Quiet Hair Dryers: Top 10 Noiseless Dryers 2020

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Quiet hair dryer: The human perception of noise is different. What is considered loud by another might be quiet for you? But there is one thing we all consider loud, no matter how we perceive sound- a hair dryer. Have you ever heard about quiet hair dryers?

Well, if you operate a salon business or regularly need to blow dry your hair, it’s recommended you go for quiet blow dryers over traditional ones because they produce less noise that won’t be harmful to your ears.

In this article, I have compiled everything there is to know about the best quiet hair dryers, the benefits, advantages and disadvantages and some of the factors that you should consider before investing in the best one for you.

What is a quiet hair dryer?

The only significant difference between a quiet hair dryer and the regular hair dryers is the amount of noise each makes. As the name suggests, quiet dryers are quieter than regular ones, but they are not entirely noiseless, but they make less noise that won’t damage a person’s hearing ability even when exposed several times during the day.

Such dryers allow you to hold a normal conversation without raising a voice and are efficient in what they are designed to perform.

To get a better understanding, it’s important to understand how precisely these beauty gadgets function. Because dryers suck in cold air and blow it out hot, they use a fan. The fun is made operational by a motor, and it’s the motor plus the fun that contributes to the noise we hear.

To make these hair dryers quieter, manufacturers use faster motors and add more blades to the fan. Additionally, they also try to insulate the motor to keep the noise levels as down as possible.

Noise decibel levels for quiet blow dryers

Regular blow dryers have a noise level ratings ranging between 86 to 100 decibels. This means that they are as loud as a snow blower, food processor, passing diesel truck, a squeeze toy or a belt sander. If you have a baby around, such loudness would damage the child’s hearing ability.

But with the efforts manufacturers have added to keep the noise down, quiet hair dryers have a decibel rating between 50-70 and no more than 80 decibels and most are safe to use even when your baby is chilling a few inches away from you.

Best quiet hair dryer reviews: Let’s take a closer look

Below is a comprehensive review of the best quiet hair dryers you will get on the market today. I shortlisted 15 products from after interviewing different salon owners, then I emailed respective manufacturers and requested feedback regarding decibel ratings.

So for each product, I’ve highlighted noise ratings for each, and that should serve as a guide to help you determine how loud the unit is.

1. HOT TOOLS Lite ‘N quiet styling dryer

noiseless blow dryer

Just as the name suggests, this is not only ultra-quiet dryer, but it’s also lightweight and powerful. It’s equipped with 1875 watts motor to get the job done efficiently in no time. With noise ratings below 80decibels, it is quiet enough to protect your eardrums from damage caused by loud noises.

It’s equipped with two speeds and up to six different heat options that allow the user to select one they’re comfortable with.

Additionally, it has a soft grip for efficient handling. It also comes with two attachments as traditional ones so you shouldn’t experience any difficulties creating your favorite style. It’s fitted with an eight-foot cord that’s long enough to allow you to style anywhere in the house.

2. Revlon lightweight, quiet hair dryer

silent hair blower

The Revlon Lightweight Quiet Pro has gives out 70 and 74db noise when on its low and high speed setting. It’s made with a modern quieting technology capable of giving you faster drying, healthier hair and reduced frizz. This technology also makes it 50% quieter compared to regular blow dryers.

It’s fitted with two separate switches which are used to control heat levels and the motor speeds. Each switch allows you to customize different setting. This unit comes with a concentrator attachment for seamless styling.

If you’re looking for a quiet and efficient dryer that also readily affordable the Revlon Quiet Pro is worth considering. The fan is vertically mounted to deliver super-quiet performance, and the curved fan blades have a centrifugal design that maximizes its efficiency.

3. Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

very low volume hair dryer

When on the maximum motor speed setting, the Centrix Q-Zone gives out 82decibels and 74decibels when on its lowest speed.

The two-speed motor gives good performance and is also capable of delivering cool shot positioning. Not only is this dryer quiet, but it’s also lightweight, efficient thanks to the concentrator accessory.

For healthier hair and better styling, this dryer uses a tourmaline heating technology. Additionally, for faster drying time, this product uses ionic technology. The best part is that it doesn’t produce a high-pitched sound like traditional blow dryers.

