Top 10 best noise reduction material that helps in soundproofing

Noise is unwanted sound. A sound starts traveling from its source and make the things to vibrate. The vibration of the things creates noise that reaches our ear. Ultimately, our brain detects the noise. Noise is annoying for most people. Therefore, they use noise reduction material in their homes, offices, and building to get rid of the noise.
Noise reduction material help in soundproofing. Soundproofing reduces the sound pressure that originates from its source. A variety of soundproofing material is available in the market because soundproofing is not possible without soundproofing material. Soundproofing material is also known as noise reduction material.

Most of the construction material possesses noise reduction characteristics. Whenever, you choose construction material, give preference to noise reduction characteristics depending on the location which needs soundproofing.
This article is going to highlight the 10 noise reduction material that helps in soundproofing. These materials will be truly helpful for the soundproofing. You can easily access these materials from the online market by placing special orders.

1. Mass Loaded Vinyl

Arrowzoom New 0.04' x 39.37' x 19.68' Black Mass Loaded Vinyl Soundproofing Acoustic Barrier Sheet AZ1146

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People who want to add soundproofing in walls and ceilings preferably use the Mass Loaded Vinyl. It uses during the construction of walls and ceilings. It helps in the reduction of noise transmission as it is a material that offers a high-density barrier. Higher the density of vinyl, more your room will be soundproof by absorbing the sound, henceforth, works effectively.
It is usually made from Barium Sulfate; Barium Sulfate not only improves the density of vinyl but it is also non-toxic. Moreover, it highly offers sound deadening properties by deadening the sound energy travels through walls. Hence, it is a suitable alternative to other noise reduction materials.
Further, it is easy to install to improve the sound quality within the room. It highly used in bathrooms and apartments. Other than the apartments, it can also be used in cars and automobiles. Plus, the excellent thermal barrier to resolve sound issues on time.

2. Green Glue

Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound - 6 Tubes,net wt 28 fl.oz(828 ml)

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The most important material used during construction is Green Glue. It highly isolates the sound and reduces the vibrations within the construction material of walls. Particularly, it is used between the drywall. If you are looking for cost-effective noise reduction material, then it’s the best choice for you.
It only not only used to soundproof the walls, but it’s also used to soundproof the ceilings and floors. It’s the best addition to your renovation. It’s the most versatile damping compound in the current time.
No expertise is required to apply the green glue. Its application is very simple and easy; you just need the caulking gun to apply this compound between the layers of drywall. Green Glue Compound and Green Glue Sealant are the most common product of the Green Glue that make your soundproofing projects successful.
It works effectively after the 30 days of its application. A most trustworthy and reliable solution to make your environment noise-free.

3. Acoustic Mineral Wool

Rockwool Acoustic Mineral Wool Insulation 80-8lb 48'x24'x2' 6pcs

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Insulation within the walls and ceilings is required when you construct the houses, offices, or any other building. If air passes through the walls, then the sound will also pass through the walls that ultimately create noise. Therefore, insulation is necessary to prevent the air to pass through the walls. The appropriate insulation material is acoustic mineral wool. It stops the air passing and makes the surface soundproof.
Get the maximum sound absorption by using the acoustic mineral wool into the walls and ceilings. It effectively absorbs the sound. It’s effective due to its higher density. Its higher density gives higher soundproofing control. It is formed from 22% raw material.
Mineral wool insulation is measured according to the level of its density. Pick the one with effective NRC rating and Rockwool Acoustic Mineral wool is one of them. If you have to make acoustic panels, then pick this, it will help you out to meet your specific acoustic needs.

4. Sound Insulation Foam

Siless 24 Pack Acoustic Panels 1 X 12 X 12 Inches - Acoustic Foam - Studio Foam Wedges - High Density Panels - Soundproof Wedges - Charcoal

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Other than the acoustic mineral wool, sound insulation form is also used to add insulation within the walls, ceilings, and floors. It’s also used to fulfill the soundproofing needs. It’s different from other noise reduction materials because its usage is not as simple as others. To make your soundproofing effective, this insulation foam should be done nicely and neatly. For the neatness, you need professional help, only professionals can fit the insulation foam tightly.
Once you add this insulation foam within the walls or floors of your house, it prevents the echoing of the sound to stop the noise. Sound insulation foam is available in the form of acoustic foam panels. This method of soundproofing is also cost-effective. Most of the sound insulation foam is lightweight. Due to its lightweight, you will have a chance to attach it with any type of surface.

5. Soundproof Paint

Acousti Coat - Sound Deadening Paint - 1 Gallon

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Sound absorbing fillers are found in soundproof paint that helps in the reduction of the sound. Soundproof paint is better than regular paint regarding the soundproofing. Plus, ceramic microspheres are also contained in soundproof paint. This paint absorbs the sound waves to a large extent and penetrates the sound that reaches to surface of the walls.
Acousti Coat paint is a reliable option in soundproof paint. When you apply this paint over the walls of your room, always apply more than coat because more coating will give you up to mark soundproofing results. Try to make a thick layer of the paint over the walls as thick layers absorb sound more effectively. The application of paint over the walls is not hectic and difficult. In fact, you will have the ease to apply paints over the walls. Hence, it will be the best companion for your noise problems.

