Quiet Blender: 10 Noiseless Blender Machines 2020

The best quiet blender operates at 68-70 decibels. And because it’s almost impossible to silence any kitchen appliance that runs on the motor, manufacturers have improved their blender designs by incorporating sound enclosures in their new blender models. These more modern designs are said to run 50-40% quieter than traditional blenders. A quiet smoothie maker … Read more

Soundproof Bed, Do They Exist or Is It a Myth?

soundproof bed

Is it possible to get a soundproof bed? This is one of the popular questions active couples or people living in a noisy neighborhood ask in popular online communities. So I decided to dig deeper and find out whether throughout the history of bed making noise free bed has ever been manufactured. The type of … Read more

8 Top Quiet Drum Set for Silent Drum Practice 2019

quiet drum sets are perfect for playing at home without causing noise problem

A quiet drum set is the best option you can have for quiet practice in apartments, non-plugged performances, and music lessons. Acoustic drums can be quite loud, and not many city dwellers or neighbors’ will appreciate the news that a drummer has just moved next door with excitement. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t … Read more

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