When on its low-speed setting, this unit is ultra quiet and even when on its hi-speed setting the noise levels is something your ears can handle without causing discomfort.

4. MHU Salon Grade Low Noise Ionic Heat Hair Dryer

quiet hair dryer

This 1875watts motor dryer from MHU delivers the performance you’d get with a professional grade salon hair dryer. It’s capable of hair drying and at the same time is quiet. It’s equipped with two different speed settings and features three unique temperature settings.

It uses infrared heat to penetrate deep down inside your hair, which gives faster drying and less hair damage. To make styling your hair easier for you, this dryer comes with two attachments which can be used to minimize frizz, accelerate drying, and add volume.

The extended power cable makes this unit convenient for use in any location. It uses an AC motor which significantly reduces the amount of time required to dry even the kinkiest hair. The ionic technology produces less noise to make your hair shiny and softer.

5. Jinri infrared Quiet Blow Dryer

quiet hair dryer

This infrared blow dryer is equipped with a powerful 1875watts motor that lets you dry and style hair within the shortest time possible hence reducing the noise made. While this isn’t the quietest hair dryer in this list of reviews, it isn’t the loudest either.

It’s lightweight and fitted with an ergonomic handle for seamless hair drying experience. It’s also fitted with a removable air filter which is easy to clean that keep hair from getting sucked into the duct thus keeping the dryer at its utmost efficiency.

Additionally, this ultra quiet generator is equipped with an ionic generator with a nano titanium grill. The purpose for this ionic generator is to provide a high concentration of negative ions necessary for hair conditioning, leaving you with a smooth and shiny hair.

The tourmaline ceramic coating ensures that heat is evenly distributed. You can customize this gadget to achieve the perfect styling thanks to the three heats and two-speed setting. If you’re trying to achieve various styling, a diffuser and concentrator nozzle attachments provided will help you achieve that.

6. Quietest hair dryer: VAV powerful negative ionic dryer

quiet hair dryer

This is the most silent hair dryer in this review list rated 64 decibels. The noise it makes can be compared to a conversational speech. It uses negative ions that break down water molecules. This ionic technology reduces the amount of time it takes to dry your hair.

It comes with three heat settings and two speed settings to enable you to customize the perfect setting for your styling. The cool shot button allows you to blow the dryer so that you can lock your hair according to your desired styling. It features a long power cable for enhanced convenience. Lastly, its lightweight; hence, it can be held comfortably in hands for an extended period.

7. Berta folding travel hair dryer

quiet hair dryer

If you’ll be traveling or want to dry your hair on the go, then the Berta 1875watts dryer is the perfect choice for you. It is lightweight and can be folded to fit in small handbags. It uses a DC motor and a negative ion emitter, making it a perfect dryer to use at home. The ion emitter technology makes hair drying faster, leaving your hair healthier and less frizzy.

The two heats and speed settings make it possible for the use to customize the setting for their own convenience.  The cool shot button will help you achieve a specific hair styling. The 1.8-meter long power cord makes this unit convenient for use both at home and in salons.

8. BIO IONIC whisper light pro dryer

quiet hair dryer

The decibel levels for the BIO IONIC pro dryer are 70db on the low and 74db on the high speed setting. It’s powered by a powerful 1400watts motor that’s powerful enough to prevent frizz while at the same time increasing shine.

The unit utilizes nano logic minerals that dry hair, damaged hair, and effective in controlling frizz. It’s lightweight and ultra quiet, and it comes with a long power cord making it perfect for use both at home and in salons. This product was created by a brand founded by a hair stylist, so it’s one of the perfect dryer used by professional stylists.

9. Conair 1875W turbo dryer

quiet hair dryer

One of the best features in this dryer is the optional ion disperser that disperses a cloud of negative ions which helps remove static, reduce frizz and dullness. It comes with two attachments: a concentrator and a diffuser to help you achieve various styles. A diffuser is great, especially for curly hairstyles while a concentrator allows for pinpoint styling.

It’s fitted with two speed and heat settings for customization according to the user needs. Well, this unit is 84 decibels noise rating, which isn’t the quietest option, but the sound levels won’t damage your hearing. The 1875watts motor is powerful enough to dry your hair within the shortest time possible. The only downside is that some users complain that the fan blades are made of low quality plastic. With frequent use, the blades might tear from the hub.