6. Soundproofing Board

Advanced Acoustics QuietPanel Wall Soundproofing Board 1.2m by 1.2m by 28mm thick

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Manufacturing of soundproofing board is different and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. In some soundproofing board, dense rubber laminate is used or in some boards, mass loaded vinyl is used between the layers of soundproofing board.
The usage of soundproofing boards is popular in the places where you have to face a lot of noise like the theaters or noisy neighbors. It will be a great sound barrier against the noise to make your environment noise-free as it can absorb the sound vibrations.
To mount the soundproofing board over the walls of the area where you need soundproofing, measure the size of the required walls and simply cut down the board according to the measured size. After cutting the board, drill, and screwed the board into the walls. May you need help in fixing it because its heavy and someone need to hold it for a while until and unless you drill it into the wall.

7. Anti-Vibration Pads

Diversitech MP4-E E.V.A. Anti-Vibration Pad, 4' x 4' x 7/8' Pack of 4

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Anti-vibration pads are different from other noise reduction material because it is not used over the walls. It is used underneath the heavy machinery. Heavy machinery creates a lot of noise when work which is annoying for everyone.
The noise created by heavy machines can be reduced using the anti-vibration pads. These pads not only reduce the noise but also fix the heavy machinery over the surface of the floor by providing friction. It’s very helpful to deal with running heavy equipment as it absorbs the sound vibrations and gives strong support to the heavy running machine to remain intact. Additionally, it protects the floor from damaging and at the same time protects the equipment from shock forces.
Commonly, the studio is full of heavy machinery. Therefore, people use anti-vibration pads in their studio. Other than the studio, it can also be used in the garage. Henceforth, it’s effective enough to isolate the vibrations.

8. Soundproof Fiberglass

BQLZR 30x30x2.5cm Red Fiberglass Acoustic Home Studio Soundproof Panel Tiles Pack of 12

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A variety of noise reduction material is available in the market that helps in soundproofing and fiberglass is one of them. Fiberglass is good enough to make your room soundproof. It is good because it absorbs the sound in a better way as compared to other regular insulation material. Hence, it’s popular for sound absorption.
The use of fiberglass is popular in office buildings where lots of people have to sit in their cabins to perform daily tasks. Due to the presence of lots of people, the environment becomes noisy. Therefore, fiberglass is used to separate the cabins and to make the environment silent enough by reducing the noise.
Few inches’ thicknesses of the fiberglass layer play a crucial role in the reduction of the sound. Not try to pick more thick fiberglass because the thickness of few inches is enough. Keep in mind, fiberglass does not block the noise completely, it only reduces the noise to some extent.

9. Sound Deadening Spray

Design Engineering 050220 Boom Mat Spray-on Sound Deadening to Reduce Unwanted Road Noise and Vibration

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Sound deadening spray is used on cars to prevent the transmission of noise into the car. For your short and long driving, you may like to avoid the noise received from outside of the car. The quiet and silent environment of the car makes your driving peaceful. Therefore, you may like the use of sound deadening spay over your car. It’s the best noise reduction technology for your car.
It’s not only the best noise reduction approach but it’s also a cost-effective approach. You can easily spray it over the flat and curved parts of your car as no expertise is required to apply this sound deadening spray. You only need to use spray guns to evenly spread it over your car in minimum time. Hence, you can get a complete soundproof car interior.

10. Resilient Channels

Auralex RC8 Resilient Channel

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Resilient channels are a thin metal channel that is used with the plasterboards and drywalls. It effectively improves the sound insulation of ceilings and walls. The process of installing resilient channels to the walls is easier and simpler. Although, you may make a mistake in installing it, therefore, before taking the installation process, go through the instructions of the manufacturers in detail. Mistakes should be avoided in installing it because the poor installation method will not meet the sound reduction requirements.
When you install these channels into your walls, it will weaken the sound waves and allow less sound to travel to your room. It is a popular material that is used in soundproofing projects as it provides significant noise reduction within the walls.

Buying Guide

A wise selection of noise reduction material is important for better soundproofing. In selecting the soundproofing material, always pick the quality material as only good quality of the material will meet your expected soundproofing needs. Also, pick the brands of soundproofing material that possesses a good reputation in the market because they sell quality products of soundproofing material.
Moreover, select the noise reduction material that is eco-friendlier. Plus, you can choose the material that possesses thermal insulation characteristics as these characteristics reduce the heat by reducing the noise.
Preferably, choose the material that is cost-effective because cost-effective material will be in your budget range and you do not need to face difficulty in purchasing the noise reduction material as per your soundproofing need.
Installation of soundproofing material is also another most important factor that should be considered while you purchase the soundproofing material. So, always pick the one that is easy to install. The easy installation process will save time and reduce the noise easily.


What material is best for blocking sound?

Mass-loaded Vinyl sound barrier, Acoustic mineral wool insulation, green glue soundproofing compound, resilient sound channels, soundproof drywall, acoustic caulk, soundproof foam panels, soundproof blankets.

What fabric absorbs sound best?

A non-porous vinyl, leather, or acrylic-faced fabric will reflect much of the sound energy, reducing the effectiveness of your acoustic drapery. Choose a fabric that could soak up and absorb water, or has a plush, velour surface. If cost a concern, you could choose a less expensive fabric with 24 oz.

Does cardboard absorb sound?

Cardboard does not absorb sound what it does is reduces echo and the transmission of noise in the room. This is the reason why some teachers use cardboard as the main material for controlling noise in the classroom. Cardboards, when used correctly can be excellent alternative soundproofing materials.

How does a soundproof room work?

One way of soundproofing a room is to absorb the sound that is in that room. A popular material used for doing this is dense foam. Foam and various other soft materials absorb the sound because the sound travels directly into the soft surface of the material and as a result, it gets reduced.

Why is soundproofing important?

Isolation or soundproofing is important for a variety of reasons. The most commonly recognized reason is to stop sound from bothering other people in the house or other people outside the room and the house or building.