How to Silence a Pellet Gun in Simple DIY Tips

In this guide, you will learn different ways on how to silence a pellet gun without breaking the bank. These are simple DIY guides that shouldn’t take much of your time, and within no time, your gun should be quieter than before.

Before proceeding, why not check out this guide on the quietest air rifle for neighborhood use on the market today. I would recommend these air guns, especially for those who are not handy enough to try the tips suggested in this article. You should also check it out if you’re planning to replace your pellet gun soon.

An example of a truly quiet air riffle is the Raptor Whisper Air Rifle ,fires with less vibrations, uses Whisper noise reduction technology you won’t find in other air guns.

How to Silence A Pellet Gun: Make Airsoft Gun Quieter

Pellet gun and air guns are similar in design; however, the major difference is the type of ammunition they use.

Also known as BB guns, pellet guns use lead bullets of different sizes. On the other hand, air guns use plastic bullets.  These plastic bullets come in one size.

How to Silence a Pellet Gun

Why You Should Use A Silencer to Make Your Air Rifle Quieter

If you need your air rifle to shoot quietly, your best bet would be using a silencer. There are different reasons why you should consider using silence for your air rifle. They include:

  • Effective hunting– if you’re using your air rifle for hunting purposes, a silencer will ensure that you won’t scare animals away.
  • Safety– air rifles are often loud. Exposures to loud noise can result in induced hearing loss. (Source) According to an article published on the National Institute Of Deafness, 15% of Americans aged 20 years suffer from hearing loss induced by shooting air rifles and the use of other types of firearms. (Source) A silencer is your best bet in protecting against hearing loss.
  • Accuracy– a silencer will help reduce recoil hence improving your accuracy when hunting. (Source)
  • Fewer disruptions– if you’re shooting squirrels in your backyard, the noise produced by your air rifle can be disruptive to your neighbors and those around you. A silencer will help reduce noise disturbances.

How Does an Air Rifle Silencer Work?

A silencer screws at the end of the barrel of your gun. A silencer consists of volume that’s 20-30 times than that of the gun’s barrel.

When a silencer is installed, the pressurized gas released that forces the bullet out has more space to expand. As a result, the pressure of the hot gas reduces significantly hence reducing the noise produced.

Are Air Rifle Silencers Legal or Illegal?

There’s been a heated debate on the legality of air rifle silencers. To purchase a silencer for your gun, you will need approval from the federal government.

While the constitution allows you to own a gun, the same constitution doesn’t allow you to own a gun silencer unless with an approval.

Whether you have a silencer permit or not, it all depends on the state where you live. If the state denies you the ability to own a silencer, you have no legal recourse.

Currently, only 36 states allow air rifle silencer applications. To obtain one, you will need to fill an ATF Form 4. The cops will also require your fingerprints, a clear photo of your identity card, and some other documents. (Read a comprehensive guide here)

Will a Silencer Make my Air Rifle Dead Quiet?

A silencer won’t make your gun dead quiet. Your gun will produce some noise when fired, and depending on the type of muffler, you should expect the weapon to be one quarter to three quarters quieter.

It’s impossible to make the gun dead quiet. However, a little quiet is something that most people can tolerate.

DIY Home Made Air Rifle Silencer

Before you embark on your journey to creating a DIY homemade suppressor, it’s important to note that a homemade silencer won’t be legal without a permit. You will need a license for your homemade silencer as well. Below is a detailed guide on how to make a homemade silencer.

How to Silence a Pellet Gun

  • Grab a long piece of pipe about one or two feet long. The diameter of the pipe should also be large enough to fit over the front sights perfectly.
  • Ensure the angle is fit as the wrong angle can keep the ammo from exiting the gun how it should be. Use tape to secure the pipe in place.
  • When firing the ammunition, you should hear a low-pitched thumb sound instead of the typical pop sound.
  • To make the gun even quieter, line the inside with steel wool as this material will help absorb more noise.

Considerations Before Creating A DIY Air Rifle Silencer

Although there are all kinds of YouTube videos and guides showing how to create your silencer at home, I would suggest you stick to the shop-bought silencers.

This will help eliminate any risk associated with fashioning your rifle with something that may hurt you or ruin your gun.

You should ensure that the muffle perfectly fits over the muzzle of your air gun, as any misalignment can cause in severe performance issues.

It’s also important to note that a silencer will add weight and extra length to your rifle, resulting in a change of balance and how you carry the gun. It will take some time getting used to the new design. A silencer can also affect the impact point of the bullet, and so you will be forced to readjust the sights.

Final Thoughts on How to Silence A Pellet Gun

There are different reasons why you could want to silence your pellet gun. If you’re planning on investing in a silencer, it’s important to note that you will need a permit.

If you choose to make a homemade gun silencer, you may save some cash, but remember that you may be risking your life, especially when the silencer fails. However, remember that a silencer won’t make your gun completely quiet, but instead, it will muffle the noise produced to significant levels.

Have any other hacks on how to make an air gun quieter? Please let me know in the comment section down below.