Best Acoustic Fabric Panels

Acoustic fabric panels are used to absorb the background noise as acoustic fabric panels are cloth wrapped sound-absorbing panels. Also, it helps to reduce the echoes within the room. You can easily install these acoustic fabric panels in your room and can continue your sound-absorbing treatment.

A calm and quiet environment is the dream of everyone. Therefore, the use of acoustic fabric panels is popular among most of the places like bars, cafes, home theaters, conference rooms, art galleries, hospitals, and office buildings. Its usage is popular because it improves the quality of sound in the room and reduces the noise to increase the sound clarity.

Other than reducing the background noise, these acoustic fabric panels control the echoes in the room with controlling the sound. Plus, maintain the originality of the sound clarity to offer a user-friendly environment. Hence, it makes your environment more productive by lowering the noise.

Here we pick the best acoustic fabric panels, you can choose anyone to meet your soundproofing needs.

ATS Acoustic Panel

ATS Acoustic Panel 24x48x2, Fire Rated, Square Edge, Warm Grey Color

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ATS Acoustic is popular in the market for its acoustic panels. ATS offers a variety of panels in the market to full fil your acoustic demands and requirements. ATS acoustic panel is made up of solid wood which is its interior construction. Its shape is rectangular with the size of 24 inches by 48 inches or if you measure in feet, it will be 2 feet by 4 feet with the thickness of inches. The total weight of the per panel is 12 pounds that make it’s durable enough.

Moreover, this panel has a great fire rating. Also, its internal structure is made up of fire-resistant polyester Guilford of Maine fabric. Plus, Roxul mineral wool insulation is used inside it.

The density of the insulation matters a lot in making the product soundproofing. This panel offers enough range of insulation density. Its insulation density is 3 pounds per cubic feet. Hence, it penetrates the sound waves to a large extent.

You can drill into its wooden frame easily and can mount it with mounting clips. Mounting clips and mounting hardware are part of this panel. Also, these panels come in different attractive colors like cream, gray, brown shades, red, blue, and green. You can choose the color of your choice to make your room elegant and soundproof.


Acoustimac Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panel SUEDE 4' x 2' x 2' KHAKI

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Basic of Acoustimac is 4 by a 2-foot panel. The panels of Acoustimac are 2 inches thick. Also, it’s made up of fire-resistant material. NRC rating matters a lot when you choose acoustic fabric panels. This product mentions its NRC rating that is .95 or more than .95. Its NRC rating can be measured as a professional grade.

The weight of the per panel is around 10 pounds and each panel is available separately. If you want to purchase more than one, then you have to select it multiple times because it sold individually. Plus, you will have ease when you set up this panel because it comes with Z-clip mounting hardware.

This fabric panel perfectly fulfills your soundproofing needs as it has a wooden frame. Its wooden frame is covered with Rockwool Insulation. The weight of Rockwool insulation is 4 pounds. Additionally, this Rockwool insulation is wrapped with suede fabric.

It’s available in different colors but the colors are limited. The limited colors in which it is available are white, black, khaki, and golden brown. You can choose the color of your choice but there is no option in the selection of the shape because its shape is rectangular only.

You can also use acoustic art panels in your room to decor your room. Different pictures are printed over the fabric covers. These pictures come in different styles. These are also available in a rectangular shape with 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Its thickness is also of 2 inches. In choosing the panel, you will have the option to choose your desired pictures as it comes in 5 different pictures. Inside of the panel is made of a wood frame. Eco core insulation material is used in it.

Burton Acoustix

Superdense soundproofing panels - Best sound proof padding wall panels or soundproof door | Better Sound absorbing than acoustic panels, sound proof foam panels | 12' x 12' x 0.36' | 5 piece pack |

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If you are looking for acoustic panels that come in bundles then pick the Burton Acoustix. It contains 5 tiles pack. You do not need to pick a panel individually. Due to the fact that it comes in bundles, it’s the cheapest as compared to the other acoustic panels. These panels cannot be used to fulfill artistic needs because these are simple. Its light gray color shows its simplicity. Therefore, it’s not attractive.

These panels are different from other panels as other panels are made up of wooden frame but these panels are made of densely packed polyester fiber. The shape of these panels is square. Its square shape makes it unique from the other panels. The size of each square panel is 13 inches. The thickness of each square panel is 0.36 inches.

