Top 4 Best Lubricant for Squeaky Chair and Noisy Bedframe

Best Lubricant for Squeaky Chair and Noisy Bedframe

A squeaky chair or squeaky bed can deny you hours of quiet relaxation and sleep. That irritating noise can emanate from any seat, including rocking chairs, armchairs, office chairs, downright to metallic and wooden bed frames- (check out this squeak free bed frame).

Luckily the best lubricant for squeaky chair will help you deal with the problem immediately.

Creaking or squeaking is an indicator that the chair, bed, doorframe, or doorknobs need some lubrication or tightening.

However, with so many different lubes on the market, it’s almost impossible to find the right one for your squeaky chair.

Choosing the Best Lubricant for Squeaky Chair/ Bedframe

Not every lube will work on every chair. The type of material plays a significant role in determining the best oil for the squeaking chair.

Silicone-based lubricants are perfect for rubber, metal, or plastic. Unfortunately, they can damage the wood. For wooden chairs or bedframes, this Hansi Beewax is a good one.

The next factor to consider is where your chair is commonly used. For outdoor chairs, you will need waterproof lubricants to protect the metallic chair against corrosion.

For the indoor chair, waterproofing property isn’t a must. However, the lube should have a low odor.

Best Lubricant for Squeaky Chair and Noisy Bedframe

In addition, to fix a noisy chair that’s also corroded with rust, you may have to consider penetrating oil. Penetrating oils are heavy-duty oils.

Lastly, for an almost permanent solution, you may want to consider a lubricant with PTFE.

1. Kano Aerokroil Penetrating Oil– penetrating oil for squeaking metallic chairs

While the Kano Aerokroil isn’t one of the cheapest options available, it’s one of the most popular penetrating oil with over 1000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.8-star rating.

It’s an aerosol that will work to fix any squeaks emanating from nuts, bolts, screws, or any other jammed metal parts.

According to the manufacturer, the oil can penetrate openings as tiny as 1/millionth of an inch.

Spray it on the affected area, wait for a few minutes as the oil dissolves rusts and gets rid of other dirt in the affected area.

Since its penetrating oil, it has low viscosity allowing it to lubricate effectively without any issues. It’s designed for metals only; therefore, avoid using it on vinyl, wood, rubber, or plastic.

Unfortunately, it leaves a strong odor, but because of its effectiveness, many reviews don’t mind the odor as long as it delivers what it does.

2. WD40 Company 300012- Best Silicone Lubricant

WD 40 is one of the best silicone lubricants for home and office. And thanks to its quick-drying property, it won’t leave any messes behind and it doesn’t have a strong odor like Kano above.

Unlike the original WD-40, this lube is waterproof and doesn’t break when exposed to existing grease.

In addition, it’s safe to use it on not only chairs and also other nonmetallic materials, including rubber, plastic, or vinyl.

The lubricant also comes in a newly designed straw, which is termed by the manufacturer as a “Smart Straw.” The straw is attached to the can and flipped up to allow application in hard to reach surfaces possible.

However, some reviews noted that the straw often leaks when not appropriately attached. But once you figure how it’s properly attached, it’ll work out well.

3. Howard Products FWOO16– Best Lubricant for Squeaky wooden chair

Wooden chairs are prone to creaking.  Over time wood can shrink, swell, or even warp, resulting in loose joints.

Unfortunately, traditional oil based lubricants will only soak into the wood, causing more damage than before.

To help deal with squeaks from a wooden chair, we highly recommend using the Howard Beeswax wood polish. The product is made of mineral oil, Brazilian carnauba wax, and orange oil. It can be applied directly to squeaky joins or apply on loose bolts before fastening them.

When applying on loose screw, first remove the screws and apply it to the screw itself. After the lubricant has reconfigured, it will hold the screw in position and prevent it from moving, therefore, dealing with the noise problem.

This lubricant has received rave reviews on Amazon, with some users claiming that it can be used as a conditioning agent on wooden surfaces. It can help enhance the aesthetic appearance of vintage furniture and wood floors.

4. 3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose PTFE Lubricant

The 3-IN-ONE is a multipurpose lubricant designed to work on different materials. It comes in a squeeze bottle to make it possible to hold the bottle and apply the desired amount on any surface that you want to apply.

The best part is that the lubricant itself has no detectable odor. It’s perfect for lubricating metallic joints. For example, you can apply it on the legs of office chairs or armchairs.

The PTFE makes this lubricant great for non-sticking coating for cookware such as pans- the lube has the ability to reduce friction.

It’s also an excellent lubricant you can use to fix squeaky doorknobs. However, you should note that this product isn’t waterproof and therefore it’s not recommended for outdoor furniture.

5. LA-CO Precision Spout Lubricant

Professionals use the Precision Spout Oiler for hard to reach places and to get the job done correctly.

The LA-CO features a telescoping spout capable of reaching up to 13” to lubricate bearings, motors, and even more. Not only is it great for fixing squeaky chairs, but it can also be on bearings of any type. It’s also great for sewing machines.

Other Ways to Fix a Squeaky Chair

Besides the use of green glue, there are other different ways to help fix a squeaky chair. Applying glue to the loose joists can help stabilize the loose chair leg joints. There are different wood glue products. Simply locate the location of the squeak and squeeze wood glue into the joint and let it dry. Wipe any excess glue that comes out of the joint using a wet rag to prevent any mess to your carpet or furniture.