9 Ideas on How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors- Both Legally and Illegally

How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors
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Whether legally or illegally- there are ways on how to annoy upstairs neighbors. That’s precisely what we are going to examine today.

Whether downstairs, upstairs or next-door neighbor, a noisy neighbor can be a real pain in the a$$.

Always hearing noises from those living above you can be a horrible feeling especially when trying to fall asleep at night as the noise won’t allow you to get some sleep.

In this article, we are going to look at the different ways on how you can deal with noisy neighbors- both legally and illegally. Also read: Quietest Projector: 8 Silent Projectors for Home Theaters and Gaming

Disclaimer: We do not advocate for the illegal hacks recommended on this blog post- and take no responsibility for any actions resulting from what we’ve recommended.

Upstairs Neighbors Stomping Revenge

Well for starters, you could visit your upstairs noisy neighbors and break their kneecaps and walla- no more stomping.

How far could you be willing to go? Probably kidnap them and then drive them to another county or state? Unfortunately, like dogs, people will find their way back home.

You could also light a bag of poop at their door- but this method would likely backfire as well.

But because implementing the above hacks will likely get you into trouble, there are ways you could deal with your noisy neighbor legally. Also read: Quiet Humidifier: 5 Best Silent Humidifiers for Bedroom and Nursery in 2020

How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors Legally

1.  “Ceiling Vibrator”

ceiling vibrator for dealing with noisy neighbors
The top of the gadget sits flush against the ceiling, delivering a range of annoying vibrations to noisy neighbours. Photo: Handout

Why not invest in a ceiling vibrator? It’s a gadget that will help you get even. According to an article published on SCMP, this small gadget creates vibrations on the ceiling to unleash revenge on noisy upstairs neighbors.

The gadget includes a motor, cable, extendable rod and a WI-FI remote and can cost you as cheap as US$20.

The “ceiling vibrator” is sold by Taobao.com a consumer-to-consumer platform owned by Alibaba.com. You can have the gadget shipped to you through Alibaba.

2. Knock On Their Door at Weird Hours

If you genuinely want to get under your noisy neighbor’s skin, you can knock on their door when they’re asleep- like seven in the morning or late in the evening.

Make your knock genuine- like borrow something and don’t let them realize that you’re just trying to mess around with them.

3. Play racquetball/tennis ball against your ceiling

It’s time to unleash the inert Selena Williams in you. Get out your racket and racquet or tennis ball and spend some hours volleying against the ceiling.

Make sure you do this when your neighbor is at home and that you’re persistent and consistent, especially during their sleep hours.

When your neighbor requests you to stop, try to look as serious as you can and inform them you’re training for the US open- or another competition closest to you. Also read: Quiet Bed Frames: 10 Bed Frames That Don’t Squeak

4. Petroleum jelly on their doorknob

Grab some chunk of Vaseline and apply on your neighbor’s doorknob to give them an unpleasant surprise next time they enter their apartment.

Not only will the jelly feel unpleasant but will also make it harder for them to turn the handle and get into the apartment.

However, make sure that you don’t jam the lock with the Vaseline; otherwise, you’ll be forced to pay for repairs if they find out.

How to Deal With Noisy Neighbors in 7 Simple Steps

There’s always that one neighbor who does things that can get under your skin. It doesn’t always to be your upstairs neighbor, because other neighbors too can be a nuisance as well.

Confronting a noisy neighbor can be delicate and stressful- but it’s doesn’t have to be- that’s according to an etiquette expert, Anna Post. Here are the do’s and don’ts she recommends when dealing with a loud neighbor.

How to Annoy Upstairs Neighbors
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· Pick Your Battles Wisely

Pick your battles wisely as not every battle is worth the fight. If you’re going to confront your neighbor every time, you are going to be unpopular.

Approaching your neighbor about loud music the night before is one thing. However, confronting them every time the music is loud for your liking is another thing and maybe an indication that you are allergic to them.

· Don’t write to them or report to others

Regardless of how hard you try to write a formal note of complaint to leave on your noisy neighbor’s door, you may come across as snarky than friendly.

According to Post, “People are not good at writing notes, especially when they want to correct another person’s behavior.”

Notes, in most cases, come across as being passive aggressors.

It’s okay to report your noisy neighbor to your condo board, landlord, or homeowner’s association if you need to- but try to speak with your neighbor if possible.

Reporting your neighbor is getting them in trouble before they’ve had a chance to correct the situation. Also read: Quiet Paper Shredder: 10 Noiseless Shredders Reviews

· Meet Them in Person

There are chances that you’ll get a better response if you meet your neighbor directly than you would if you wrote them a note.

If you decide to confront your neighbors diplomatically, make sure that you limit the time you spend with them explaining your complaint.

“It can get annoying if you keep on explaining how their behavior affects you. One mention is enough” Says Post.

Additionally, make sure to meet with your neighbor at a reasonable time. Between 9 in the morning and 7 in the evening.

· Are You a Good Neighbor?

Much like your noisy neighbors, you may not be aware of how you’re affecting them.

If you’re unsure, ask yourself whether or not you are a good neighbor.

Do you run your lawnmower at 7 am during the weekends? Do you leave a mess in your front yard or do you blend smoothies in the early mornings or late evenings?

You don’t want to confront your neighbor only for them to turn around and say… “Well, you did blah…blah….. Blah… Even, if their complaint has nothing to do with what you are complaining about, it worsens things between you and your neighbor.

Final Thoughts on How to Deal with Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

Whether you do it legally or illegally, know that every choice has its own consequences. We highly advocated solving the problem with your loud neighbor amicably.

If nothing else works, it’s time to call the cops or involve the landlord. As a last resort, you can soundproof your ceiling or move to a quieter neighborhood. Also read: Quiet Hair Dryers: Top 10 Noiseless Dryers 2020