10. Beautural professional hair dryer

quiet hair dryer

This 1875watts quiet hair dryer boasts everything you’d want from a blow dryer. It features 2-speed settings three heat levels, and a cool air button. It utilizes ionic technology which helps reduce static, helps retain moisture, and keeps your hair shiny and healthy. If need be, you can turn off the ionic feature which can be helpful for the hair roots especially if you want to add some bit of texture. Attachments included with this unit include a diffuser and a concentrator for various hair styling. The air filter can be easily removed for cleaning. The powerful motor isn’t dead quiet, but on the bright side, it helps get the job done within the shortest time possible. One of the downsides with this unit users complain is the placement of the switches. They are inconveniently placed such that its easy to accidentally hit one of the switches when styling.

How to choose the best quiet hair dryer

If you’re on the hunt for a quiet hair dryer, the decibel rating is the first important factor you should consider before buying. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find rating on every single product out there unless you request from the manufacturer. Below are some of the most important factors you should consider before buying one.

Noise level

Ideally, a quiet dryer is considered to be something around 60 decibels levels. However, the quietest hair dryers are rated between 65-80 decibels and if you find one in this range (as ones recommended above) the better. Some of the dryers below 70decibels mark include VAV 1875 professional hair dryer and Paramount X: Q onyx quiet dryer which gives 64db and 63db levels respectively. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to find noise ratings on every product because it’s not a requirement by the manufacturer. Fortunately, you can download an app on your Smartphone that will allow you to measure the noise level of every home appliance you own.

Heating technology

It’s important to note that there are different unique technologies implemented by respective manufacturers when creating dryers. Some products, in this case, run on ceramic, tourmaline, and others use ionic technology. These three unique technologies are designed to make your hair shine and at the same time, protect it from excessive heat.

Some hair dryers use a combination of these different technologies while a few use a single type of technology. If you want the quietest blow dryer, I would recommend choosing ones that run on ionic technology because they produce less noise. This technology also helps reduce frizz, save moisture, and eliminate static while at the same time keeping your hair smooth and shiny. Ionic technology also significantly reduces the amount time it’d take to hair dry compared to other regular dryers.

Temperature and speed settings

Many of the quiet hair dryers in this list have two or three heat settings and two-speed modes. Such adjustments give you versatility when it comes to different hair styling. But I guess you already know that it’s recommended to dry damaged or thin hair on lower temperatures. The speed modes indicate how fast you can blow your hair to dry the higher the speed, the fast you will get the job done. The downside is that the higher the motor speed, the more noise the dryer makes.


Several dryers come with a variety of attachment such as a diffuser and a concentrator. The concentrator is responsible for the airflow coming out of the dryer and just like its name suggests it concentrates airflow for targeted drying.  On the other hand, a diffuser forces hot air to spread out through the tines. It serves the opposite function of a hair dryer and its ideal for women with curly locks.

Power cord and configuration

Before buying check the lengths of the power cord. A longer cord will allow for more comfortable styling. In terms of configuration, some quiet hair dryers have dual air flow, which in turn increases air flow. Dual airflow reduces noise because there is a fixed space between the body and the fan.

Wattage rating

The wattage can give you a rough idea of how loud the dryer will be. Low wattage models take longer to dry hair, but they are quieter. Ones that fall in the wattage range between 1400 and 1600 are the quietest, but this isn’t always the case because some dryers such as Velecta Paramount XQonyx is rated 2000 watts and its rated 64-decibel level. There are some models which have an 1875 watts motors and are in the range of 65-70 decibel rating.

Are quiet hair dryers expensive or cheap?

They aren’t cheap. They are relatively costlier than traditional ones. But it’s obvious; you won’t get any high quality styling product for cheap. Fortunately, you will get some quiet ones at friendlier prices. A good example is the Conair 1875, which is quiet enough and sells only for less than $15.

Final thoughts on best quiet hair dryers

Your perfect quiet hair dryer may not be dead silent but will surely transform your hair styling experience. You will enjoy peaceful and quiet styling without risking your hearing ability. From what I’ve discussed above, it pretty clear that quiet dryers offer plenty of benefits, and the only possible downside to them is their price tag. Now that you know the features to consider before shopping, I hope that you will find the best quiet hair dryer that meets your desired need. You can read more about green glue here