense carpet on the Floor

If you are living in a rented apartment where there are strict rules, then using a carpet to soundproof the floor will be an ideal method. You don’t have to worry since it does not interfere with the floor setting.

Carpets made of a thick material are more effective than those made with thin material. They absorb both impact and airborne sounds by absorbing the noise in the dense fabric laid on the floor.

Whether you have a noisy neighbor or you are the noisy one, carpets will help reduce the noise entering or escaping your apartment. There are a variety of carpets and rugs in the market that are specifically designed for soundproofing.

If you are using loosely woven rugs on your floor, you will have to replace them with the tightly woven ones. This is because the tight rugs have fewer holes where noise can penetrate through compared to the loose ones.

RUG PAD USA is a great rug that works perfectly when it comes to soundproofing your floor. The rug is denser compared to most rugs sold in the market and provide a thick cushion.

The rugs not only help in sound absorption but also protect the floor from damage by seats, beds, or chairs. It also improves the visual impression of a room.

2.  Acoustic Floor underlayment

Floor underlayment is one of the cheapest methods of soundproofing a floor. They can be used under your carpet. They create a layer that acts as a blocks noise entering or escaping your apartment.

Most floor underlayments are made from recycled rubber material and are effective when it comes to soundproofing. They reduce both impact and airborne noise by providing insulation to the floor.

Quiet walk underlayment or Robert’s underlayment are great products that offer excellent sound reduction. It is made with recycled fibers that absorb sounds.  They support the click together mechanism since it is compression resistant.

The underlayment has an attached vapor barrier that protects the floor from moisture. Its installation is simple; you roll out on the required area of the floor. If there is any extra material that has remained after covering your area of interest, you can cut it.

Use the extra underlayment to cover the areas that have not been fully covered or keep for future use.

3. Install Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl is a common material used on most soundproofing projects. It can also be used in soundproofing walls and ceilings. It is used under the carpet for maximum noise absorption when soundproofing the floor.

The installation process is easy, you have to lay the MLV down then place rubber on it. You can then add your thick carpet on it. You can use some nails to attach the MLV on the floor.

2 lb Mass Loaded Vinyl, or Trademark soundproofing MLV  are excellent products for soundproofing your apartment floor. It absorbs both vibrations and airborne noises. It is made with a high-quality flexible vinyl that is strong and durable. The MLV is thin and soft and is adjustable even after installation.

The product is also odorless, thin, and works out effectively. Mass loaded vinyl is one of the economical, reliable solutions when it comes to soundproofing your apartment floor. It has a high density and a high mass that ensures maximum sound absorption.

4. Green Glue Soundproofing

Green Glue is one of the common and cost-effective soundproofing materials. It is an adhesive that is used as a soundproofing material. Its installation is easy and does not require a lot of skills and experience.

However, you can call a professional to help you in case you are not sure of how to apply. What you need is a caulking gun to apply the green glue on the floor and above it place acoustic underlayment or carpeting. Ensure that you apply multiple layers for better results.

Apart from the floor, it can also be used to soundproof walls and ceilings. The compound is environmentally friendly and non-hazardous. It is able to absorb sounds of low frequency.

It functions by turning the sound waves into heat. Green glue takes around 7 days to start showing results.

5. Use Floor Mats

Floor mats can be used in hand with carpets to ensure maximum noise absorption. The best mats are those made of rubber since it has fewer holes where noise can penetrate through. What you have to do is place the rubber mat under the carpet, and you will be done.

There is a variety of floor mats in the market. A rubber-Cal floor mat is one of the best and effective mats sold at a fair price. They come in different colors, and you can choose one that compliments your apartment in case you are not covering it with a carpet.

Susan from A Clean Home says it helps because it holds to the ground, firmly preventing you from slipping when walking on it. The mat not only dampens sounds but also acts as a shock absorber.

6. Call a Professional

If you have no time for the do it your self-soundproofing, you can call soundproofing professional. The expert will determine the type of noise entering or escaping your apartment then decide on what method will be the best.

You may also choose which method you want and leave the rest of the work to the expert. However, this might be a bit costly, and you need some good cash to pay the expert.

Ensure you give clear instructions to the professional so that he does not use a method that will interfere with the owner’s house. Consult the owner of the apartment before applying any technique which may cause some alternation on the hard floor.

On How to Soundproof A Floor In a Apartment

Above are some of the best methods on how to soundproof a floor in an apartment. They are easy and simple DIY hacks you can accomplish without the need of a professional help.

However, note that some of the methods above are more effective than others. For example, mass loaded vinyl works better than using exercise mat. It’s best in dealing with impact noise than airborne noise.

For best results, you can combine several methods. For example, get a floor underlayment and complement it with a thick and fluffy carpet.