How to Install Dynamat on the Car’s Floor

how to install dynamat

Is your vehicle producing an eardrum-breaking noise? It begins with a feeling of looking for measures to cut noise when it sucks.

However, you need to follow the right procedure as you put on mechanisms to reduce the sound pollution in your car.

So, do you know how to install a dynamat? It is a question many individuals will secretly dread when they require facts. The answer is simple. The information in this write-up will put some insights to the same question.

How to Install Dynamat

Metals amplify sound a lot, and your car’s floor is not an exception. The good news is that you can dampen the floor to reduce the level of noise in your vehicle. Some of the benefits of installing dynamat on the floor are:

  • Engine noise reduction
  • Reduces the speaker’s sound hence improving the audio system
  • It improves the overall performance of the car

Most importantly, before you install the dynamat on your floor, begin by removing all the seats. Then again, remove the center console and old floor carpet. Press forward by cleaning the surface before applying the dynamite.

How To Prepare The Floor For Dynamat Installation

You will need some tools to help you complete the procedure successfully.  These are:

  1. Razor knife
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. Dynalite
  4. Dynamat kit pack
  5. Rubber roller
  6. Chip brush
  7. A pair of gloves

Take advantage of a quick-drying residue pure solvent to clean the mounting surface. Eliminate all the dirt such as grease, wax, oil, rust, and moisture. You can use rubbing alcohol to clean grease and oil marks.

You can also remove dirt by using a vacuum. A clean surface will enable the dynamat to mount well on the surface permanently. Take the precaution by disconnecting the battery to enable airbag protection. Follow the next step by doing the following:

Step1# Remove the Front and Back Seats

Access the front bolts by pushing the seat backward. The bolts have plastic clips covering which you must remove to see the same bolts. You can later push the seat forward when you remove the bolts.

Still, on the same seats, remove the 6 bolts, which are usually 3 on each side. By following the same procedure, remove the bolts that hold all the back seats. Finally, take out also the safety belt.

Step2#Remove a Flooring Carpet

Before removing the carpet, ensure that the same carpet is free from bolts, screws, and clips. Surprisingly, you may observe the foam which sticks on the car floor and carpet if you are disconnecting the mat for the first time.

Take out the carpet carefully by folding it along. You can opt to begin at the front at the spot where pedals are. Proceed to the front passenger side as you extend to gear. You will find it challenging to remove along with these trickiest areas.

Be careful as you thread through the wiring. Continue folding the carpet to the backseat area. Remove it entirely from the back of the car door. You can vacuum and dust it while outside the door.

Step3: Fit the Dynamat of the Floor

Here, you will find two options.   There is one type that you can cut to size for it to fit perfectly. Still, there is another type that you will fit correctly without the need to cut. Let’s discuss each separately.

Step4#Sizing and Cutting

Locate the pair of scissors or a razor and cut the dynamat sheet to the correct shape and size. In this case, you may place it on a hard material like cardboard. Remove the release liner, which is usually at the back of the dynamat.

At this stage, you can carefully apply the dynamat on the already prepared surface. Suppose you are working on larger surfaces, you may decide to remove the release liner is a small section. Such will simplify your work as you spread across the panel, and all along the back.

a)  Without Cutting

As mentioned earlier, there is a dynamat that comes in the correct size; therefore, you do not require to cut it again. In addition to that, you have a more straightforward option to test fit the sheet and begin to remove the back as you expose the sticky part.

Interestingly, this dynamat has a foil back. It will automatically align with the shape and corners of the floor pan. The flexibility of the material makes your sealing enjoyable.

Locate the rubber roller and use it to press your mat to all corners and floor crevices. The exercise will assist you in achieving a better adhesion.

Back to the kit, there is a trimmed mat, whereby you can use a razor knife on its different parts to create a pattern for the hump. If you succeed in at least covering more than 75% of the floor, it will be a proper soundproof/ deadening.

how to install dynamat


  1. Cover the wire chase that runs to the back of the car properly. Use the rubber roller to make the carpet flat.
  2. Locate all the holes covered during the installation and uncover them by using the razor knife.
  3. You can reduce the creases by making the edges and corners in a rounded shape. It should not be the square.

Dynamat Dynaliner Installation

You can complete the final step of sound deadening by applying a dynaliner. Typically, it is a foam material that you can install similarly as the mat. The ¼ inch foam will perfectly align with your car and reduce the wind noise.

Final Thoughts on how to install dynamat

Experiencing noise pollution in your vehicle can cause devastating effects on the state of the health of your ears. The cool thing is that you can take drastic steps by knowing how to install the dynamat to cancel some of the noise. You can also use these great dynamat alternatives, . In addition, if you need an adhesive that dampens noise, check out green glue.

The procedure is simple if you can carefully follow the steps according to the user’s manual. However, although it is a DIY (Do It Yourself) task, you can also hire an expert if you feel intimidated by the whole process.

When you drive a quieter vehicle, you enjoy the calmness and make the whole journey exciting.