You can cut the square panel in other shapes of your requirement easily due to its less thickness. The density of this panel tile is almost 200 kilograms per cubic meter. If you measure in pounds per cubic foot, then it will be 12.5.

The most important factor of each acoustic panel is the NRC rating. Its NRC rating is from .90 to 1. This NRC rating is enough to absorb the sound frequency. You can use double-sided tape to fix these tiles of acoustic panels. You will have the ease to install this panel.

You can use it over the walls and ceilings. Other than the walls and ceilings, it can use over the doors to add soundproofing. The thing you like the most about these panels is that it’s free from chemicals as chemicals are not used during its manufacturing.

Buying Guide

Acoustic panels soundproof your area. You have to wisely choose the acoustic panels. Most of us don’t know the factors that should be considered before purchasing or selecting the acoustic panel. Here we prepare the buying guide that will provide you a way to select the acoustic panel. All the factors will be discussed in this buying guide that you should consider, making your acoustic panel purchasing process easier.

First of all, you have to select quality material. Choose the brand that ensures the provision of a quality product. Before selecting the brand, read the reviews about a brand and then go ahead as people reviews against a brand are helping enough. This step enables you to make the right decision.

Once you choose the quality material from a reputed brand, make sure to calculate the covered area over which you want to do the soundproofing. Calculate the area in square feet. Preferably, take the expert advice to measure your area, measurement should be accurate so no acoustic panels will be wasted or not should be fewer than the required area. Measure precisely to shop the acoustic panels on the budget. Every inch of the area should be covered with an acoustic panel.

Most of the acoustic panel manufacturers mention the Noise Reduction Coefficient rating, which is commonly known as the NRC rating. Always consider the NRC rating before choosing the acoustic panel. NRC rating varies between 0 and 1. Try to pick the acoustic panel that offers almost .85 NRC rating. Keep in mind, acoustic panels do not stop the noise completely but prevent the noise to some extent.

Some of the acoustic panels are made up of polyester fibers and some are made up of wooden frames or metal frames. The panels with the wooden frame work more effectively as compared to other made with polyester fiber. If you have the option to drill an acoustic panel into your wall, then choose the wooden frame acoustic panels.

Most importantly, consider the thickness of the acoustic panel. The standard thickness of the acoustic panel is 2 inches. The thickness of the panel is important because it makes the working of the panel effective to fulfil your acoustic needs.

Select the shape as per your choice. Most of the panels come in square shape. Some also come in a rectangular shape. For rectangle shape, check the dimensions of the panel. The normal dimension of the rectangle shape is 2 feet in width and 4 feet in length. Dimension can be varied.

Make your room elegant and decent by opting decent color of acoustic panels. Acoustic panels come in different colors. Other than the simple colors, you can choose decorative panels also. By using the decorative panel, you can add the artistic effect in your room.


What fabric is good for sound absorption?

A non-porous vinyl, leather, or acrylic-faced fabric will reflect much of the sound energy, reducing the effectiveness of your acoustic drapery. Choose a fabric that could soak up and absorb water, or has a plush, velour surface. If cost is a concern, you could choose a less expensive fabric with 24 oz.

What fabric should be used for acoustic panels?

A lightweight 100% polyester thin faux linen would work well, and also hold the design and color exceptionally well. Another acoustic fabric material option would be Muslin, as it is quite breathable, but woven well enough that it is not transparent to see the interior panel and components.

Do acoustic panels work?

Soundproofing panels are great for soundproofing as they can deaden and dampen sounds. But it depends on the type of noise and space where they are used. They are not as effective as a fake wall filled with mineral wool, but for sound deadening in studios and noise reduction they can be quite good.

How thick should acoustic panels be?

Acoustic panels typically come in thicknesses of either 2 or 4. And while traditional wisdom states that thicker is better. 2 inches panel are considered the industry standard. They won’t absorb frequencies as low as 4 inches panels, but that’s OK.

What is the best type of acoustic foam?

Foamily Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges. There’s no doubt about it, most acoustic foam panels are not visually appealing, Mybecca Acoustic Panels Studio Foam Wedges, Foamily Egg Crate Panel Acoustic Studio Foam, Auralex Acoustic Sonoflat Acoustic Absorption Foam.