5 Ideas on How to Make a Fidget Spinner Quieter

How to Make a Fidget Spinner Quieter

Originally introduced to help people with autism, fidget spinners have gained popularity to become the most sought after toys.

They are recommended for people with anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well also autism.

The user rotates the ball bearing device between their fingers. According to users, the motion produced by the spinner provides a pleasing calming sensation.

However, the device makes a lot of noise which might inconvenience you if you plan on using it at the office or in class.

Let’s learn how to make a fidget spinner quieter

 Make Your Spinner Faster

When not in use, fidget spinner can slowly collect dirt and small debris. The dirt and small debris will get trapped on the main bearing of the spinner interfering with its speed.

This is why you will notice the device spinning slower than usual.

Fortunately, you can restore the fidget spinner speed by making sure its bearings are always clean. Follow the steps to learn how to clean the bearings thoroughly.

  • The first step is removing the spinner’s cap. You will need the help of a screwdriver to remove it.
  • Open the metal casing covering the bearings. The metal casing protects the bearings from dirt, dust, and moisture.
  • Once opened, you will see the bearings. Using a solvent, carefully and thoroughly clean the bearings.
  • In case the bearings have lubrication, remove them for effective cleaning. To effectively clean the bearings, dip them in a bowl containing the mixture the spin carefully and severally.
  • After cleaning them, dry the bearings completely by blowing compressed air on them.
  • Now that you have cleaned and dried the bearings, you will have to assemble the different parts to have the Fidget Spinner.

If using spinners made from plastic, you should be careful about the type of solvent to use. Some solutions can melt plastic and damage it ultimately.

How to Make Your Fidget Spinner Quiet

Wondering how to make a fidget spinner quitter? A noisy spinner can be annoying to those around you. Therefore, you need to learn ways to make the spinner quitter.

As mentioned earlier, dirt and debris can accumulate in the bearing of the spinner, causing it to spin slower.

This dirt and debris can also make the fidget to produce a lot of noise. To prevent this, you will need lightweight oil, cardboard, and a clean paper towel.

However, you should be warned that oiling your fidget spinner will slow its speed.

Follow these steps to make the fidget spinner quieter:

  • Before you begin, ensure the bearings are clean.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the caps spinner’s cap to expose the clean bearings.
  • Place the bearing on a clean surface, in our case, the cardboard. Make sure the ball bearing is in an upward position.
  • Using your preferred oil, carefully put a small drop on the center of the bearing.
  • Then carefully spin fidget to distribute the oil in the bearing equally. Once through, return the caps to cover the spinner to prevent it from attracting foreign objects.
  • Finally, wipe the excess oil using a paper towel and be careful not to let the cloth touch the bearing.

Top 3 Silent Fidget Spinner

Trianium Fidget Spinner

Do you want as a fidget that increases your concentration, minimize stress and allows you to stay awake?

Trianium Fidget offers you all these features. The spinner is suited for both adults and children because it is simple and easy to use.

The ball bearing is held together by its lubricating oil, which is specially designed for its use. The oil also prevents it from corroding and also protects the spinner from high temperatures.

It has a beautiful surface that offers a nice touch feeling, and the perfect weight makes it a secure device to carry around. Its right bearing allows it to have a stable and longer spin

Its advantages include:

  • Glowing in the dark
  • Longer turn
  • Good balance



  • A bit noisy

The glow in the dark spinner is durable even after falling

Rainbow Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner

The anti-anxiety fidget is a small spinner which is made of copper material. It is easily carried due to their small size, and copper material increases its durability and allows it to b

It is a stylish device that keeps anxiety, and all forms stress away. If you are stuck on traffic or at the office or even school, you can easily pull it out of your pocket and relieve yourself from stress.


  • It has a good balance
  • The copper material makes it a good quality
  • It has a rainbow effect
  • An average spin of here to five minutes


  • It is small in size compared to other fidgets

Black Spinner Fidget Toy with High-Speed Bearing

For those who prefer using a spinner discreetly, either in class or at the office, Black spinner provides that luxury. Black spinner comes in is made from the lightweight material, which is why you can easily use it without the knowledge of the people around you.

The spinner with a high-speed bearing is suitable for those who want to relax and focus. There are no maintenance requirements that you will need either soon or in the long run.

It is well balanced to offer a maximum spin time of up to three minutes. It is also effective for those who like to think deeply. It also provides less friction, which is suitable for your fingers.


  • It provides a smooth and easy spin
  • It offers you value for your money
  • High quality


  • The fidget does not come with a container


A fidget spinner includes stress and tension relief to people with certain conditions. However, it can pose challenges such as too much noise or a slow spin.

The above steps should help you on how to make the fidget spinner quieter or faster. Also read my guide on quiet projectors.